Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happiness consists...

...not in having much, but being content with little."
 ~Marguerite Gardiner

In all honesty, to many it may seem that we don't have *much*...our vehicles are over 10 years old (but paid for and running), our home is a continual work-in-progress, we don't have a dishwasher (unless of course, you count *me* as that dishwasher), I hang clothes out to dry often, we don't have central air, and much of what we have could be classified as hand-me-downs. Although I have a cell phone, I rarely use it and never use the text messaging system. We also got rid of our television programming. So, to some it may seem as though we are quite old-fashioned and living "without"...but I am *quite* content!

I realize that although our country (govt) considers us poor....we really live in abundance! Think, if you will, of all the millions of people who don't have good water or medical facilities. They use unsanitary bathrooms (out-house type structures) and often have dirt floors in their homes. They sleep on the floor or horrible beds then go to work for only a few dollars a day. These people know the true definition of "little".

I am very content with *little* and hope to try and simplify even more. After a long day, I lay my head on my fluffy pillow and my body rests upon my soft mattress...and I thank God that I have those...because many, many do not. We say grace before *every* meal, thanking God...because we each should always be thankful for the food we have...because many have nothing to eat. It is my hope that people not take anything for granted...

I hope you are taking note of and enjoying the simple is a blessing...really! :) See how much you can really *do-without*! For me, it is still a journey of simplifying...I do have a love of pretty things. But it's amazing how much we all "need" and think we couldn't survive without...when in all actuality, it's just "fluff".

Here are some photos of my simple, joy-filled life...

Eggs cooking...

A light supper of eggs and homemade rolls...

Strawberries, cut up... make freezer jam!

Working in the garden...

Rows of vegetables, growing! See the newspaper between the tomato plants? It really helps keep the weeds down!

A beautiful pepper, growing...

Rows of sweet corn...

Here's a closer look at the tomato plants with the paper between them...pretty? no...but definitely a great help with the weeds! We need to get the tomato plants tied to stakes soon, as they continue to grow...



We've been busy lately...Chris, especially. Good friends of ours have very old electrical wiring in their home. Lately, they lost half the electric in their home. Chris went to school to be an everyday, after normal work hours, he has been heading there to help them work on rewiring. He wants to make sure they don't have a fire and can get the rest of their electric working again. Last night, they treated us all to supper, wasn't that kind of them? :)

With it being the weekend of the fourth, picnics and spending time with friends and family is in the cards as well. This evening, after a short time of swimming with friends, we came home to rest. Chris worked out in the sun all day and wasn't feeling well. He needed rest. So I made a simple supper of angel hair spaghetti and meat sauce. We enjoyed supper around the table, eating, laughing and talking. Chris is enjoying time with his feet up in the recliner. ((Actually, he just called to me to tell me he loves me. heart is warmed!)) We may spend time playing some board games before all depends on how Chris feels. Baths will precede prayers and bedtime.

I hope you are enjoying your fourth of July weekend....we will be celebrating our freedom on Monday...such a beautiful thing that is...*freedom*. ((Although...true freedom comes only through Christ...I pray you know Him!))

With a grateful heart,

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late." ~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Hi Katy...enjoy your weekend! It is also a long weekend here in Canada.

    We enjoy a lot of the same things you I just have to work on DH about the TV programming...I can easily do without....
    Our cars are older and paid for, our clothes are always on sale, or great second-hand finds....etc..etc..and our children (although not so little anymore)do not get handed things...they work for what they need...sadly, unlike a lot of their friends... take care..

  2. I just love visiting your blog. You have such a way of inspiring me! Sounds like you're going to have a nice relaxing weekend like we are. Hope you have a wonderful, family-filled, holiday!

  3. Hi Katy, Although things look well for us, we both know what it is to do without. We had a very hard life the first fifteen years of our marriage, but we raised our four children and taught them how to live simple. They constantly thank us for it, because they carried what they learned into their family lives!
    I love the way you live and would never be so cruel as to say, nor think anything against your life! Your children are being raised with the Lord in their hearts, and your family is the way all families should be today. Thank you for sharing your life and living and reminding my husband and me where we came from. You are truly blessed...enough said! Hugs!

  4. Hi Katy.. We also are what the
    Govt would said very poor.. Our
    Trucks are old and paid for..
    I shop Second-Hand shops for lots
    of items,Treasure Hurt for many
    things,looking for Free Stuff too
    My Hubby has a eye for good used
    things he's the fix all guy in our
    household, I thank the Lord every
    night for my comforable bed and
    clean sheets..
    Always look forward coming for a
    visit to your Blog/Home it's sooo
    re-freshing.Thank you for lifing
    all of us with your sweet spirit
    of love....
    JOY is "not" all the material stuff in life.. It's Who we are in
    Warm Blessings...
    Have enjoyable 4th of July ....

  5. Yes, you have phrased it so well. We are in abundance in our simple life also. Those strawberries look delicious. Hope your husband gets the rest he needs. Hope your family will have an amazing, joyous Independence Day weekend. God Bless!
    God Bless America!

  6. Strange as it might sound, I wish I could come help you weed. I miss the feel of the soil in my hands, though I also distinctly remember complaining. However, the sensation I remember of digging, picking, watering, mixing and planting remains with me and calls to me. Next year, next place, a garden! Hallelujah!

  7. Stopping by always makes me breath deeply and reminds me to slow down. Thank you!

    We live with hand me downs, older vehicles and not much by others standards but I am rich in the areas that count.

    When I weed around the tomatoes I am going to put newspaper around them. I am always up for less weeding!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

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  9. Oh Katy, I do know what you are saying so well. We have been married for 29 yrs and this is the first time we bought a brand new car only cause hubby needed a good dependable vehicle for how far he travels.

    I shope resale shops for my two youngest and I am proud to say I have been a stay at home mom all of our married life. I homeschool like you. This weekend we got a second hand washer that hubby fixed for me to use. I can, I garden and we also are phasing TV out of our lives. We pray before meals and before bed and I am teaching the 2 youngest to Love the Lord.

    The govt would consider us poor also and I don't care because the Lord helps us meet our needs as does my very hard working hubby.

    Thanks for a breath of fresh air in this old world.

  10. I love this post!! It's important to at what we have and realize how very blessed we are! I know someone who just returned from Ethiopia. She and her husband are hoping to adopt two little girls. They said that the orphange is so very poor. There is little to eat and drink and the kids don't even have undergarments. Talk about a reality check! Makes you very grateful for ALL that you have!! Thanks for the inspiring words, as always!!

  11. Wonderful and you are lacking what? You already know that. When we were young with small ones we did the same and now it is a way of life. So when others are missing due to the economy and feeling the pinch. Life continues on as usual for us after coming 40 years together.

    I am borrowing your quote!

  12. Amen! I have never posted here before, but this post is beautiful and true.

    Did you know that 7% of the world's population owns a vehicle and of that 7% some own more than one. As Americans most have no idea what doing without means.

    I once had the joy of rescuing a baby whose Momma could not feed her and so out of lve she tied her tummy tight so the baby would not feel her hunger pains.

    Life simply -- for Jesus.

  13. I live the same life, Katy. (Our cars are 15 years old. LOL But still running) The government considers us poor, too, but my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and the wealth in every mine! Remember that song? God is good and meets every neet. I only desire what is from Him!
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  14. Dearest Katy,

    You are so right.

    Every night when I tuck my children into bed and pray with them, I remind them of all our blessings - a comfortable home, a soft bed, pillows, warm blankets, music to listen to, books to read, clothes to wear, animals to love, family...

    I could go on and on. I want to teach them and to remind myself of how good we have it - how good God is to us.

    We don't have 'riches' as the world would see it - though compared to most of the world we do - but we are rich in all the important things!


  15. Great post Katy. It's funny what we don't really need and think we do until it's gone. I am feeling a lot like your post. Simple Blessing are the best.


  16. I thank God for the spirit of joy and contentment that permeates your entire blog, and this post in particular. I'm more inspired than ever to embrace my life with true gratefulness!


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