Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Whatever with the past has gone...

...The best is always yet to come!"
~Lucy Larcom

Today, my *baby* sister turns 28! I have been so blessed to have lived most of my life with a sister (as there are only a couple years that separate us). We had fun when we were young....riding bicycles (on the road and in the garage), playing dolls and legos, building towns with lincoln logs, playing *hair salon* in the bathroom (and talking extra loud so we didn't hear the scary music of the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" that mom and dad would be watching in the living room), playing catch or badminton out in the yard, flashlight tag with the neighbors, uncontrollable laughing episodes (where, try as we might, we couldn't stop!)...and the list goes on! The memories are too many to count.

Then, as the high school years rolled in, a seemingly great *divide* came between us. We lost our close friendship and basically, went our own ways for a while. It saddens me, the years we lost. Not that we *never* got along...but our immature personalities could tend to clash.

Now, all is right again with the world, as my sister and I are both married and have children. We talk often and *enjoy* those conversations! We share our joys and sorrows with each other. Of course, we both take everything to our husbands they each are our best friends...but it is nice to be able to confide in my sister as well. It's a beautiful thing to share in together. 

Devon, Aunt Ginny and Me


I am so thankful for *you*. Honestly, there isn't a time in my life that I don't remember you in it. Those first two years of life (as blissful as they may have seemed at the time) were nothing special compared to all the years afterwards. God blessed me with a sister. It was always nice to have a friend to play and laugh with (not to mention, share the chores with! ;)!

You are a wonderful wife and mother. Cory and Eloise are blessed to have you! My greatest wish, now, is that you lived a smidge closer (or just next door..that would be **great**!). I am so grateful that you gave me my first niece!!! What a treasure she is! I look forward to the years to come...growing and maturing as women, wives and mothers. But, although I look *forward* to those times...I will also enjoy and be thankful for the here-and-now...for it is all we have. Each moment, a gift.

I hope you enjoy your birthday...spending it with Cory and El. I look forward to celebrating the gift of *you* tomorrow, when we all get together! Thank-you for being my sister....thank-you for being my friend! Love you *so* much!


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Katy that was so well said, and you are so right. It is wonderful to have a sister to share the memories of growing up and how we have grown up with families of our own. I have an identical twin sister name Latrice and we are best friend besides our husbands. I was reading your post and thinking about my sister and all the wonderful memories and adventures we have had together and still have lol we live about hour and half from one another but get to see one another as much as possible and She is blessed with a wonderful husband and a wonderful son whom I love so much. I wanted to wish Devon happy Birthday and I will stop over to her blog to send her birthday wishes. )By the way I hated the music for Unsolved Mysteries grown up too and it was just to scary and the host of the show made the show so creepy, and now there is a new host but the show is still creepy lol)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful post... brought tears to my eyes!

    (glad you remembered to throw the little tidbit about Unsolved Mysteries in there.. haha!)

  3. Happy birthday to your sister.. She is happy to have such a nice sister!

  4. Awww, so lovely! Love that last pic of you two, so cute and funny! You are blessed to have a sister, xx

  5. Hi,

    Sweet post!

    Madelyn left a comment on my blog and asked if I would like to be her penpal. I would love to!

    You can email my mama at for our address.

    God bless,

  6. Happy Birthday Devon, God Bless You and your family. Love to you all, the pictures are adorable!

  7. That was so sweet! My sister is 15 mos younger and unless you have a sister it is a bond that can't be explained. Happy Birthday, Devon!

  8. I never had a sister. In many ways I feel like I missed a wonderful relationship. I am blessed with great sister-in-laws and sisters in the Lord. Thanks for sharing this story.

  9. That was so sweet!

  10. Katy I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog and your egg and cheese casserole on my blog and that I linked back here to you...I do hope that was ok and if not I can take the post on my blog down. My family and I have been so inspired by you and we just would like to say thank you and thank you for the encouragement that you give homemakers in today's society. But like I said I did link to your blog so that others maybe able to come and visit and be inspired like I am each and everyday by your love of God and family...Have a blessed rest of the week. Your sister in Christ DeNiece

  11. Oh Katy, you two are so cute! Happy belated birthday to your sister! And I think Madelyn looks like you when you were little! :)


  12. Happy Birthday to Devon! What a lovely post you've written! Have a wonderful evening!


  13. What a wonderful sister(s)!

    I have two sisters and we hardly know each other due to so many factors.

    Keep her dear to your heart.


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