Monday, April 5, 2010

"The God Who created,

....names and numbers the stars in the heavens also numbers the stars of my head. He pays attention to very big things and to very small ones. What matters to me matters to Him, and that changes my life."
~Elisabeth Elliot

I am reading the book "Let Me Be a Woman" by Elisabeth Elliot. It is a compilation of letters written to her daughter, Valerie, who was engaged at the time. I am enjoying reading it. :) So far favorite thing about the book is the quote that was in the beginning.....

"In order to learn what it means to be a woman, we must start with the One who made her."
~Elisabeth Elliot

Isn't that beautiful and so absolutely true?

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter. We did! We were busy with our church's Easter Passion Play...which went well...and I pray that it touched many hearts!

Earlier this week...the kids and I dyed some Easter Eggs. :) The kids did a great job, taking turns and such. They were each anxious to dye as many eggs as they could but still did well waiting, as patiently as they could, for their turn to dye an egg! It went well and we dyed quite a few beautiful eggs!

A few cracked when I had hard boiled the kids were happy to peel and eat those ones!

Saturday we had a delicious Easter lunch at my parents' home before we had to go and get ready for the last night of our Easter Passion Play. We had grilled chicken with my mom's fantastic BBQ sauce, baked corn, devilled eggs, baked potatoes and more! Oh it was yummy! The kids also got to do a super-fun scavenger hunt! My sister and her husband, Cory, set it all up for them....thinking up and writing out clues and hiding them....

Notice...Jaxson and Madelyn are wearing matching shirts....that was Madelyn's idea! :) I think it is cute!

The kids even had to climb a tree to find their eggs-with-clues-in-them!

Since Xavier is a beginner reader and Jaxson *can't* read yet....we had to help read their clues to them. Daddy helped X and my sister helped Jaxson. I was going to help the boys...but I was so busy chasing each of them to snap pictures! They each had different clues and were going different directions so I had to go this way and that to make sure I got pics of each of the children!

At the last clue...each child got a *prize*. Devon and Cory had gotten them each a gift!

Look at this skirt my sister made for Madelyn....isn't it cute??

We had a lovely time with absolutely gorgeous weather! :)

Yesterday, after church, we had a lunch of egg salad sandwiches (made from the eggs we dyed), then took a nap. Then we went to my inlaws' home for supper. I took some homemade mac and cheese...and we also enjoyed ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, salad, rolls and dessert. Unfortunately for me, I was too full to have any dessert....and it all sure looked wonderful! :)

Now, here we are at Monday, again. Laundry is washing and housework has been started. The kids are working on their responsibilities. We will do schooling in a bit. I will be making some homemade noodles today for a supper of hamburger stroganoff over noodles! *YUM!*

I also need to get to the store to get our sweet new baby, Stu (the lamb) some feed. We are bottle feeding but still need to start him on some pellets and hay. :) The only bad thing is that I am either allergic to Stu, himself, or the hay. I broke out in hives on my face and neck at one point. I'm not too concerned though.

Well...I better get going. I just heard the laundry stop and it needs switched. I need to check what the weather is going to do today because I would like to hang some clothes out on the line if I can. :) Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you had a wonderful Easter with friends and family, remembering the blessed reason we can celebrate this holy-day!


  1. I just ordered that book! My friend had just been telling me about the author in January and I had thought about starting to read her, and then you reminded me.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog. I would like to ask some questions and such. I have been up to my ears in ministry (VBS, Church progams, feeding lots of people.. etc!) Now I'm just trying to get the children back on on their routine after being wound-up all week!
    Loved your post, like always.

  2. Glad to hear Stu made it thru Easter dinner unharmed!! =)

  3. Oh,I am so happy for you all to get the NEW baby,that is a wonderful addition to your family.I would guess that you are allergic to something in the hay. We just got a moma and baby Angora goat for Easter.I LOVE it. The other day I thought we need to go to the BOYDS BEAR FACTORY in Pennsylvania,and then I told hubby if that happens I have to meet my favorite blogger,COUNTRY BLOSSOM.
    Good Luck with Baby Stu.


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