Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome Home Pearl and Polly!

 Aren't my newest babies just beautiful? Chris was busy Friday the children and I went to pick them up ourselves! I must admit, it was love at first sight!  How could you not love those sweet little faces?? While there, picking up the goats, I also was given the chance to milk one! It worked! I didn't do it much though as the goat could definitely tell I was a beginner-milker! :o)

It's a lucky thing I survived that night, to be here to show you the pictures! It was muddy...and my old crocs were quite slippy in that mud! My poor friend (who we bought the babies from), Linda's paths from her house to the barn are laden with foot-slides from me! I probably looked as though I was skiing rather than walking! ;) I had almost made it back to my van without any big catastrophes...when out of nowhere, my foot slipped and I almost landed plum on my back-side in the mud. Luckily, with a wrench of my back and some balancing...I saved myself from that bit-o-disaster! What an evening, I tell ya!

Here are my girls...all snug in their new home...Pearl in front...and Polly in the back!

It makes me a bit sad though...the babies sure miss their mama! They are old enough to be separated from her...but still...must not be an easy thing for them! I am glad they have each other though. They always lay together..which I love! They BAA a lot...especially little Pearl...she's almost hoarse from it!

The children just love the girls too!

This picture is one from the night we got them. Jaxson's pants had gotten muddy (as he *did* slip in the mud at my friend's house) he ran in the house to change as the rest of us got the girls settled. He came out (on a cold, blustery October night) in boots and *shorts*! Oh dear!!

The next morning I went in to visit all the gals! Chris made the other stall ready for Penny too! He just wants to put that reinforcement beam on the left door, as he did with the right! I think he did a wonderful job with them! I truly feel blessed to be married to such a gifted so many ways!

Penny seems to like her spot...and her new littlest neighbors!

Madelyn and Pearl...

See how they lay together? Heart-warming, truly!

It's been so rainy and cold here lately. Tomorrow's forecasts are promising better weather! I look forward to that as I will get the clothes out on the line to dry and the children and I can take Pearl and Polly out a bit to play! 

My friend, Linda, gave us some goat milk to taste, while at her home on Friday night. We brought it home and put it in the fridge. The children and I each tasted it this evening. My first thought was that it tasted a lot like cow milk...but in the very next second, I got a strange tasted just like the goat's *smell*! Isn't that strange?? I don't know if I can get used to it. I *do* have every intention, though, of trying to make goat-milk soap someday!
It's Sunday evening...almost 10 pm and I am still awake! I took a long nap this I have a bit more energy to stay up for a while! I plan to snug into bed soon, warm under the covers, with a good book. The children are tucked in their *fort*, sleeping and Chris is downstairs...watching a western on the television (from Netflix)...poor guy is a night owl anyway...but he fell asleep this afternoon he is wide awake. I am hoping he doesn't end up staying awake too late...or he will have such a struggle to wake in the morning for work!

Friends and family who live near...if you would like to come out and visit the little ones...just let me know! They are a bundle of cute-ness! :) I am thankful for them! 

Now, I am really going to go. I am a bit excited that I actually am awake enough to get some reading in without nodding off after the first few pages! I am definitely taking advantage of this alertness (and hoping that as soon as I crawl in bed, my eyelids don't start to droop!). Thanks for stopping and sharing in the fun! Hope your Monday is blessed! 


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Katy if I lived even remotely close I would bring my younger children by to take a peek at the new babies!! How adorable. I wish I could visit all my favorite blogger friends!! Some day maybe:)

  2. So cute! But I think I would take quite awhile for me to get used to the odors! Hope you all are blessed by the new additions. You do have a talented husband, I love his gates. Blessings for a wonderful week!

  3. They are so cute! Enjoy your new "babies!"

  4. I had goats several years ago, and just loved them! If you want to drink the milk, filter it the minute you finish milking, pour it over ice in a colander (just so it gets chilled but the ice doesn't stay in the milk) and refrigerate it. The faster you filter and chill the milk the less "goaty" it will taste. Enjoy your babies! I really hope I can have some again some day.

  5. Those babies are adorable! I was wondering if you were going to use the milk(?) I've tried drinking goat's milk, but couldn't tolerate it! I'm not much of a milk drinker anyway. Great job to Chris (and the "helping" children) on the goats' pens!

    Hope your week is full of blessings!


  6. you made me laugh... you wrote "slippy"!

    the pens look good! can't wait to meet the girls!

  7. Goat's milk is very good for you! I grew up on it - although I never really remember just pouring myself a glass of milk to drink. We used it on breakfast cereal, in cooking/baking and yogurt making. It makes great cheese, too!
    Make sure to strain it, and cool it right away. Also store it in glass and NOT plastic! It is more prone to picking up funny odors. What the goat has eaten will also influence the taste of the milk - if the goat happened to get into some onions, you will know! haha
    Anyway - enjoy those little kids!

  8. They are so cute. Have a wonderful day with your family.


  9. Your new babies are precious! Their little home looks so warm and comfy. Have a great week & dont spoil them too much lol

  10. They look so much smaller with the children. Just little babies & so cute. I am sure they will bring the littles & you so much fun. Good luck making soap. I am sure you can do it. So go for it. Blessings!

  11. What a restful visit to your blog. The music was comforting and the sweet blog post just made me smile. After a tough day I found comfort in Christ, my wonderful husband and taking a nice little break being encouraged and seeing those sweet little goats :)What fun that must be for your kids!

    Kind Regards,

  12. How sweet... enjoy the new little

    Have enjoyable week
    hugs Ladybug

  13. Those babies are really cute! I think it's marvelous for your children to learn to care for these animals. I'm not much of a milk drinker, either cow or goat, but I do like goat cheese!

  14. Your newest additions are the sweetest things. They are precious. You will definitely enjoy them.:) Mia loves goat's milk but it is VERY expensive. It is around $10.00 a gallon in our area. I know what you mean about the crocs. I wear them often and almost took a spill in the snow last year. LOL! You would think I would know better. Chris did a great job on their pens. Hope you guys have a great week.


  15. We got two six week old goats for my daughter's eighth birthday. She is now an adult, but she remembers how much fun those goats were. When they were little, they attached to the children, and became much like puppies. They used to take them for "goat walks".

  16. So excited to see pictures of your new little ones! Don't judge all goat milk by your first experience with it! There definitely is good tasting and bad tasting goat milk. We strain our milk and put it right in the freezer for a couple hours after milking to cool it quickly. We hardly ever taste that "goaty" flavor except in the Fall when we put the buck in with the milking does. This year I dried the does up before putting them in with the buck to avoid the bad tasting milk.

  17. Katy,
    My parents have milked goats for a few years and that is the only milk we drink. If you will put the milk straight into the freezer to freeze before you thaw it to drink, it shouldn't taste 'goaty'. That's what my parents do and I have never tasted the goaty taste. Hope that helps! God Bless!! :)

  18. beautiful pictures

    marylin from France

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