Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Little Life of Mine

I don't have Christmas decoration photos or anything of that sort to share. This year, although we are still giving gifts and such (in moderation)...we aren't decorating our home with a Christmas tree or anything else similar. I love Christmas decorations and the warm-fuzzy feelings of that time of year...however, I have been looking back at the history of things and found that Christ-Mass truly had nothing to do with Christ...and was changed by Constantine to appease the pagans. I have read articles, listened to sermons and watched this video....and I just can't convince myself that doing all the pagan things and saying they are "for Christ" actually honors my sovereign Father. Chris and I need to talk about it, more, together...but just haven't had the time with how busy we have been lately. After we are done processing venison and can finally come home and *relax*, we will have an in-depth conversation about it. It's not something that is easy to do (not celebrating Christmas).

It began when I felt convicted about lying to my children about *Santa* (a few years ago). I didn't feel right about it for numerous reasons...but it's late and I won't go into it at the moment (If you have felt convicted about any of the things I am posting about...please feel free to let me know. I'm not sure if I will do an entire post on the Christmas issue or not yet). Then I also became frustrated with the commercialism of Christmas....and now, I am truly diving in to what the season is **really** about.

 This isn't about legalism. I am not a Jehovah's Witness. I am not fanatical. The truth is, I desire to serve God in a way that pleases Him. I am not sure that doing something He never called for (and was never celebrated in the early church) is truly honoring Him. It's a tradition of started with pagans...then moved to Roman Catholics...then became embraced by everyone, it seems.

I have actually gone on about this topic more than I had planned...but I just wanted to explain why there will not be photos of Christmas to share. This is something I am feeling and I am not judging your decisions. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this subject, I may do a longer post on it...but for now, I will leave it with that! :) I welcome questions or comments...I just don't want anything to be argumentative! :o)

I have some photos to share...times of warmth, love, and family. They are just simple things...but moments I treasure as these little moments are what life is made of!

I've been baking...rolls, bread and more caramels too!


The view from where I was sitting one evening...

Madelyn, playing and reading...

Working on schoolwork with Xavier...

X reading to daddy...

The quiet of night, soft candle-light and rest for a tired body...all perfect for the end of a busy day. Each day carries busy-ness of it's own...there is lots going on. I am so thankful for the days the children and I can squeeze a nap in...I get so tired some days!

It's late...I need to get to bed soon. Those flannel sheets, quilts and afghans are calling my name...and oh how I hate to keep them waiting! ;) I hope you have a good Friday and weekend ahead. Thanks for the visit! :o)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied,


  1. Thanks for sharing! Our family has recently taken a similar stand against Christmas. It is inspiring to hear of others doing the same! This year we invited our extended family over on December 25th for an Israeli meal (inspired by my recent trip to Israel) and a program we are putting together called "Truth in Times" -a celebration of Messiah in His Appointed Times - Our Passover Lamb in the Passover Feast, Our Propitiation in the Feast of Unleavened Bread, Our Resurrection and Life in the Feast of Firstfruits, Our Quickening Spirit in the Feast of Weeks, Our Righteous Judge in the Feast of Trumpets, Our Restoration in the Feast of Atonement, Our King in the Feast of Tabernacles. May God continue to lead and guide you in His TRUTH!

  2. Both my parents and my husband's stopped celebrating Christmas at different point in our childhood, and we have made the decision not to celebrate with our new little family either. We do not want to condemn any family that does choose to celebrate, but rather teach our children that we can rejoice in Christ's birth all year long!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely, simple life with us. I truly enjoy reading about it!

  3. I often consider this topic, but something that has been foremost in my mind this year, is that this has always been a most opportune time for me to openly share my faith with friends and relatives. It is the most common time for Jesus to have a presence in the non Christian world. Somehow, I think that Satan will be pleased when we as Christians get rid of a celebration that puts Christ out there, and instead let the world have its way. I am afraid it is a bit of a Trojan horse. It does not have to be about the gifts or the food. After raising 7 children, I find our most meaningful Christmas activities have been Lord's supper on Christmas Eve, and a birthday cake for Jesus. Our children also participate eagerly in gift giving from their hearts. That said, each of us needs to do as we see God leading us.

  4. I am gonna be pretty honest, Katy, as I read through your post, I thought to myself "she is depriviing her children the magic of Christmas, the memories they will cherish forever, why oh why would she do that?", and as I got ready to post a comment (may have been a nasty one-hey I am being honest), I thought, no, this is her life, her family, and her beliefs. So, I want to apologize for thinking the way I did earlier while reading this.

    Go with your heart, you don't need to answer to anyone except God; that relationship is the one that matters above all.

    As I have said numerous times, your children are very lucky to have you as a mother and Chris is lucky to have you as a loving wife.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Katy, you and your family. May the season bring you peace and love.


  5. If you come down to it, putting up a tree, waiting for Santa and reindeer to land on your roof, can be too much! I do think Christmas is more for the stores and economy but I also believe in the spirit of Christmas and that is why I decorate the house, put up a tree and buy my loved ones a gift. It's all a symbol of Christ's love for us!! Merry Christmas Katy!!

  6. "Then I also became frustrated with the commercialism of Christmas....and now, I am truly diving in to what the season is **really** about."

    Ditto on those sentiments!

    God bless you and yours Katy!


  7. Katy, I know it's not easy to make a decision as such, and not all will understand. I find in that when I am convicted by God to make a change in my life it is often the people closest to me, whether they be friends or family that give me the hardest time. Alot of times out of love and concern, but still it doesn't make easy. God tells us that "we are to be in the world but not of the world". You are a wonderful mother follow your heart on this one! I will be in prayer for you and your family during this holiday season and pray it is a beautiful one for ya'll!

  8. This is truely a topic that can go both ways, I have been seeking the truth in my heart and my life for God to show me what it is all about...We did decide to celebrate Christmas this year as we have taken this year to Bless others in the name of Jesus.....God knows how truely Blessed we are in our lives and we want others to feel His Blessings too.
    We as Christian have lost alot of "rights" in this country to openly talk and celebrate Christ and I wonder if we all stop will He be pushed even further from our country....just alot of thoughts that have been going thru my mind and very confusing! I did come across a teaching that helped me in some of my decision to still celebrate and if your interested this is the link to it.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!!! God Bless!!:0)

  9. Hi Katy, your views on this subject are those of many. They too have done the research and learned of the origin of this and all holidays. If you have Scriptural proof that these holidays stem for paganism, then why try to rationalize, or ignore it! I've always found it wise to follow the Scripture rather than what man's accounts are.
    I'd like you to know, I too do not celebrate, because of these reasons. I don't look upon others any less because they do, it is their decision to make, as it should be with all of us! If you are living your life as a Christian, then live it in all ways Christ! Thank you for sharing your belief on this highly debated subject. (I'm sending you a separate email.)

    Warmest Regards,
    Loretta xoxo

  10. While I do celebrate Christmas....I do so in a way which I believe brings honor to Christ and God my Heavenly Father who so loved the world that he send his son....I in no way celebrate as the pagans did or do...for there are even many pagans today that celebrate the "HOLIDAY" in ways that bring no glory to God at all....even those that deny Christ still celebrate which seems very unfruitful to me...if you don't believe than why join the celebration....I think its fine to set aside a day to celebrate Christ birthday just as we celebrate the birthday of any loved one. To exchange gifts in remembrance that he was our gift to the world,all mankind,to share our witness of his salvation and the wondrous story of our dear Saviors birth...However,I am so in agreement with you on excluding all the commercialism,greed, excessive reveling and the spend..spend..spend issues that seems to always be caught up in this time of me Christmas begins in our and why we celebrate to begin with...and only God knows the hearts of all men...even better than we do ourselves. We must all be led by God's Holy Spirit on this subject and there in lies the matter the opinion of anyone else. I pray God will lead and guide you and your husband on the decision that is his ultimate will for your family. Blessings

  11. It is truely a blessing that you and Chris are in agreement when it comes to these things God convinces you of. We too have made decisions in order to live out and to accept what God convinces us of. Turning from the Traditions of this world are not is all around. The traditions of the world fill our eyes and is every. We have an older child turning nineteen in january and two younger sons, 7 & 8. When they were born God turned life around for us all. Celebrating things like Halloween and such were battles with our extended family, and we have had to stand under persecution for that by them. It all seems silly except to a heart , the Ones heart that is certain of what God has spoke about concerning them. May he continue to lead your husband and you as you lead your little ones. May we trust Him because He will do as He promises. We can all be sure of His soon return. Hugs, Angelia in Tx

  12. Over the years of teaching Sunday school Bible school I read as much as I could find on. I found so much of the same information you have mentioned. I have never fought my children the belief of Santa. It was not approved by others often. But they are my children. They were always taught it was the celebration of Christs birth & the precious gift God sent us all. We do exchange gifts. Way less than in the past. I do continue to decorate a tree. My oldest shares the santa story with his girls. Milk & cookies & so on. I do not judge him but respect his decision as he respects mine. I believe it's best to let the girls see my beliefs & pray for them rather than condemn but believe actions are believed more than words. The true magic of Christmas is love. God loved us so much he sent his Son. Blessings & Merry CHRISTmas!

  13. I can understand your desire to obey God and honor and glorify Him!
    I do want to caution you in one thing: you need to have your husband's leading on abandoning traditional Christmas celebrations. Too often I have seen a wife blazing a trail and her husband following along - reluctantly.......and then eventually even resentfully.
    Also, again just through experience and observation, if you are going to stop something that your family has enjoyed in the past, it helps to replace that with something else.
    May God bless you as your serve your family so sweetly, Katy!

  14. I love Christmas with all it's traditions, still, I feel more and more like you... I've thought it this year when I was doing preperations for Christmas: Has this really something to do with Christ..? And all the shopping, everything you just have to buy so people can feel your love... ;) Still: I think there are many good things about celebrating Christmas, if you do it "right": devotion of the Lord, having a wonderful time with those you love...
    You are lucky who are homeschooling: you don't have to keep up with the Jones'! We aren't able to do so, either, but it's not easy when the children goes back to school after Christmas and everyone tells about all the great stuff they got for Christmas...

  15. I hope for the sake and good of this world that people don't stop celebrating Christmas. I am seeing this more and more on blogs and like it is the new cool thing.Right along with all these new names for Christ.
    I hope this world never stops sharing and caring and helping others and joining together even if it is for one day and night. I feel so sorry for your kids, they are going to grow up and enter this world on their own some day and realize they are so confused.I hope some of this doesn't totally drive them from religion. I have seen it many times. Beware of false prophets and their teachings, that is just what the old devil would love is for some the most religious people in the world to stop celebrating Christmas. can't even imagine people would consider that. I guess you can make anything into anything if ya want, but this country sure has done well for many years with our old traditions and beliefs for many years. I hate the commercialism too,I don't partisipate in that. We make or buy small gifts, eat good, decorate our homes beautifully and open the doors to share with all, spread love and good cheer, help people in need, send cards to people we haven't seen in years, what is so wrong with all of that. There's good and bad in everything, we just have to be smart enough to see the difference. I celebrate Halloween also and it has nothing to do with the pagans with me. It is a very fun festive time in our household. I have so many wonderful memories of all American holidays. I think I would be so angry and bitter at my parents if they deprived me of them. One can read and study too much, sometimes a little fresh air is good too. lol I don't judge anyone, but I will do my part to keep the devil from completely taking control of this world. I can't even really believe we are discussing this, but then again this is the Internet and you can find facts to back up anything you choose to believe or whatever group it is one is wanting to fit into.
    God Bless Katy and have a Merry Christmas

  16. Thank you all for your comments. I did want to emphasize something though...just because my husband and I are discussing not *celebrating* Christmas...(no tree, decor, etc) doesn't mean we won't still be doing outreach, rejoicing in our Savior (as we do everyday) and spread love to others this time of year...My big point is wondering why we *need* one season of the year to do this. Should this reflect our hearts all year...?

    I just want to share with you that in no way are we trying to be **cool** and to be honest, I didn't know that this was how many bloggers felt. My children are not deprived at all. We make beautiful, treasured memories every day in this household. I don't feel that they will feel "deprived" when they are older and resent me for it. To be honest, I am sad that my parents didn't teach these things to me when I was young. I am more concerned with Truth and following God than doing what everyone else does. I'm sorry that you feel I am not mothering correctly. :(

    I may need to do a post about this. I will have to see. If you haven't watched or read any of the links I probably won't understand what I am talking about though...there is so much of what people do in their traditions that is pagan...and they don't realize it.

    I know some people are terribly angry with me after reading this post. But I live to serve Christ...and I celebrate His birth, Life, Death and Resurrection every day...I don't need a specific day to do that. I knew I would receive backlash...but that is okay.

    My children live full, joy-filled, adventurous lives...if you are concerned that they are deprived in any way...please look back through my posts. My children are loved and tended to with all the mothering strength God extends to me. I am confident this will make their walk with the Lord stronger...not weaker. I asked them if they had a problem with not putting up a tree this year and they were completely fine with it saying: "Mom, it's just a tree!" and "I'm glad I don't have to deal with pine needles"! :o)


  17. What a great conversation. I love that you are following your heart and doing what's right for your family. We actually didn't put up any of our Christmas decorations this year either. My husband thought I was depressed, lol. We talked about it, and all of us agreed it was a lot of hassle that we just didn't want to do. (I have two teenagers) We did buy the kids gifts, they got them as they came in, as I saw no point in buying wrapping paper. What we are focusing on even more this year...buying gifts for a couple of families that are having a hard time this year, donating to the food pantry, enjoying visiting with family and friends, and random acts of kindness. This has been one of the most enjoyable, relaxing Christmas seasons we have ever had. Removing the focus off of decorations and "things" has freed us up to be able to spread Christ's love in a more real way, through relationships, as it was intended.

  18. It funny we're Pagan and we decided along time ago to reject all the christ themes from Yule, it served no purpose but to perpetuate a myth. I have to be brutally honest though Yule was celebrated because it was necessary for survival as are all the pagan festivals. Christmas has become a festival where fearful christians cling to naive hope that their souls might be saved and it's now being reflected in this trend of the non celebration due to moral puritanism. Expand your minds a little and learn how important Yule was to earlier communtities then judge what needs to be cut out of Christmas/Yule


  20. I've heard a lot about these things from others over the years as well.It's been out there for a while and every family has to do what is right for them in this regard. With all the business of the meat market your family probably doesn't even have the time to do all the Christmas things, tree included. For me, I explained to my kids while working on our Jesse Tree that the truth is that Jesus wasn't born in December but that is when the early church (about Constantine's time - but to an 8 or 11 year old 1994 is the olden days so...)decided to create a celebration of His birth to Christianize the pagan celebrations. I explained how we can see Christ in the symbols of Christmas (evergreen tree - everlasting life, star for the star that appeared, angel for the angel who spoke to the shepherds, lights - Jesus is the light of the world and gifts because Jesus is God's greatest gift to us who also gave us the gift of salvation) but that we also mix in things that we like as a culture (music, snow, foods, family etc) It's a nice, fun time of year when we can concentrate on all of these things. I don't think of Christmas as an expression of worship at all - more or less it's a neutral thing. Many of our common words, names, and traditions have pagan origins for instance, the days of the week Saturday has something to do with Saturn and that brings up the names of planets and constellations carrying pagan significance in their names as well. I guess if you see decorations and trees as being sinful then it's entirely different but for me I just see them as one of those Christian liberty things...they aren't Biblically mentioned or mandated nor are they prohibited. All that to say kick it around with your husband and whatever you decide to do as a family enjoy and be happy with it!

  21. You are correct. Christmas was a pagan holiday. Christian leaders used this, and other pagan holidays and converted them to Christian holidays with Christian meanings (Christmas means "Christ is sent").
    This was to help and encourage the new Christians to cling to their faith and not revert back to paganism. (In my church, halloween is all soul's eve, as started by St. Patrick). This is to raise us up to always think of God. Today, we can fight materialism by having church our main goal of Christmas. love,andrea

  22. Oh My,I am just sitting here in shock and honestly I can't even began to think of where to start.

    FIRST~Katy you are a awesome mother,any of your readers will see that when they open your blog and read further into your lives and YES this is just a blog on the internet so we can't really say much unless we know you personally.

    SECOND~For everyone WHY give up such a beautiful day that we all(the whole world)have become to know as a celebrtaion for CHRIST.Yes we all tend to buy lots of gifts and send out cards BUT don't forget that we also reach out to others during this time if need(((it is sad though that this is the only time the kettles are ringing and some folks only stop to think of those children that need toys,they need more throughout the years ahead like food daily and warm clothes NOT JUST TOYS)))))We have just made it into a beautiful time to be so thankful and happy.Yes,it does seem that a lot of grouches are happier during this time of the year.We could go all full blown and decorate the whole state BUT you can still teach your children the real meaning.Why not get the tree up and decorate,Why not go to church on Christmas Mass????????So many ?????? and YES if you get to searching the web you will find so many reasons to DO IT and TO NOT DO IT.

    All I am saying is having a beautifully lit Christmas Tree and the stocking hung are a part of Christmas and I think children need this BC it is something they have seen and then all of a sudden those moments are gone is kinda well wrong.

    Halloween is even celebrated at churches and please don't say they are not BC churches all over are so into this TRUNK OR TREATING so they are on board as well.Maybe not every singkle church but a lot more every year joins.

    IT TRUELLY IS WHAT YOU TEACH YOUR KIDS,you dont say hey kiddos we are begging for candy on the devils day NO we just go trick or treating to have fun.We can't smother our kiddos forever all we can do is protect them the best we can.

    I have to say I wonder though BC kids are always trying to please us as parents so will your kids really say that not having these things will bother them???
    Did it do you any harm growing up with having a tree,just STOP and THINK about how you felt seeing that tree lit up and decorating it as a family.

    Why give gifts then,what is the purpose of giving gifts.

    I do want you to know Katy that once again this is really going to get heated and keep your heart protected BC some are going to attack your blog for this and some are going to be there for you.

    Many Blessings~

  23. Oh My Gosh...I have to agree with Jamie...I am sitting here in total Shock.

    I have to agree with Chanda, and Jamie, I think they have said it the best!!!

    I'm just wondering where you are getting all of your information from, I come from a Family full of Minister's, and we have celebrated Christmas forever.

    Sometimes "People" can makes us Believe anything they want us to Believe...just be careful they aren't really working for the Devil.

    Blessings, and as Jamie said you might want to keep your Heart Protected.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  24. I would love if any of you can make the time (even once your children are in bed or early in the morning) watch this video and then share your thoughts with me...then maybe you will see my convictions clearly:

    Thank you :)

  25. I have a friend on Facebook who is adamently opposed to celebrating Christmas. Fine. But, my goodness...every single year, she goes on this awful judgmental tirade on her wall about how evil the Christmas tree is and about how we were not admonished in Scripture to celebrate His Birth. Seriously, the arguments that ensue over these posts are not a good Christian witness at all. In fact, they do more damage to her testimony than anything else. I just want to say - STOP please...

    It's funny I read this today as just this week I posted on my blog about this very thing. I certainly respect your feelings on this. I don't agree, respectfully. :)

    My thoughts, as I shared on my blog, are that you can read of a celebratory atmosphere in Luke 2. Angels and heavenly hosts appearing to lowly shepherds in a field that night, heralding the birth of the Messiah. No, we were not told to set aside a day to celebrate the birth of Christ. But I to the world, the LORD has come!

    I'll concede that Christmas has become way too commercialized. This day, after all, is also celebrated by those who don't know Jesus as their Savior. But what a grand opportunity this season affords for us born-again Christians to not hide our lights under a bushel, but instead, to proclaim His birth, which led to our redemption. Amen. :)

    A Christmas tree with twinkle lights lightens my spirits, especially in this dark, dark world we're now living in. Its origins, frankly, don't concern me. It's just a decorated tree that looks, oh so beautiful, when the lights are out.

    I do think that you're a fabulous mom. Bar-none. :) I do, though, want to echo another poster's thoughts to be careful in deciding to do this. Your kids are still young. They grow up into teenagers and may feel resentful in later years. Just make sure you truly are feeling the calling of the LORD on this.

    Blessings to you and yours, Katy.

  26. Gosh,I read your blog all the time:),Im a mother of eight and I homeschool,I love my children as you do......but I don't do Jesus and I dont do Christ!(but that is our way!:),and while Im so tolerant of other peoples beliefs,I truly believe people recently are being twisted and skewed in their views lately!
    It is getting to the point of complete of insanity!!!,what is really going on here at a truly basic level?,why are people being so FEAR driven???I agree with a few other comments here...that there is other agenda afoot,(bearing in mind that Im not even Christian) as in that there is a few very unspiritual human beings out there that are taking advantage of the very uncertain times we are living in and trying to feed off peoples fears,I'm shaking my head in complete disbelief.......I'm sure the world has truly gone mad,and while Im definately not religious...I'm praying(well in my way!) in my heart of hearts that the is some sanity gained out of this!
    we are are in for very uncertain times ahead and people truly need to have their wits about them and not act like sheep being lead to the slaughter!!
    Many Blessings:)

  27. Everyone has to do what is best for their family, and only you know what is best for your own family.

    You talk alot about how you wish your parents would have done things differently, be careful with that, your children might be saying the same about you someday.
    You are such a loving mom, I don't want you to be setting yourself up with alot of regret in the future.

    Before you give up Christmas totally, really think about how this could effect your children in the future:)


  28. I know where your heart is, Katy, and it's always wanting to serve God and please Him first and foremost and to serve your family. You know that in so many ways, we "go against the normal flow" when it comes to certain issues, because of our convictions and what we feel is best for our family or will honor Christ.

    As I read all your comments here, I wanted to say that I think the main thing to remember here is that even though we all might have different views on how much of Christmas to celebrate, as well as other issues that Christians seem to differ on, we should be celebrating, serving, and honoring Christ all year and teaching our kids that all year, we serve Jesus.

    Sometimes I think that when we hold different opinions or views on certain issues, Christians become divided instead of united, and that saddens me. I wish we all, as Christians, could just remember the most important thing......Jesus....and serve Him and bring others to Him. And the way every individual Christian family does that is unique and their business, and we should all respect that but remain united.

    As for us, we aren't lying about Santa either. We do decorate for Christmas and enjoy it but it's not the main thing. The emphasis is that it's the day we celebrate the birth of Christ sent to live a sinless life here on earth, die for us, rise again, and offer forgiveness for our sins.

    I guess as Wendy said, our view is that it is one holiday that is recognized as a Christian holiday in our country (thus the attack on it being the "holidays" and all), and I fear our nation is pulling away from everything Christian thus I fear that if we pull away from celebrations as we've known it, it will eventually be changed and pushed to even more pagan and commercialized. I'm not sure if I'm expressing my thoughts accurately.

    I guess the bottom line is that, for us, I don't see harm in decorating our homes, decorating trees, etc., unless that becomes what it's all about. It's about knowing who we're celebrating and making it the main thing. I think the reason we see so much "goodness" and "helping others" at Christmas is because it is a Christian holiday. You certainly don't see that at any other holiday. :)

    Hope that makes sense. But know Katy, that I respect you and your family's decision and I don't judge you at all for what you do or don't do, and as I told you before, I wish you lived closer to us because our family would enjoy hanging out with your family because it's hard to find families seeking God's will and striving to live it!

    Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  29. I agree with Tammy we need to realize that as Christians we are not all gonna agree about certain things but because we are Christians we should respect others feelings....YOU are a fantastic mom and all you want is the best for your children and you want to teach them the right things in life, and that may mean going against what so many others are doing. Christ told us we would not have it easy following Him...Does He not say to pick up our crosses and follow Him...meaning its not gonig to be easy...Whatever you and Chris decide is between you two and God. It really is amazing how debatble Christ can be!!! Take care my friend!!:0)

  30. I do agree that we should not get caught up in the commercialism of Christmas. I also agree that, as Christians, we should not celebrate "Santa" (We told our children that it was something other families told their children, but really it was just pretend.). We told our children that, while we truly may not know the EXACT day that Christ was born, this is the day we choose to celebrate his birth because, truth be told, he WAS born.

    I ask you to reconsider not celebrating at all. This is the one time of year that many people who are not open to hearing about Christ will listen. I use this time of the year to take advantage of their openness. While we should always be willing to present the "Good News", this is a time of year that people are more open. For example, send out cards that are full of scriptures not "Santa", etc.

    These are just my thoughts and convictions. I just ask that you realize that God does not call all of us to the exact ministries. You mentioned legalism. That is a very powerful tool of Satan. Exam your thoughts carefully regarding this subject. I would rather spread the news of Christ's birth than say it is a pagan celebration......

  31. Katy, I truly believe that you desire to live for Christ with all your heart, soul an mind. Your love for your family is so evident and I don't feel that your children are deprived of the things that really matter in life.

    While of course no one agrees on every issue,you and I agree on many things and I love reading your views and comparing them to my own views. I love issues that cause me to examine scripture and my own heart.

    The way the world does Christmas has gotten completely out of hand, but I feel the way our family celebrates Christmas is absolutely in line with our Christian views.

    I agree that we should keep our eyes on Jesus and live for him every day of the year, but I feel that Christians should use this time of the year to put extra emphasis and tell the world that the savior of the world, the son of the only God, was born.

    I agree with the article that Wendy provided ( that sums up my beliefs!

    May God bless you and your family in the new year, Katy!


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