Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Happenings...

Yesterday, Labor Day, we kept quite busy, despite the rain and chilliness outside. In the morning, Chris (who had the day off from work) took the boys with him to an auction (where our brother-in-love is the auctioneer). Madelyn was already there, having been picked up by Pa and Ma (Chris's parents), earlier, as they were doing the "lunch" for it...which means they were selling hotdogs, soda, coffee, cookies etc. Madelyn helps them with this...so they took her along! While they were gone, I kept busy at home making spaghetti sauce. The house was filled with the wonderful aromas of onions, peppers, tomatoes and seasonings!

Despite it being a national holiday, I still scheduled schooling. So when Chris and the children returned from the auction, we got down to work.

Chris even got the chance to *help* a bit with schooling. Here he is helping Xavier with his reading...

I also got the dough rising, while everyone was gone, for french bread. It came *hot* out of the oven when everyone got home...

It didn't take long for it to get sliced, buttered and eaten!

I let the spaghetti sauce cook for hours, stirring every once in a while. It thickened over time and was ready to can. I began washing jars and getting things ready to begin the water bath. *With spaghetti sauce, it is not necessary to use a pressure canner. A simple water bath works just as well! :)

As I was pulling them out of the water bath, the lids were sealing and *popping*. I just love that sound.

I saved some sauce out of the batch I made so we could enjoy it for supper! Spaghetti, freshly-made sauce and fresh french bread graced our table! My mom even joined us for supper! We all agreed that it tasted great!

Few things are quite as beautiful to me as seeing my husband studying his Bible. We have been studying and praying for some direction, lately. There are times in life when you are growing and maturing in your faith and some big decisions come up. We are seeking and using discernment and know that God will lead us in the way we should go.

Last evening, I finished up a custom order for two hats (in the pic below)! Now I am knitting one for sweet Eloise (who is starting to crawl!!!) and *then* (if I don't get any more custom orders) I will continue trying to stock up my etsy shop. Don't misunderstand, I love doing custom orders...I just know I need to get some more items in my shop, as well. :o)

So, that was our Labor Day happenings. A full day, keeping busy (despite the rain), spending time with the ones we love most! At this moment, we are taking a quick break with our homeschooling as the children take the newly canned spaghetti sauce jars down to the basement shelves. We will continue our homeschooling this morning and I need to get to the post office, as well. Housework and knitting will fill the rest of the day (for me) while the children enjoy playing, reading and such! It's cold and rainy here again...so the day will be mostly spent indoors!

I hope your Labor Day was just splendid. Thank you for taking the time to visit! 

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Yea..First to Comment!

    Love the pumpkin hat!


  2. I think I can smell that sauce from here! Love seeing all the jars filled, I think it's a beautiful sight! Hope you all have a terrific week!

  3. katy~thanks so much for commenting the other day.It is very nice to hear from you.I can't even begin to say how much I enjoy your blog.I was wondering how you make your french bread and the spahgehtti sauce as well.I am just starting to can and have lots of applesauce now,lol
    It is very enjoying to see our husbands enjoy a day with our children schooling at home.


  4. The bread looked lovely, Katy. I agree that a man is most attractive when he is studying God's Word. You are blessed.

  5. Katy,

    What a lovely day. Ours was pretty low key - we took the day off from schooling.

    It rained and my husband actually had to work and we relaxed and had a nice day. My daughter made a wonderful beef stir fry....

    I love your pumpkin hats!


  6. Katy yes post how you make your
    Spaghetti Sauce has made it the
    past but have missed place the
    recipe Thanks for sharing
    Thrills my heart to see young men studying the beautiful word of God (Bible)
    May the Lord give you both guided
    in direction for all your decisions

    Blessings / Hugs

  7. Spg & French bread sounds so warm & Yummy. I canned apple butter today & spg sauce a few weeks back. Well stocked shelves are a blessing & the hands that have prepared with TLC. You are inspiring. Blessings!

  8. Mmmmm I can just smell that lovely fresh bread!!!! Bet your family loves coming home to that!

  9. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. It has been wet and cool here also. Your meal looked delicious. Praying that God will continue to fill you with wisdom as you seek him in all you do.


  10. Sauce looks amazingly good.. Yummi! :)

    If you'd like, you can join my giveaway (http://www.lifecoachwannabe.com/2011/09/giveaway-red-abacus-neclkace.html). I hope you won't mind I'm inviting you like this :)

  11. Oh I am a sucker for bread... It looks amazing!


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