Friday, July 15, 2011

To Walk With God

"A man that walks with God is one of God's of God's dear of God's witnesses..."~J.C. Ryle (Heading for Heaven)

" walk with God is to walk in God's walk in the light of God's walk after the walk humbly confessing ourselves unworthy of the least of all His mercies...always going forward, always pressing on, never standing still...." ~J.C. Ryle (Heading for Heaven)

"...the Lord's eye is upon all His children...there is a heaven and a life to come...there is a reward for the righteous, though men may laugh at them, and their walk is not fashionable, and their way is spoken against and their seriousness despised. Oh, cast not away your confidence, ye that walk with God: it is but a little season and He that shall come will come and take you to an everlasting rest." ~J.C. Ryle (Heading for Heaven)

"And now, beloved, I do beseech you all, if you care about your souls,--if you really desire to go to heaven,--if you really have the slightest wish to die in peace, and rise in glory, and join the company of the just,--I do beseech you ask yourselves the question, "Am I walking with God?" ~J.C. Ryle (Heading for Heaven)

Isn't that question, at the end of the quote above, so needed today? Daily, we should be asking ourselves if we are walking with God. Are we living for Him or for self? I sit here, taking a quick break from the housework I have been doing, and ponder this question. Although it is my heart's desire to truly live for Him, quite often, I find myself *very* selfish. What a struggle it is. Are *you* walking with God?  

The pictures in this post (both above and below) are from a picnic we went to with my mom, my sister, Devon, and Eloise. It was a chance for us to celebrate Madelyn's birthday with my sister (who travels to town when she is able). We so wish my dad, Cory and Chris all could have been there with us, but they only could have come on the weekend and this area is *swamped* on the weekends with people

Madelyn, Jaxson and Xavier...

Grammie (my mom!) and Eloise (I love her expressions...she has such a fun character!)...

Grammie and Aunt Nen helped the children find crayfish...

Aunt Nen made a birthday cake for Madelyn!

After a while, this little one got sleepy...

I love being an auntie!

While everyone else hunted crayfish, I had the absolutely *rotten* task of putting this little gal to sleep. Such a difficult job I had! I know you all are truly sympathizing with me right now...aren't you? ;)

We all enjoyed a wonderful picnic. The day was simply gorgeous and the creek water was refreshing (and **cold** I might add! Devon insisted that the longer you spent standing in the water, your body would get used to it and it warmed up...I am here to say that for me, it most certainly did *not* get any warmer! It was ice-cold!). We had egg salad sandwiches for lunch (made by my mom...her egg salad always tastes the *best* to me), chips and some veggies! 

As I looked around at the nature God created, I was filled with wonder and awe. It's beautiful, really. Something man-made could never be as beautiful as the Creation God gave us. Very few things come to mind when I try to imagine something more relaxing than holding a baby, knit together in her mother's womb by the very hand of God, while sitting amongst the trees, gently rustling in the breeze. Being surrounded with grass, rocks, water, trees and flowers is, for me, like sitting right in the middle of God's artwork. He *is* the Master Artist, you know. 

Well, I need to get back to my housework. My apron is tied on, bread dough is rising and the clotheslines are full. I have some more dusting to do, finish washing the dishes, sweep floors and would like to give the bathroom a good scrubbing. None of that will be finished if I tarry here much longer! :) Always glad you came...thanks, so much. Stop again soon! 


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late." ~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Yes, you sure had a *hard* job holding that adorable baby, LOL!!! My grandson is due in 5 weeks, I just can't stand the excitement:) Looks like a beautiful and peaceful spot!

  2. Hi Katy, thanks for your visit so I could get to know you. I feel exactly the same as you do about being outdoors, and enjoying the work of the Master Creator.

  3. Hi Katy ~ I always enjoy your posts! What a great picnic spot, looks very peaceful. Thanks for sharing the cute pics of the children!

  4. Rocking babies...its a tough job but somebodies gotta do it. I offer to do this tough job every time! ;)

  5. Katy,
    Had a little "baby fever" last week when I held my newborn niece. So little,cute...but a lot of work!!! Hey did you know you are the second place winner of my giveaway? A table runner,if you go to my website,you can look at the different designs or email me for more options

  6. That looks like such a good time! Your family is so cute :)


  7. She is adorable, Katy! Happy Birthday to Madelyn!


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