Monday, September 5, 2011

Canning, Knitting, Munchkins and More!

As promised, here are a couple photos of my beautiful jars I have canned. It doesn't look like much, since it is all spread out a bit...but I keep adding to it. After this picture was taken, we've added more jars of green beans that I have done...and today, I will be using the tomato juice, we juiced last week, to make spaghetti sauce that will then be canned and put down on the shelves, as well. :)

Corn on the cob, for supper (a favorite here!)...

Freshly grated zucchini from the garden...

...makes delicious zucchini bread! (And the rest gets frozen to make zucchini bread throughout the winter!)...

I have been busy knitting pumpkin hats for custom orders. I finished four this past week. If I'm sittin', I'm knittin'!

Here is a finished one. I just love how they turn out!

We have kept our mornings busy with schooling around the table. Language arts, astronomy, Pennsylvania history, Bible, reading, math, spelling and more...

Sweet Jaxson, all tuckered out after a long day, fell asleep before even heading to bed (I love how he sleeps like that, arms above his head, reminds me of when he was a wee one!)...

The children were busy, in the kitchen one evening, helping to cook supper...

Jaxson and a good book...

My sister, Devon, and her daughter, Eloise, came to town last week (yay!). Eloise was in a particularly good and smiley mood! It was so much fun. Each time someone would look at her, she would flash her cheesey (but oh-so-cute) smile! How it made us laugh! Such joy she brings to the family...I can't imagine what we ever did without her! :)

El just loves water! Devon always brings a water bottle with her, to drink. She offered a little to Eloise and oh my goodness...she couldn't get enough! She just loved it!!! Each time Devon took the bottle away from El's mouth, she would just gaze longingly at it, for more! :)

Oh, look! It's two of my favorite girls! Eloise and Madelyn...

Munchkin wanted Auntie's camera!

See...? :)

Eloise is so close to crawling (it's quite bittersweet!). She is so strong and sturdy and once she figures it out, she is going to be going, going, going!!!

I love, love, love her face in this photo (she is watching Jaxson who was playing "peek-a-boo" with her)...

When he would pop up and **peek**, she would start giggling!!!

Our days have been full. I am thankful for them. Each one, although similar, still uniquely their own. I have been up since 4:30 this morning. Just couldn't sleep any longer. It's raining outside and will all day, I believe. As I said toward the start of this post, today I will be making and canning spaghetti sauce. We'll also work on schooling and housework. I need to finish up some custom knitting things, as well. It will be another simple, full and lovely day, I'm sure! :)

I hope your day is *just* (if not *more*) enjoyable! 
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Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Lovely post Katy. :) Cute pics too! xxx

  2. Our 3 week old granddaughter is also named Eloise! such a pretty old fashioned name :)
    Your shelves will be full before you know it, ours look similar, but I haven't yet starting canning tomatoes here in Ontario.
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Love seeing all of those jars lined up!

  4. Lovely post of everyday life.

    Have fun making sauce!


  5. You have a great place to store your canned items. Eloise is such a cutie! I simply adore your pumpkin hats. It's raining here too today. We needed rain so badly. To God be the glory!


  6. Your words and pictures are always of such sweet, simple pleasures! It's a joy to read your blog daily. Isn't is wonderful to see all the canning jars put away for the winter? Just love the pictures of your children and little Eloise playing with them. You are blessed.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  7. Your posts are always so lovely, love the little giggle shots! What a blessing you have in your storage area, knowing you will bless your family with the goodness of it later in the colder days! The little hats are just wonderful!

  8. Jars of food lined up on shelves is so pretty. All the colorfulness. I have been canning this summer myself. Looking for a shelf to store & display my yummys. Sweet little pumpkin hat. Eloise has grown so fast. All the littles are a joy to see. Love hearing about Nens & your viits from both of you. I miss having a sister. Always be close dear ones. Blessings!

  9. Enjoyed your post today...such sweet pictures of the children. I also loved seeing all the fruit of your handy work...the sweet knitted pumpkin caps are adorable....blessings on your week dear Katy.

  10. I love canning, and your jars on the shelves are so pretty. Your photos are so well done, we loved seeing the baby laughing. Doesn't it fill your heart to watch them growing up! Loved your post! Hugs!

  11. Cute pic's:) Your bread looks yummy! I'm making Apple Bread today, we are also making spagh. sauce and canning it.:) I LOVE knowing I have some of my own food stored in our basement.

    I have a question if you get time...How much time do you take off for Holiday's? (Mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas) This is only my 2nd yr Homeschooling and I'm just still trying to figure thing out. Thank you :))

    Have a Blessed Day!!

  12. Lisa,

    :) I just take a few days off for each holiday usually. Last year, we took off two weeks for Christmas....which worked just fine, but there's no need for us to. Schooling isn't so tedious that we need that much time off. It throws us off our rhythm as well. :) So I am just going to take a few days off this year! :)
    You can do whatever you are comfortable with, as long as you get your 180 days in before June 30th! :o)

    katy :)

  13. she is so adorable..
    love your hats so cute Katy..


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