Monday, June 2, 2014

"How precious are the promises...

...which the Bible contains for the use of those who love God! There is hardly any possible emergency or condition for which it does not have a word of hope and encouragement. And it tells people that God loves to be put in remembrance of these promises, and that if He has said He will do something, His promise will certainly be fulfilled. How blessed are the hopes which the Bible holds out to the believer in Christ Jesus! Peace in the hour of death—rest and happiness on the other side of the grave—a glorious body in the morning of the resurrection—a full and triumphant acquittal in the day of judgment—an everlasting reward in the kingdom of Christ—a joyful meeting with the Lord’s people in the day of gathering together—these, these are the future prospects of every true Christian. They are all written in the book—in the book which is all true. "

~J.C. Ryle

June has arrived in all its glory. The weather is warm and breezy and my flowers are all growing and thriving outside. Madelyn and I have been going out to water them daily but some rain may set in this they may get naturally watered today!

It is not quite lunch time and today has already been full. I went to spin class early this morning...came home to shower and start some laundry. I packed Chris's lunch, saw him off to work and then had a bite to eat. One of X's friends came over to play for the day so the children have been keeping busy playing, laughing and joking around! My clotheslines are full of a few loads of laundry and I am hoping they dry before the rain sets in this afternoon.

I also spent some time ripping up carpet in our upstairs hall. I am really *not* a fan of carpet. They hold in dust and dirt (no matter how much you vacuum them). We have been slowly improving our house over the years we have lived here. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, we do things as time and money allows. I decided to start ripping out some carpet, that has been there since we moved in, upstairs.

I got some mowing done this morning too. I know this may sound strange...but a lot of clovers and other small foliage have been growing in the yard. It makes such a neat crinkling sound when I mow over it. For some reason, I love it! (It's okay...I know you are snickering at me right now. I can accept that!).

Now, I have lunch baking away in the oven, the children (after jumping on the trampoline, playing catch, riding bikes and such) are watching a movie and cooling down a bit. Everyone is hungry and looking forward for the homemade mac and cheese to be finished.

Birds are singing. Our neighbor is mowing ~ so the fragrant smells of freshly-cut grass are filling the air (as well as the floral scent from the flowers blooming outside and riding the breezes into the house through the open door). Mmmm...yes. How I love spring. It just makes me smile in delight!

The other evening, this mama's heart soared as I watched Chris and Xavier work together to put together a machine...

X read all the directions out loud...

Then he worked at putting things together...

They weren't able to finish it that night but they will soon. X can't wait to see it in action!

I mentioned in THIS post that we went to the flea market. Here is my $3 flea market find (chicken + pottery = fantabulous!)...

Soooo....what's new with you? I hope you are doing well! I hope the weather is treating you as beautifully as it has been treating us recently! To be honest, I hope it storms a bit this afternoon. I look forward to a good thunderstorm from time to you? 

Finally, I am leaving you with a beautiful quote from Charles Spurgeon. Something for you to soak in and ponder throughout your day! The quote that I posted at the top is chock full of wisdom and encouragement too. Chew on that one a while if you can, as well! 

"Never cease to pray until your sons and your daughters are safe landed on the Rock of Ages, and so secured there that they will need no other rock to hide them in the day when Christ shall come. I beseech you, beloved Christian friends, ask for tenderness towards sinners, towards all sinners, and let your tenderness be shown in fervent prayer, in incessant effort, and in holy sympathy towards the wandering ones."
~ Charles Spurgeon

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