Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That God once loved a garden....

....we learn in Holy writ. And seeing gardens in the Spring I well can credit it. ~Winifred Mary Letts

I am sooo happy to say that spring is here and beautiful! I love the sounds of the peepers at night and the smell of the flowers and sweet air of the day! My flowers are a-bloomin' and the kids have lots of fun during the days...riding their bikes and enjoying time outside! :)

I have been staying busy and truly enjoying my time away from the computer. :) The girls have been laying a bountiful amount of eggs.....We have enjoyed eating them as well as giving some away for others.

While I am on the subject of eggs.....I just want to encourage you all to, if you don't already, try and find local eggs to eat from free-range chickens. Some people think eating the grocery store eggs is better than local, small farm eggs. Not true...not true!

Look at this picture below...this is how they create the eggs you buy at the store!!! YUCK! Thousands of chickens stuck in lil boxes and unable to move....just pumped full of food and supplements. Ewwww! I think that is horrible! My girls have water, room to move around, chicken feed and scratch and then free range for a couple hours in the evening! Which sounds better to you? Local, organic, small farm eggs.....or this:

I got this picture from THIS site. It has good info as you scroll down and read. That picture just totally grosses me out. I know they are chickens...but gosh...can you imagine that life? :( that I have plugged healthy eggs...hehe....I wanted to share...I got a new desk for in the school room! I got it at an antique shop. It's in great condition and I got a good price. It's solid wood and just what I was looking for!

We've moved some things in the schoolroom and organized more. There is still more I would like to do over time as well! :)

And...I got a pencil sharpener from my grandparents and Chris hung it up for us!!! It works fantastic! (It's brand new!) I love that it is just like the ones we used in they still use those now or did they move to new-fangled ones? lol

I have also been working on a surprise for my sister for a wedding gift. Here it is so far....still a ways to go! She is getting married in less than a month! We are so excited for Cory to be part of the family. He is a wonderful man and he is perfect in our family! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! :) I will be taking pics of flowers around my home as they continue to bloom and flourish! I will be sure to share them as I do! Happy Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week!!!! :o)


  1. Thanks for the info on the local eggs.

    Spring is finally here ,also. I was smelling the lilacs earlier! Tomorrow I will cut a couple bouquets for my house.


  2. I have been reading your blog for a bit now. Anyway, I have been thinking about getting chickens to raise for the summer and butcher them in the fall. I love fresh eggs, but they cost way to much for me to buy. I wanted to ask a few ? about having them.
    what do you feed them? how bad is the smell? what kind of pen do you have for them?

  3. Oh my gosh..we have chickens that are laying tons too. I brought eggs to share with co-workers. Can you believe some people went YUCK. I guess they don't realize mine are better for them..I love the colors you picked for your sisters gift, I am sure she will love it.MISSY

  4. Love the flowers in the mason jar!! That is my favorite way to enjoy them too!! My friend used to have chickens and gave us eggs one time, but we live far away so that is not regular, but I would love to find a local egg peep.
    Happy Spring to you!!

  5. I love all of those dish rags. :) I really like your new desk.


  6. Cute flowers! I try not to think about the large egg farms. I saw an episode about it on Oprah and it just made my stomach turn! I am still trying to find a local source for eggs. If only I could move to country and have my own girls!

    Glad that you enjoyed your time away from the computer. We are heading away for a long weekend and the laptop is staying home! I am looking forward to being away.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend!

  7. Spring flowers are such a beautiful sight. :)

    As you know I go to college..and YES they still have those wall mounted sharpeners. :)

    Very nice always.

  8. I've read about those chicken farms too and I'm appalled! I don't know anyone near here who sells eggs from their own farm. I wish I didn. I buy "free range" and "organic" eggs in the organic section of my supermarket and wonder just how true that is. I sure do notice a difference in their taste than the other white ones.
    Love the desk! So glad to see your spring flowers! Have a lovely day. ((Hugs))

  9. Thanks for sharing. It has made me want to find a little more info on locals.

  10. Katie, we also have chickens, the kids love getting the eggs and they are so much better for you!! We have been busy also getting about a dozen a day, I think it's time to sell a few.


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