Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Book Review for You!

When we had TV programming in our home, more often than not, the channel would be tuned to the Fox News Channel. Although they aren't perfect either...they are a news source I actually trust, for the most part. Judge Andrew Napolitano is the senior judicial analyst there...and also has his own show on the business network. One thing I always liked about the Judge was his firm holding to the Constitution...even if it allowed things that he didn't agree with (although some of his beliefs I question and am not in complete agreement with).  

In his book, "It is Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong", he shares so many examples of how the government often twists the Constitution to line up with what works best for them. Truly, it's a bit frightening and an eye-opening read. The amount of power the government has seized is not how this country was started. Judge Napolitano cites many examples to help explain his points in each chapter....stories of individuals affected by government intrustion. 

I must admit I only find my comfort in my Father, above. He, alone, has the ultimate power and because I know that He is perfect and almighty...I know my life is in His hands. The government may take my land, my possessions and my freedoms but they can never separate me from the love and salvation of my Jesus. I must admit though, I'm not very fond of the government infringing upon my rights...given by the Creator. The government is there to protect...not tell me *how* to live my life. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the Constitution and our freedoms (where they come from and what they are). For those not truly interested in politics and how our country is governed (and how it affects us)...this would be a difficult read. I struggled with reading the ways our government behaves and feeling so helpless. The most important thing we can do, I think, is stay in prayer for our nation; our leaders and the people who live here

I received this book compliments of Book Sneeze
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Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. I also totally agree with you...:) I Pray everyday for Our Country:)

  2. So agree with you.. been saying
    that for a very long time, we
    must pray for our Nation...
    Like you we too are tuned into FoxNews but also keep a watchful
    eye on all reporting, I'm not a
    TV watcher,listening to the
    Radio and Soft Music !!!
    Thanks for sharing you thoughts

  3. i have been reading your blog., for quite a spell., alot of times ., when i come to your blog., and im feeling down., but when you take us through your journey., it always cheers me up., im so sorry that its taken me this long to comment., but now that i can ., ill be able to go through the ho;idays with u and your precious jesus name.,....


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