Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hair Cut

Madelyn got her hair cut. It looks cute, is healthy and much easier to manage...but I miss those long locks! She has naturally thick, curly hair...which when long gets knotted and tangled easily. She asked me if she could get it cut and I agreed. I had wanted it to stay a little longer...but my aunt cut off enough so we could send it to Locks of Love. Madelyn assures me her hair will grow back ;).

She loves that it is now easier to manage and less knotty! I think it will curl up a lot when she wets it! It'll be cute to see how it looks then!

Friends of ours had to take their son to a doctor appointment a few hours away and needed to leave early this morning. I picked up their 4 girls (2 of whom are 1 yr old twins) and brought them to spend the night here, last night, so they could get up and going early. All the children are sweet-as-can-be and I loved them to pieces...however, sleep was something I didn't get much of last night! The one twin slept just fine for a while in her playpen. The other kept getting up a lot and crying. I was afraid she would wake her I continued to soothe her, rub her back and try to hold her when necessary. Finally, she fell asleep too...but no sooner had she fallen asleep and the first twin wakes up crying (around 3am). This wakes up the second twin and I had them *both* crying! I, not used to having twins to care for, and suffering from lack of sleep, woke Chris around 4 and asked him to help me. We each held one of the girls...rocking, soothing, and patting their backs. Me, baby that I am, was near tears from exhaustion and  weariness. Chris took both girls and sat with them in the rocker and rocked them (the glare on his eyes is from his glasses)...

That didn't work either, unfortunately. Morning came too soon and the day began...Chris and I dragging all the way! I must give tremendous credit to my friend, the mama of these sweet girls (and the other two older girls who stayed with us too) and all other mamas of multiples. Having twins is difficult! These are wonderful treasures, these girls, but it's certainly not easy tending to them at the same time! I am plum tuckered out! Their father came and picked them up just a bit ago. I know I will sleep long and well tonight! ;) We weren't able to get any schooling done we'll need to get caught up on our work...but I definitely think we'll be able to tackle it all after a good nights rest!

Tonight, though, before getting to snuggle down into my quilts...I'll be going down to help wrap venison at my in-love's meat market. They get lots of guys cutting the meat...but only my Mother-in-Love and I usually wrap. This year, my mom has started helping wrap meat when she can...which is a huge help! :) X just woke up from a rest time and Jaxson is still napping. I think having the babies here tired us all out!

I hope you are enjoying your week! We had sunshine, lots of beautiful rays of golden sunshine, today! I am so thankful! It does a spirit good to that in! Thank you for visiting me here today!

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. like maddy's hair!

    is chris sleeping in that pic? lol... you guys need a good nights sleep tonight! :)

    see you tomorrow! poor jax's cupcakes aren't holding up too well! (the icing anyway)

  2. Love her new hair do.. she is so cute!!

  3. Madelyn's hair looks so pretty. She is such a pretty girl. I can't imagine having twins! You did a wonderful job taking care of them and I'm sure their parents are so grateful.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  4. Maddy's haircut is so looks very nice on her. That was a
    tall job that you took on...they really missed mom. Hope you all get a good nights rest and back on schedule in the morning. Take care!

    Hug and Best Wishes,

  5. Well at least you're not too proud to admit the
    Babies wiped you out :):) sweet though
    That you both tended to them with such care!

  6. Our girl donated her hair like Madelyn, when she was her age. She grew it out specifically to donate to Locks of Love. When it was cut, the length was a bit of a shock, but I was so proud of her (like I know you are of Madelyn) for considering someone else to use her hair. Madelyn's a lovely girl (no matter the length of her hair) and you're a wonderful momma too Katy! (:

    Have a nice weekend. Smiles & well wishes sent your way! (:


  7. As a mother of twins - thank you! :)

    It was so sweet of you to help out your friend!


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