Friday, June 27, 2014

Home: Outside

I am so excited to have my tiger lillies all a-bloom! My log planter is looking quite lovely as well...

When we bought this house, there was a (super ugly) street lamp out there. For my birthday one year, my mom bought me another (my style) street lamp to replace the old one that Chris had taken down (it really needed to be taken down)!

Chris (with a little help from his friends) put my light up tonight...

Jack-the-Cat is one of the *best* cats. He really is amazing. He is 16 years old now and still catches mice, chipmunk and squirrels (without front claws!!!)! He is a truly fantastic cat. I have had him since I was 17 and I just can't imagine how sad I will be when he passes...

Time for the finishing touches!!!

It's finished!

Ta Da! I love it! :)

Here it is from a different angle...

Technically, it would look better when it is darker out and maybe I will snap a photo then...but for now, I am happy with how it is right now! I couldn't wait to share because I was so excited about it! I probably would never have even put a street lamp out in my yard....but the hook up was already there so, why not? :) Maybe one day I will do a pretty walkway/path that runs by it up to the door...? :) We shall see! 


  1. Don't ya just love those petty tiger lilies? I used to have many flower beds, but unfortunately, my husband can't tell the difference between weeds, and beautiful flowers. I was able to keep a few of my daylillies and they are just about to open.
    I really hope you'll have your beloved cat around for many more years to come. .

  2. Dear Katy, What a beautiful street lamp! I think we have the same tastes in decorating. I wanted to apologize for no getting back to you (I'm the one that asked you about Homeschooling ideas from Illinois). We have Prayed about it and have decided to just take a leap of Faith and Homeschool. I'm nervous, but I know God wants us on this path. We are moving next month to a town just down the road that is wonderful, but it made me question their school district. If that had not happened (I had been questioning God "why we had to make this move") I would have never considered Homeschooling. So it's clear why God is having us move, to save money & to Homeschool! Thank you for your advice, & I did find a wonderful Christian Homeschool Co-op. I am going with the A Beka Homeschooling program, for one I'm new at this (I'm going to need the teacher books it includes) and it's accredited. But any other advice you would have for us "new to Homeschooling" would be wonderful! Especially tips on organization!! Thank you again! Have a Blessed Week!


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