Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Making Me Smile

These kiddos make me smile...all of them! My children as well as my sister's children. (I have other nieces and nephews on Chris's side, all of whom I adore as well!) Children are *such* a blessing and I am so thankful for them! 

Last evening we had beets for supper. Chris likes them and wanted the children to each try a small piece. Madelyn tried to smile as she choked her piece down ;) ... (hehe...it made me giggle! They were such good sports about it. Chris is *still* the only fan of beets in this family!)...

My sister came to town today, along with her girls (and the wee one in her womb as well!). We met at our dad's garage first so we could visit with my dad and Chris a little...

Dinah enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with Jaxson...

She found herself quite funny and her little giggle had *us* giggling too!

At lunchtime, we came to our little homestead. Everyone had a bite to eat. It had rained *a lot* this morning..but by the afternoon, the sun had some out and was quite warm outside. The children convinced us it was time for the first swim of the year...

Dinah visited the chickens first and then the rocking horse...

Wearing goggles to swim just makes it a lot more *fun*...

Eloise was excited to be there!

The water was a little chillier than expected...

 After a short swim, we made our way back to the house...

The chickens really seemed to love El...

Although El kept trying to visit Pearl, all Pearl wanted to do was eat...

Time to swing!

It was almost time to leave...but the girls couldn't resist playing us another tune on the piano!

And now I must be heading off. It's quite late for me and I truly need to get to bed. I am an early riser and plan on heading to spin class in the morning. I hope the photos of our day made you smile. :) 



  1. Beets - - UGH!! I remember as a kid my parents trying to get me to eat them; and this girl can eat just about anything now; but beets - - NO, NO, NO, NO!! ha ha!

    Glad to see that you are doing well Katy! Your children are growing up so fast! That picture of Madelyn.... such a pretty young lady. (: I haven't commented on here in a long time. I've had so many things happen that I would love to share sometime simply because I know that God has used you for my benefit and to draw me closer to Him (which in turn extends further). I wanted to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing even though at times it might appear fruitless. I enjoy your blog (as always), and wanted to thank you for the timely quotes and verses.

    Love ya *sister*


    P.S. Haven't seen any pics of the boys' (cars / trucks) dirt pile. Have they
    outgrown it?

    1. Mitzi!! Hello! It's so great to hear from you! I wondered where you were! :) Thank you for your encouragement...it blesses me greatly! It is my constant prayer that God will use me to draw others closer to Him. I would LOVE to hear how He has been working in your life sometime! :)

      The dirt pile is still there...they play there still but not as much as usual. I don't want them to *ever* outgrow it...but it seems as though they might soon...?

      Again, so glad to hear from you Mitzi! Thanks for stopping by!!!


  2. lovely photo's :) i miss my girls being little. When you say "beets" do you mean beetroot? x


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