Saturday, December 1, 2018

"I heard a bird sing in the dark of December...

...A magical thing 
And sweet to remember:
'We are nearer to spring 
Than we were in September.'"

~Oliver Herford

That quote pretty much sums up my feelings of winter! I try to remember that, Lord willing, spring is not too far off! Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful snow fall...cozy warmth in my home, candles lit and even the longer nights aren't too bad for a little while. It's when the snow and cold (and mud and muck) linger for months on end...and the shorter days make me lack the sunlight I desperately want (and need!) ~ (Thank goodness for the gym though! Truly, exercise helps the winter blues *so* much!).

If you have visited me here for a while you will know we don't really *do* Christmas anymore. I follow Christ and praise Him for coming to the earth to save us, redeem us and love us. I don't do a ton of decorating though...and we don't really do a tree inside. (We still purchase or make gifts to give though....I do try to have a generous spirit). I did put our little tree out on the porch though...and it looks cute. I also made that wreath on our door...but I'll explain more on that in a bit!

First...after a food-filled, joyful Thanksgiving with friends and family...we (as goes our annual tradition) decorated one of my dad's trucks (he owns a garage with wreckers and flatbeds etc) to go through our local light-up-night parade! My grandpa was not doing well (my dad's dad) so Chris drove the truck through and two of my cousins rode with him while my children walked alongside and threw candy!

Although's a pic of my three treasures...Madelyn, Xavier and Jaxson (all three almost Jaxson turns 13 in just a couple days!)...

Some of the pics are dark because I wanted to be able to see the lights on the truck. They can be kind of blurry as well because sometimes the truck was moving...

We made the back look like a pretty tree using strands of garland, a star on top and lights...

Going through town on that cold, cold night!

Afterwards, some of my cousins and we got together for supper at a local pizza place and warmed up. After that my family took the truck back to my dad's garage and had to take all the decorations off (although it doesn't take long, that's the not-so-fun part)!

 I have been busy since mid-November. A friend of mine has been making wreaths for the American Cancer Society for 30 years (and she also makes some to sell at a craft show...which we were at all day today...and as gifts) and she wants me to take over doing it for next year!! She trained me on how to make fresh wreaths (and how to decorate them), handmade bows...and how to make sprays and grave blankets too. She gave me some of her leftover stuff to make them (and practice). I have made some and given them as gifts to some different friends and family! Here are a few I have made...

On the left is a centerpiece I made and a wreath on the right...

The centerpiece on my island (kinda dark I know)....

And another wreath I made (I'm still practicing my bow-making skills)...

I really enjoy doing it and hope I can do a great job and keep up with the orders/demand next year!! I am not a nail-biter...but if I was...I wouldn't have fingernails left because of my nervousness about it! haha!

Homeschooling, Working out/teaching fitness classes at the Y, making wreaths, housework, meals, shopping for gifts (which I do mostly online!), and our homeschool co-op have kept us super busy lately! Plus, it is deer season...and my Father in Love owns a meat they have been busy too! I am excited to report that Xavier got his first deer last weekend and Madelyn got her first this weekend! I'm so proud of them! We will have lots of venison to eat (and gift to friends who don't hunt)!

I know my posts are so few and far between. I don't mean for that to's just that life keeps going by and before I realize it...a month has passed! I always intend to do better..then I look at the date of my last post, hang my head, and realize I am still falling short! :) I hope you are well and that your Thanksgiving was filled with love and joy (and a lot of giving-thanks to the One all praise is due!). Thanks so much for coming by! I hope to update again sooner rather than later!

Grace and Peace to each of you!


  1. My what a busy lady! I bet the parade is fun though. There was one near us last night and the weather was good and I forgot about it! UGH!!!!! I can't imagine not doing Christmas but I am cutting down many of the extras that I used to do.

  2. Lovely to read your post :) Best wishes to you all, Jackie xx

  3. Love that small quote at the top of your page, I'm going to "steal" it and include it in the bulletins I do for my church. The wreaths and candle rings are pretty, I love the smell of pine during the holiday. I hope you and your family have a most joyous holiday season. Merry Christmas


  4. Greetings, Love those Christmas wreaths, Merry Christmas Dear Katy, I hear you as the days just fly by! Just was thinking of you...
    Hugs, Roxy

  5. Christmas blessings to you and your family Katy! I keep checking in to see if you've posted, but I know this is a super busy season. Enjoy this time with your family as it truly only comes once! Cheers to you, Paige


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