Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet Maudy!

Isn't she as cute as can be? Maudy is my new *baby hat model* for my etsy shop. She does a splendid job of showing what the hats look like *on* a child...rather than lying flat! Her name just came to me, all-of-a-sudden-like. Maudy the Model just sounds right, doesn't it?

Here she is, displaying the hand-knit, light green bonnet...

Showing off the white gnome hat...

Here is one of the cute, simple baby hats with the pom-pom on top!

And yes, sweet Maudy doesn't mind (too much) modeling a boy's hat for me, every now and then...

The hat below makes a beautiful girls hat...*or* you can remove the ribbon and it makes a wonderful hat for boys, as well!

Such a help Maudy is to me!

More items will be added to my shop soon! It's such a joy to make things...and when one of your items gets purchased you feel such a sense of reward! I am working on other things and have some ideas in my well! 

**Many people have asked me for the spaghetti sauce recipe I use. I will be sharing it, soon, in a future post! 

Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend ahead,

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.  
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Your hats are looking great!

    What a good helper Maudy is!


  2. Maudy makes a great model. :) Love the bonnets!!

    I just saw your FB post about X... I will be praying he is better soon!

  3. Maud's face is a little scary! Like she is scowling! But the hats look great when on "her"! You can still use El as a model if you'd like too.. :)

    Praying for X... just put a card in the mail for him today!

  4. You have really been working hard. All of the them are adorable. Even Maudy. LOL! Can't wait for the recipe.


  5. That green hat is beautiful ~ I like the versatility of the grey as well. That pinwheel pattern in the back is so pretty.

  6. Those hats are adorable, the model is great for showing off the details of your knitting. But I also agree with your sister, your little niece is so beautiful and a perfect model! Happy weekend, hope your son feels better soon.

  7. Love your blog! Im a newby to the blogging world :) id appreciate any visits or comments!

  8. Katy - Your hats are beautiful! I think that the one with the ribbon through it is just precious!

  9. Maudy is wonderful. She shows off the great detail of you hats. I noticed from your comments X is need of prayer. Prayer lifted for your Little. Spg sauce recipe how nice. Blessings!


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