Monday, July 28, 2008

Who is the Green Bean Queen???

Why, it's ME!!!! I have deemed myself the "Green Bean Queen" least for a week or two...LOL. I have been snapping beans and canning like crazy. Today I did a bunch of green beans....(and there are some still canning in the canner right now..) and tomorrow I will do yellow beans...and will continue on as they all keep growing in! Such a busy time of year! It's kept me busy....but is so rewarding. If you don't have a garden...but have the ability to have one...I totally recommend it! Growing your own food is awesome...and so healthy too! It's a lot of work...but totally worth it!

Below is a pic of the beans Madelyn and I snapped today. My MIL (mother in law) is doing some too. This was just our share....for today. There is TONS more to go.

Here are 7 quarts I canned....and have 4 more in the canner now. (That's all the beans I had for today to can). So...11 quarts so far. There are few things better than being in the middle of winter with tons of snow, and being able to open up your own green beans from the garden!!! YUM!

And...while juggling canning, taking clothes off the clothesline and getting them folded and put away, and doing dishes as I go (I hate dirty dishes sitting around)....I also had to make dinner...and rather quickly...for the kids had VBS at my MIL's church tonight and had to be there by 6pm. So I was in pursuit of being a Proverbs 31 woman and now...I am pooped. hahaha! This Proverbs 31 woman wanna-be needs a rest!!! LOL But...more canning and beans await!

OH...below is a pic of what I made for dinner was a recipe out of my Kraft Magazine again...Baked Pizza Mac. I had a lean cuisine...but Chris and the kids said it was really good! If you would like the recipe for can go HERE!

Anyone else doing any canning? If so...I would love to hear how it is going for you and what all you are canning!!! Hope you all are having a fabulous start to your week!!! xoxo


  1. Boy you sure are busy! i sent you an email but also wanted to let you know here I have an award for you on my blog so come over and pick it up! Green beans look yummy! Now go sit down and relax a few min. before the kids are back. Have a great week, Karen

  2. I don't can, but I wish I knew how. Look at all the $ you will be saving with your garden blesssings!

    How funny, we had the same mac n' cheese pizza tonight. :) It easy and very yummy.

  3. Those green beans look delicious, Katy! My Michaela would be in heaven.

    We used to have a garden at the old house, but we don't have a good spot for one here. I really miss the fresh, homegrown produce.

    Enjoy your bounty, my friend!

  4. I made strawberry jam earlier in the summer. I long for the day I have my own home so I can try for a garden. Love the way your canned green beans look!!

  5. My Mama canned everything she could and also did a lot of freezing stuff. We grew our own food, plus picked others' fields "on halves." I hated summers when I was young and dumb! Now I want to do all of those things. So we are planning a garen for next year. We have a lot of work to do to get ready, so we are trying to do a little at a time. I can hardly wait! And you ar right, fresh veggies in the middle of winter is a wonderful thing!
    I did make fig freezer jam over the weekend from figs I picked myself from my Dad's 4 fig trees. Does that count? :)

  6. I`ve had deams for years of having a big garden,but it just hasn`t been the right time of life I guess.Maybe next year.Your green beans look very good though!

  7. Kady! You are the Green Bean Queen. Next year my I'll have my husband plant green beans I love them and they are great for a diet.I probably won't cann mine I will probably freeze them. Have fun canning! Deb

  8. Katy, no the barns not mine, i wish it was I just love old barns. I took in in North Ga. Karen

  9. We have alot of green tomatoes in the garden and I am hoping to be able to can some this year!! I also make strawberry jam which is so delish!!! You go you Proverbs 31 lady!!:0) Take care my friend!!~Wendy

  10. that is alot of green beans, m'dear. they do taste soo good. i am hoping for a good crop of tomatoes for salsa. the winds did a job on them last week even tho they are 'caged' if trees were toppled i am surprised the plants are even still in the ground! love your blog & all your interesting features! very lovely! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥

  11. Yay for all those gorgeous beans, Katy!!
    And you ARE the green bean queen!
    (Kinda sounds like a Dr. Suess character! LOL)

  12. Thanks for dropping by my site Katy. ( the jar lady) Your beans look great! I planted both kinds as well , my sil says she mixes the two colors when she cans hers. I never thought to do that. So far the bugs haven't invaded the garden, but heard the Japanese beetles are having a field day in many areas..looks like your garden fared well! I wouoldn't be without a garden, if even all i had was a patio...i would grow something..LOL

  13. Wow, you do have some green beans, huh? I have so much to harvest out of the garden already. I love to save it all up over the summer and pull it out in the winter when having fresh is such a treat... and how good is it that you grew it yourself, canned it and now your family can eat it. It is wonderful!!!

  14. You are doing what I should be doing!! I Hate canning beans, infact I dont like using a pressure cooker!!

    My weigh in was only -1.4 this week, I was so hoping for more than 2. But, it was a loss and not a gain. I just wish it would fall off quicker, but its not...... onto another week :)

  15. What a blessed harvest!

    I'm living in a rental that has been for sale all of spring. I didn't think we'd be here for harvest. Now I wish we'd planted!


  16. I am impressed with all the canning you do! Wow! Just call you Martha!!! I don't can, but would love to learn how to make strawberry freezer jam - my favorite.

    Will try the recipe - I am sure my guys will devour it. Trying to shed 10 lbs off my big girl body...maybe a bite. haha.


  17. You are definately green bean queen! LOL They look beautiful ~ like Picassos in a jar!



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