Tuesday, April 20, 2010

*Fitty* the Sheep

Say *hello* to Fitty! She's our sheep. She's a sweetie...although super skittish. She's warming up to us though...slowly but surely. I must admit though, when Ruthie (my dog, pictured in one of the pics below) comes out and barks at her...the poor girl runs in circles! Ruthie has been getting used to Fitty as well....so she isn't barking as much, fortunately! :)

You may be thinking "Fitty? Who names a sheep Fitty?"...Well, Fitty's old owner did! She had paid $50 for her and you know how an auctioneer says "Fitty, fitty..." when auctioneering? Well....*Fitty* cost "fitty dollars"....hehehe! ;)

We were outside yesterday doing some things...feeding the animals, hanging out laundry, the kids were playing...and so we let our little lamb,Stu, out to be with us. Immediately, she was trying to climb on me (maybe I look like a set of stairs?) and was following me wherever I went. On my way back from feeding the chickens....I walked away and Stu was distracted. I turned around, camera in hand, knowing once she noticed I was gone, that she would start running after me.....and although you can't tell from the picture, below, she was running at me quite fast! Maybe she thinks she is my shadow and we can't be seperated? ;)

Here she is eating a bit of grain....I love how she kneels on her front knees! ;)

The grass and flowers around the house and new porch are starting to grow! I have great plans of making a beautiful walkway out from the porch...with beautiful flowers and such, lining it! If only everyone could see my home from the viewpoint of my mind... ;)

Well, I just had a moment to be able to stop in and post. I have clothes out on the line, and more to take out and hang up! I also need to get lunch started soon! :) I hope you are enjoying your weekdays. After a bit of snow last week/weekend....we are now having some gorgeous weather. Still a bit chilly, but overall, beautiful! I hope your weather is the same! :) Thank you for visiting!


  1. Well hello there Fitty! hehe

    The photo of Stu on the knees is way too adorable. :D

    Have a beautiful and blessed day Katy!

  2. One look at these beautiful creatures- their sweetness and child like ways... makes me wonder how anyone could doubt that animals are to be loved and not eaten.

    Welcome to your new home Fitty- I'm sure you will be loved so much by your new family... and Stu- the girl sheep. :)

  3. Cute pictures. I love our home! Post some pictures after you plant. Exciting!

  4. too bad i don't have a spinning wheel......

  5. Hello to Fitty!
    Oh gosh Katy, I wish you could just send me Stu for a few days! LOL What a little sweetie!! I think it's cute that "she" adores you!!! You are her safety and security and her "mama".
    Take care

  6. I think I am in love with stu. She is so sweet. What a great post.

  7. My goodness, Katy- I had to go back and read about your two new sheep! They are adorable! Dontcha just love them? I think once you have sheep, you look at things in the Bible referring to lambs and sheep differently than before- I know I do.
    Happy Spring, Sweetie!

  8. Your home is very sweet and in such a beautiful setting! I do hope that your plans for that lovely garden path come true someday ~smile~.

    I just love to see the pictures of your animals, too!

  9. Heehee I love the look of all your animals but Stu is my favourite :D She is adorable!!

    Gemma X

  10. I love you house. I can imagine its going to look so sweet round your patio when its finished.

    Blessings Gail

  11. Fitty is so cute..
    i cant beleive how stu is, so adorable and loves you so much..thats just so precious..


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