Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"A man never stands as tall...

...as when he kneels to help a child."
~Knights of Pythagoras

Watching Chris, despite exhaustion (after a long day at work) and headache, work at a project with the children warms this wife and mother's heart! "Schooling" isn't all about *book* work!

"Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys."

"One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters."
~George Herbert

Anyone who has been familiar with me or my blog for the past few years knows how passionate I am about home education (especially for Christians). I don't feel strongly because I desire to stand in judgment over those who have their children in public school...but rather because I have deep concerns for children who are in that setting. 

Have you had the chance to view the IndoctriNation trailer...or perhaps, the movie itself? I have seen the trailer and it makes you want to pull, those children you love most, out! Did you know that 88% of Christian children leave the faith by graduation!? It's a frightening thought, isn't it? Please watch the trailer...and share your thoughts with me. I know that previously, I have offended Christians who send their children to public school. I truly apologize for that...as I'm not trying to offend...but rather share something very near and dear to my heart...out of love
My thinking is this: I would never send my children into a lion's den without the proper training on how to battle and defend themselves correctly. The world (including public schools which have ripped every trace of God out of them) is even more dangerous... as a lion can only kill the body...the world can steal your child's biblical world view and quite possibly, kill the soul

*For the record...*I* attended public school. I did *not* stay strong in my faith...and only by the grace of God was I drawn back to Him.*

"If we send our children to Caesar to be educated, we shouldn't

 be surprised that they come home Romans."

~Voddie Baucham

Can I suggest 2 minutes of inspiration? See Voddie Baucham speak in this short snip-it HERE. If you feel God tugging at you to homeschool your children and have questions...please, feel free to ask me! I would love to help you get started! You can start *now*! You don't have to wait till the beginning of next year!!! :) I desire to encourage you...truly!


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. I would like to start out by saying "Thank You"!!! I found your blog about 6 months ago, over the summer I was drawn back in closer to God. As that was happening to me I was able to pull my Husband in closer too. We now Homeschool both of our children!! I don't think it was an accident that I found your blog, I believe God sent me here:)))

    Have a Very Blessed Day:)

  2. My Dear Friend, I feel I can call you a friend because of obvious reasons. I don't have schoolage children now, they are all grown and have their lives. I taught them the way they should go when young, however, before they finished school, sadly, they choice the world! I have 4 and they have all told me how they wish they would have stayed with their teaching. I homeschooled my grand, for two years and she was such a joy, until she went back to live with her parents! All though she still have values instilled, she still pulls toward the world because they are incouraging her. Our teachings are still there, but for how long?
    Thank you for what you do and how you both raise your children. I admire this and I suppose there are more who do also! You are an inspiration! Have a good week!Blessings! Love you!

  3. I love how warm you are here.. I agree with you 100%. I remember wanting to be homeschooled, I wish my mother would have said yes to the Lord tugging on her heart. I said yes after 1 year and a half of my son being in school..I never prayed on it like I should have. I am so glad that I said yes, the Lord blessed me..I have grown so much closer to Him and I see a huge passion in my children for Jesus.
    I also look at schooling completely different and cannot imagine my child in a building for 8 hours a day now..

  4. Katy,

    We were privileged to see and unfinished version of this at the homeschool convention this year. It is excellent.

    I also love that quote by Voddie Baucham. It's powerful.

    I stand with you in your concern for the children in state schools.


  5. hello I do not know if you had my little mail ...
    friendships of France

  6. I am very blessed to be in our 6th year of homeschooling. The first I ever heard of homeschooling was 2001 when I was listening to Focus on the Family. I talked to my husband about it *then* and he gave a real non-committal response of "We'll see" but always had the intention of sending the kids off to school. When kindergarten time drew near it was tense as I was 100% opposed to public school and he was uncomfortable with the social aspect of homeschooling but eventually he decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did! However, not all women with unbelieving husbands are as fortunate as I am. Sometimes there is just no way to convince them otherwise. So while we can continue to share the virtues of homeschooling (of which there are many)we also need to be reaching out to and helping to build up the children who for one reason or another are unable to be homeschooled. What and how I don't know but I do believe that the church as a whole ought to make it as much a mission field as a foreign land.

  7. Katy keep up the awesome work the
    Lord has layed upon your heart...
    for you are a strong voice for
    others.. Your Passion is touching
    so many young mothers and woman..
    May the Lord continue blessing you
    and your family for your faithfulness to the Lord works...

    Have enjoyable day...


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