Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Eloise

(Devon is not overly-fond of this picture of El...but I just *love* that smile!)

If you take the time and stop by my sister's blog post HERE, you will find that numerous attempts to meet with a professional photographer ended in a flop. The very day the photographer was to meet them, she texted them and said she was too sick. Saying my sister was dissapointed is an understatement. She called me, in tears. She had so been looking forward to having some great family and Eloise photos taken of them. She had even sewed matching dresses for her and Eloise!

Now, I am *no* photographer...I just take simple, normal photos. I have a plain-jane digital camera and don't even always know which "function" to use! *But* I suggested that I would make the trip to her house and would take some photos for them. The great thing about a digital camera is that you can just delete the photos you don't want, without wasting money! I also emphasized the fact that they could *still* have professional photos taken at some point, but since they had the time, it was a beautiful day and she had made the dresses....we may as well take some photos! Her and Cory agreed that would be a good I made the hour trip over to their house and we started snapping away!

Some of my photos turned out blurry (not sure what I was doing wrong) and they definitely aren't "professional"....but we had fun and I think we got some fun memory photos taken!

Devon and Eloise...

Cory and El (I just love this one...doesn't it just make *you* smile too?)...

I did some playing with black and whites/ sepia and other things...I would like to play some more, with some of the photos...but I just haven't had the time!

I really like this one, although it would have been better if it would have come out crisp and clear. I guess that is why professionals use the large, expensive cameras! :)

Three of the same shot with different looks (please, no harsh critics, I was just playing and have *no* desire to ever go into the professional field of photography!)...

I love how playful and sweet Eloise is here...

She kept holding her foot up for this photo...look at those piggies, I love them!

My amateur-self got Devon's camera in the corner of this photo!...

I love this one...those blue eyes!!!

Again, a blurry one. I am disappointed, too, because I think this is so pretty. Maybe I can make it *look* though it is *meant* to be blurry...?

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Hop on over to Devon's blog to see the ones they took! :) We had fun and although they aren't "perfect"...I think we got some fun "keepers".

Thank-you, so much, for the loving birthday wishes for Madelyn! She enjoyed them! She had a simple but nice birthday. Today, we'll be enjoying some time with my mom and Aunt Nen (Devon) and Eloise. We're going to have a picnic and another small birthday celebration for Madelyn. :)

I must be honest with you...*every* day, I debate and grapple with myself about whether to continue blogging. Sometimes it's hard to just be another bitty drop in the ocean of blog-mania. But, daily, as I continue to question it, it seems as though God puts someone there to encourage me...whether people I talk to in my life, locals, who read my blog...or through emails from *you*. So, if God is still using me, I will continue....but if, at any time, my blog is not being used by Him, I will be finished. *He* is always in charge!

**Quickly, before I go...I encourage you to watch the hour-long movie, Divided, about the falling away (from the faith) of the church's youth. It is available to order, or you can watch it online at the link I gave above. It is discussing something close to my much as I love our youth pastor and the teens in our church....youth ministry is *not* scriptural. It *is* the parents job...and *something* isn't working with how things are going today. I love this quote from Voddie Baucham:

"God has designed your family—not the youth group, not the 

children’s ministry, not the Christian school, but your family

—as the principle discipling agent in your children’s lives."

It's definitely something to think about, pray about and then talk about and consider! :)
Okay...I'm off! I've shared photos, some daily ramblings and also given you some food-for-thought for today! I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it all!


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late." ~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Some of my favorite photos are from a point and click camera. I think the pictures turned out great!

    I know about the struggle to continue to blog or not. I question weather to continue or not at times. I do enjoy being able to go back and see glimpes of my life. I am glad that you are going to continue. You really do encourage me!

  2. The pictures are so lovely! I just want to let you know, I read your blog daily, I don't always comment. You encourage me and I love seeing all your photos and hearing about your day. I hope you continue to blog! xoxo

  3. Those are beautiful pics! I took my son's senior pics with my digital camera and they turned out great, and WAY cheaper and just as nice as some who had there's done by a professional for hundreds of dollars:)

  4. Always love your photos, Katy!! {{{Ruth}}}

  5. I don't think that was very professional of the photographer to just text and cancel like that. At least give her client a phone call!

    But what a thoughtful sister you are! I'm sure just the fact that you would drive all that way to take her pictures made your sister feel special and loved.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing/reading about the relationship between you and your sister. I hope you continue your blog as well. Your words inspire, encourage and make me think.

  7. You did a great job with the pictures. Eloise is growing up so fast. I loved the video they did with her trying to get a drink out of the glass.
    Happy belated bithday to Madelyn. She gets prettier every day.

  8. I really like the first photo of Eloise! I think she looks like Madelyn in that one!
    The ones of your sister holding her up 3 different settings are nice as are the ones of the baby by herself. That one of her holding her foot up? Precious!

    It was sweet of you to do it for them!


  9. Hey...those are great pictures. When we look back ....everyone here likes the snapshots better than the proffesional ones. Oh that little darling is so cute ...and happy. I know your sister was disappointed but these memories are better. And sister, herself, looks beautiful! she did a nice job on the pretty dresses.

    As far as your blog. If one person just gets one little snippet from you that comes through you from the wisdon of God....then your blog is more than worth it. I come here everyday. I love hearing about your family and your endeavors but also...about your closeness with God. I feel so happy to receive something to think about everytime I leave your post. But I do understand why you think about quitting.

    I hope you have a happy rest of the day.


  10. Katy, I think your photos are just beautiful. Eloise is just precious!

    Jumping in on this one, your blog is very special to many. I think you have a very great talent to reach Mommies right where they are. You relate to so many, I always read your comments too, not just your posts. I think you are very timely for NOW! So many are sliding, they need instruction and will often read a blog, they might not pick up a Bible. Every time you post a scripture, you have the potential for someone to read God's Word.

    As long as you are under your Pastor's authority, your Husband's authority, and most esp. the Holy Spirit's leading. Continue your blog. If the time ever comes you need to stop, you will know it through your devotion to the Lord. Listen to good counsel, but by all means submit yourself to the Lord. He will lead Chris and you together under His headship to minister, in whatever direction He knows you need to go. God bless you, and your family.

  11. The Photos are awesome,always
    enjoy coming and visiting..
    Hope also you will continue
    to blog you encourage so many
    Katy you have a special gift..
    Blessings and hugs..

  12. Hi Katy..I just want you to know that I so love coming to your blog and reading all that you write.
    You really write about what is important and what matters most.
    I lost my mama recently and your beautiful writings have really helped to keep me focused.
    i know how busy you are but I so apppreciate you keeping up with your blog.I will read as long as you continue.
    May god bless your precious,beautiful family always.
    Please tell Madelyn a belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday.Blessings,Becky

  13. Hi Katy. Those pictures of Eloise are beautiful. You don't always need a profesional to take nice pictures. I am very happy to hear that you are continuing to blog.You have inspired me so much. I do believe God sent me to your blog. I haven't been struggling with anything major, but the days that I feel imperfect and things are not going all that well I come to you. You always put things into perspective and make me feel better.
    I am sure other readers feel the same way. Though you do have to do what is right for yourself. God bless you.

  14. Such lovely photos Katy. She's a real cutie. Try to continue to blog,as it's a journal of your thoughts.I do not look at many blogs but am always blessed by yours even though I live on the other side of the world in Australia and I'm looking after our elderly parents not training up young children. Your choice of music is so lovely as well. I pray you have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings Gail

  15. Some excellent photots. You have an eye for photograpghy. That's something you either have or don't have no expensive camera in the world can change that.

    Some of these photos our outstanding. I really like the first one. I love the one shot you played with three times. The sepia baby and the one with her piggys.

    Re:Blogging. You have a pretty family and a wonderful blog. I too struggle with keeping it going or not. It is fun to look back and see memories. I think of mine as a memory book for my children.
    On the other hand, we are a living testimony to our children. They need a Momma being with them and not sitting around on the computer. So "if thy right eye offend thee pluck it out".
    For me, it's about balance. Can you blog when children are sleeping and hubby not needing you?
    I'd say, do not let us your readers make the choice for you. We will not be the ones taking care of you when you are an old lady. Your legacy to your children is what matters.
    That said, I hope you keep blogging. On the other hand I understand if stop.

  16. What do you mean, no critic? How could anyone criticize there - they are really wonderful!

    What a blessing you must've been to your sister to come and 'save the day,' so to speak. A really sweet gesture of sisterly lve. :)

    I'm so glad I found your blog! You are a sweet refreshing blessing. I hope God returns it to you - and blesses you and your family as much as you've blessed others. :)


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