Thursday, June 12, 2014

Storms, a Vintage Find & a Little Friend

 Our area was hit by some nasty storms last evening. There were tornadoes in surrounding counties and a tornado watch issued for our county. I always deem myself the official "tornado scouter" for our family. I stay outside as long as I can (until the lightning is too bad or Chris makes me come in). Some of our chickens were still running around I herded them into their coop. One random chicken was not cooperating, thankfully Chris came out to give me a hand. I would have gotten better pictures, but by the time I got the chickens in and settled, the lightning was getting a bit much so I took these photos from the front porch area. Look at how black the sky was as it rolled in...

Just a little note, that fencing in the pictures is *not* of our choosing. Our neighbors have that up and we dislike it greatly...but they say it is to help keep leaves from blowing into our yard from their side...? Either way, we just try to ignore it but really dislike it!

The garage and our house....battening down the hatches and awaiting the storm...

For some reason (unknown to us), grass does not like to grow in abundance in some areas of our front yard. I won't complain though...we have enough grass to mow! ;)

 This guy was so exhausted, yet so nervous about the storm. He fell asleep on the couch with his flashlight in his hands...

One of my brothers-in-law is an auctioneer. Chris's parents did the concession for an auction earlier this week. Madelyn and Xavier both went to help. While there, Papa Bull (lovingly called by all the grandchildren since Madelyn was wee....that's what she called him instead of Grandpa Bill....the funny thing is that it fits so well because he is quite stubborn and set in his ways!) bought a box of "junk" for X for $1! X was thrilled. When they got home to tell me, I was thinking how that was the *last* thing we needed...but what can you do? 

Yesterday, I took a look into X's *junk* box and found a treasure that I told him I was stealing! ;) It was this vintage scale! I cleaned it up a bit and it is now sitting in my kitchen! Isn't it great? 

The other day, the children and I were on our way to mow and tend my Great-Aunt Jo's lawn when pulling down our road, we spotted a fawn in a neighbor's yard! It was actually in the driveway drinking from a puddle when we first saw it. I stopped the car, grabbed my camera from my bag and snapped a few photos as it ran away!

It was incredibly cute! I just love those white spots!

We are expecting more rain and maybe some thunderstorms in our area today. The children and I will spend the day doing chores, tidying the house, maybe find a house project to do, playing, watching a movie and whatever else keeps us busy! :) 

Happy Thursday to you! 
May your day be joy-filled rain or shine! 



  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the vintage scale!

  2. Your home is SO warm and inviting on the inside; it was fun to get a peak of it on the outside, too! You are a such blessing to your sweet family!


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