Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are You My Mother?

Sweet baby Stu follows me everywhere! I let him out of the pen when I am outside....while the kids are playing or I am hanging laundry out on the line. He follows me *everywhere* I go! That is him with me above!

If I stand still...he will eat a little grass and then as soon as he sees me start to walk away...this is what he does....

Aunt Nen (my sister) came over yesterday to visit and played frisbee with the kids. I played for a bit too but then I sat down on the swing to take some pictures....

And look who kept trying to sit with me...hehe.....

He makes me laugh! Often, he will nose-bump my legs. It's not *ramming* with his head...just bumping me with his nose. I have *no idea* why he does that though!

You should see me hanging clothes on the line....ha! He is always under foot! Such a silly lil guy! He also tries to jump into the clothes basket! ;) I wish Stu would stay a little lamb forever. He is such a doll! :)

I hope you enjoy your Tuesday! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Katy,

    awwww this is so sweet and touched my heart. I am so happy you get to enjoy such a warm blessing of love from an adorable lil sweety! He probably see the other three lambs following you and KNOWS you are "Their" momma (them and him) :) so cute!
    Hope your are having a great day up there where you live. Oh, can you please share what kind of flower seeds you planted in the little pots? hugs Ang

  2. He is just TOO CUTE! It seems he likes you Katy:)

  3. Soooooo cute!! I hope it doesn't get too annoying lol

  4. awwwwwwww! What a sweetie, doesn't want to be away from "mama" just like our human babies.

    My dog follows me around the house and always has to be in the same room, even though he just lays and sleeps. When he's not tired he's sticking his nose under my hand to be petted. He's almost 4 and a Great Pyrenees, so he's more like a full grown sheep. LOL. ;)

  5. He is SOOOOO cute!! How can you resist that face!! He is so adorable, keep sharing pics, I love them!

  6. STEW!! =)

    honey, you're a shepherd! he knows your voice!! =)

  7. I keep thinking of the song Mary, I mean Katy, had a little lamb... He sure is a cute little guy!

  8. Wendi comment made me laugh.

    He's adorable Katy. Reading your blog always warms my heart!

  9. lol - so cute!! =D

    I really like your skirt (dress?) =) The colors go well together.

  10. It's just like the nursery rhyme! :)
    Anywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.


  11. Lovin' the pics ~ thanks for sharing!

  12. I love you lamb... So sweet. Just watch the bumping. It's cute now but when he's "bumping the back of your knee while your trying to hang out laundry, you'll be the one in the basket! ...talking from experience here!

  13. So very cute!

    I never emailed you my address so you could tell me where you got the Mrs. Meyer's products. My email is amber1726@live.com

    Thanks Katy!

  14. I wonder if Stu will bond with your new sheep? The pics are so sweet. I also wonder if "fitty" will stick around if you let her out while you're in the yard??


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