Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Dress Up Day!!!

I am NOT a big fan of Halloween at all...but we do like to dress up the kids and go show off their costumes and get some candy. No harm in that in my opinion! We are finally home and all sooo pooped but had a good time! :) We went to one of our neighbors, who has a small assisted living facility attached to their home...and went and visited each of the older ladies that lived there. They seemed to really enjoy seeing the kids...i think i will go over to visit more often! :) I need to bake something and take it over...i bet the ladies would LOVE it!!! It really doesn't take much to make a person smile...and a smile can totally turn a bad day into a good day! Try it! It works! :) was grocery day. I went to that lower priced store first...and got some good things at good prices! Then headed over to Walmart. I think i did pretty well on my purchases! :) Of course, I am going to keep trying to do better so i can get some awesome deals! Again...any ideas...i am still open.

I hope you all had a great last day of October! I have pics of my kids dressed up..but i haven't uploaded them yet...i will post them tomorrow!!! :) g'night!!! xoxo

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  1. I'm sure your children's visits made those ladies day!

  2. "Good Morning Katy,"
    hope you had a great evening with your kids. I really don't care too much for Halloween also. My favorite is Christmas, and Easter! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post..i didn't want it to be too!

  3. Katy , if you have products you buy all the time, sometimes if you write to the companies and ask for coupons, they will send you some. Betty Crocker and Welch's does I know for sure!

  4. oh..really? that is great!!! Thanks so much Angie!!!!! :)

  5. "Hi Katy, love the new color on your blog...come by and see my special treat from me to you, hope you like it!!"


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