Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Excitement of a New Vacuum!

I got a new vacuum the other day. The one I had previously was doing "okay"...but really lost it's suction often and we would have to clean out the hose all the time and it would be so frustrating to go to the work of vacuuming...and see you had to redo everything a few times. mom and I were at a store (with my 2 boys....oh what an adventure...LOL) and I saw one of the vacuums pictured above! It was on sale!!! YIPPEE!!! It is a bagless Hoover Windtunnel with a HEPA filter and many attachments! (Mine is actually not purple though...mine is gray.) Chris knew I had been looking for one and when I got home that evening, I was on cloud 9! :o)

I love getting a new appliance. Don't you?? I vacuumed and vacuumed. It does awesome! It even has a light to let you know if the area is truly "clean" that you just vacuumed!!! I love seeing that light turn green! It has a HEPA filter too and is self propelled. The self propulsion is neat...but gives your arm a work out when you pull it back (as it wants to go forward). It also came with a 3 year warranty which I thought was good too!

Now, technically, I would love to have a I hear they are like the SUPER-VACS...LOL...but they are a bit out of my price range as far as a vacuum goes. What kind of vacuum do you have? Do you like it? What would you get if you could? :)

Thanks for sharing in my vacuum excitement with me!!! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!!! :)


  1. Hey Katy!! congratulations on your new vac!!! I too get excited over these kinds of things!!!LOL We just recently got our central vac system fixed(it was broke when we bought the house)!!! WooHoo I LOVE it!! We had one in our home when I was growing up and always wanted one in my own home and now I have one!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!xoxo~Wendy

  2. It was fun catching up with you, you know your domestic when you love getting a new vac! lol Congrats on joining the Etsy gang!

  3. Hehehe I too get excited over things like that. Before I got this vac I have now I had NO WHEELS on my last vac!! They kept popping off so I just did w/o. LOL So when I got the new one I was in a rush to get home and try it out. Justin and I both wanted to test it out!

  4. LOL! My vacuume died about 2 months ago and I have been using a dust buster on a stick. I have all hard wood floors but I miss the bigger vacuume for my area rugs. I refused to buy one because I figured we would have to move. Anyway I it will be at the top of my list of things to buy for our next home. :) If I could but like you it's out of my range would so want a dyson.


  5. Hi, Katy,

    I have a Dyson because I have a dog and 3 cats. I LOVE it! I have never had one that worked so well.

  6. Congrats on the new vaccum!! I bet you are excited!! Happy cleaning!

  7. I was happy to read about your new vac. I am going to be in the market for a new one, before too long. We have 2 dogs and I need one with good suction.


  8. I have one just like yours..Hoover Windtunnels are very good and sturdy...I've had mine for about 6 years and love it...

  9. We have a kirby! I am telling you - it is the best vacuum in the world! When my husband bought this, I couldn't believe he paid 800.00 for a vacuum cleaner. I thought that was silly. But NOW, 18 years later it is still running and cleaning like a charm. I would not take anything for it.

  10. Hi Katy,

    I've had a Dyson for four years since we moved to this house and at first I loved it...but contrary to what they claim, mine has lost its suction. I've cleaned all the hoses and filters and tried everything, but honestly I could vacuum just as much up by sucking on a straw!!


  11. I LOVE new appliances! We have a bissel. I'm with you on the Dyson!


  12. I get excited about new appliances too! I have a bagless Dirt Devil. I am with you on the Dyson, but it is out of my price range too!

    Have a great day and Happy Vacuuming!

  13. I love it. I'm actually shopping for one myself... =)


  14. Katy~ congrat's on the new vacuum, I was just like you when I got my new one about 4 years ago. I got the Dyson DC 17 it's purple and silver and I just love it, it was kind of pricey (about $550) but it was well worth the money. I use it almost daily and just love it. It being purple and silver had nothing to do with why I bought it but it sure is pretty!!

  15. it's PURPLE!

    I would just buy it for that fact! ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands

  16. Self propelled is a great feature! Congrats on the new vacuum! I know, I always read that Dyson is so good and maybe when mine dies I'll invest in one.


  17. I got a yellow Dyson 2004 or 2005 - and it will suck up shoelaces, everything and a small child included - and it's still going strong. And yes, new appliances make me giddy - wierd yes...Have a wonderful day

  18. You go girl!!! I bet even the kiddos would love to have a go of it.

    I got a Dyson last year and the boys still try to be the first ones to use it lol

    I love getting new appliances & electronics.


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