Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Driving in the Rain!

While eating supper the other night, my dad called...he and mom had found and purchased two go-karts and wanted to bring them out and let the children ride them. It was dark out...and raining...but we wouldn't let that stop us! So, we made it into a wonderful surprise for the children. When they saw my parents pulling in, in my dad's tiltbed, they got so excited! 

Chris getting the go-karts off of the tiltbed...

Madelyn and Xavier, snuggled in coats and warm clothes, donning their helmets...

Once they got them warmed up and going, oh my, did they ever have fun!

Jaxson-bug, my littlest love...

The children did great. They had fun and took turns driving. Oh, how nervous this mama was seeing them go around the yard!  Those karts go a wee-bit too fast for my liking...but thankfully, they have seatbelts *and* roll bars. That gave me a smidge of comfort! And how fun that these karts have head-lights, too!!

It was difficult to get good pictures, as it was quite dark out...and raining, no less! One thing not able to be seen in the photos is how our yard now looks with tire marks all through it! ;) Here they come...

After a while, the children were chilled-through and ready to go inside for warm baths and into their pajamas. What a fun experience for them, though! They look forward to doing it again sometime (hopefully, in the daytime without rain!).  

It's been quite rainy in Western PA, lately. It's been giving me the most wonderful opportunity to light candles and snuggle in...knitting, reading to the children, schooling. I am looking forward to some more sun-shiney days though, hopefully soon. I would love to be able to get the wash out on the line again! :) 

Here is a recent knitting finish...which is now in my shop...

Oh, and before I go...I wanted to mention...have you watched the 180 video yet? It's from The Way of the Master and Ray Comfort. It's really good and I highly recommend it to you! It's only about half an hour long! I hope you will watch it and pass it on to your friends! 

I need to get going...it's time to start my morning! I hope you are enjoying your week! 
Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
  1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Oh what fun! I bet they all slept well that night! :)

  2. Wow that looks like fun, isn't it wonderful to see your children having so much fun?!! We too have had so many days of rain, I am so ready for some sunshine!! Have a wonderful day Katy!!:0)

  3. I love your newest hat. We had a go kart for years. Oh the memories. What fun! I'm glad they enjoyed it. I hope you are feeling 100% now. Have a wonderful week.


  4. How fun!!! :) I love the hat too! Have a blessed day!

  5. Oh my goodness your kids look like they were having so much fun with the go-carts. I would have been a nervous mama too. My husband wants to take both of our sons hunting this yr, which makes me a nervous wreck. I love your newest hat! I'll be Praying that you all get some much needed Sunshine:))) We finally get a week's worth of Sunshine here, I'm loving getting to hang out my clothes so far this week:) Take care:)

    Blessings to all:)

  6. My kids would have loved that, and it would have tickled me to no end to see the look on their faces when walked outside and saw the go-karts!
    What fun!

  7. I know the kiddos had so much fun especially with all the rain and mud. I know they slept really well after a hot bath and a fun night of go karting lol....I love the newest hat that you made it is so nice. I just wanted to let you know that I watch the 180 video after I saw it on your blog to watch it if we could, well needless to say I cried during most of it because it was so true. Thanks for letting us know about it.......

  8. That looked like a lot of fun. You all had on coats, hats and we are still in shorts! Great Post. Thanks for sharing your fun! Hugs

  9. how fun for the kids...
    love the hat..


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