Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day *at* School

Schooling has been going well here the past couple months. We have our difficult days as well....but overall, I still feel truly blessed to be able to homeschool. Especially hearing about some of the schools in the country that have children singing praises to Obama. :( I am all about respect...but THIS is ridiculous! And it's not the *only* video of schools having kids sing praises. But I won't get started. I *will* tell you, though, that if you don't watch Glenn Beck on Fox News...you really should. I am truly thankful for the freedom to homeschool and pray that I always have that right.

Madelyn works on a spelling test above as Xavier works on telling time below....

And as I try to move from Madelyn's desk, to X's desk, to my own....I *quite* often have a silly little cling on hanging onto my leg... ;) I figure this is good exercise for me...it's like walking with weights on! ;)
Language, arithmetic, American History, Health, Science, Reading/Phonics and Bible all fill up our days of learning as well!

Madelyn's 2nd grade courses are using the Abeka curriculum. It's a lot of book work...but it is good learning. :) Madelyn works hard at it and does well.

The other evening at supper, Chris and I were talking about things and I was telling him that when I was in 2nd grade...I was tested to be in the gifted program at school and one of the things I had to do was say the alphabet backwards. I could do it then and I can still do it now. Chris found this *quite* amazing about me. I was glistening with a bit of pride.
Of course, Madelyn wanted to give it a try...and did it with ease! I was so excited for her...although it did make me realize that I wasn't as *special* as I had thought a moment before. *I love those moments though. They remind me to stay grounded and be humble!*

Last week...with X's My Father's World curriculum...we were working on A-Apple. We talked about apples, made trees with apples on them, practiced the /a/ sound, thought of words that start with A, made up a story about a worm who lived in an apple (that's what X was drawing in the pic above) and we talked about the fruits of the Spirit.

Homeschooling is so rewarding. That time with your children is priceless. All moments aren't perfect....but everything is so worth it when you are the one teaching your child to read and tell time, to spell and to do arithmetic!

If you are nervous about what all is going on with our government, the indoctrination that is going on in some places or even if you just feel like your childrens' childhoods are passing in the blink of an eye...homeschooling is such a wonderful option.

"And as the mother is the guardian and guide of the early years of life, from her goes the most powerful influence in the formation of the character of man."
~John S.C. Abbott, The Mother at Home

I want to make sure we are the ones instilling the proper values and God-fearing principles in our children. God made us responsible for bringing these children up correctly...and I take that job very seriously. Of course, not everyone even has the option to homeschool...and I don't mean that it is a *must* for everyone. But, if you can...I highly recommend it!

(by the way..I totally recommend that book in the link in the quote above! I have it and although written in the 1800's...is really a valuable read!!!)

And....on a super cute note...my kiddos decided to dress themselves alike for church this past Sunday. I know it isn't typical *church attire*...but it was toooooo cute to refuse! :)

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! We are enjoying some truly fall-like weather here in PA! :) Hope you are too! Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Hey Katy!! Glad to hear homeschool is going well for you!! Have a blessed day!!!!

  2. Great post Katy! I'm using abeka too for Ava K ~ I also am soo glad we bought the bible activity and the craft book. Ava can be a *bit* impatient..and gets excited to work in those two books. But overall she is doing very well. And like you (and I'm sure all homeschooling families) we've had some REALLY great days... and then some NOT so great days! But I do feel truly blessed to be able to stay home with our children! Blessings! ;)

  3. Glad to hear that things are going so well with school!

    We are so enjoying the fall weather. I love to walk out in the morning and feel the crisp air.

    Have a great day!

  4. I wish I could homeschool. I'm busy schooling myself while my lil one is off during the day at school. I do LOVE helping her with her homework. You're right it's so wonderful to help our kids learn!! Oh yeah, I remember HAVING to learn the alphabet backwards. What a cute cling on you got there. LOL Is Maddy's hair becoming less curly? That pic of all of them dressed alike is cute, cute, cute!
    The weather here is wacky. Had a bit of a cold front the other day..Friday-today it's been cool and breezy in the morning then shorts weather by early afternoon. Blah. I'd like it to be cool allllll day. Anyway, glad everyone is happy and healthy. TTYL

  5. I truly admire you for homeschooling. This cannot be easy. But I agree with you. I had 4 that are grown now and I often wonder if I should have done more. But you can't go back. I can only go forward. So I have 4 of the sweetest grandchildren ever and I try to teach them things now so they will not ever forget me. I encourage you that you are doing the right things for your children. This is a priceless gift you are giving them.

  6. So wonderful to see your sweet family enjoying school days Katy!
    You know...Superkallafragilisticexpiallidoshious (sp??????) is actually said INCORRECTLY when they say it backwards in Mary Poppins...try it...you'll see!

    Oh! Here's a fun challenge for your family supper table tonight..."What three colors have NO RHYMES?" The answers are:


    HAVE FUN challenging your family!
    It took my kids the better part of a day...but collectively...they got it!!!

  7. Hey Katy!!
    Oy, I heard about those poor kids singing a song about Obama. Cory told me about it. I was shocked!! I love having the freedom to school my children and teach them important things.
    Hope you have a great week!!

  8. Im love homeschooling too, and am so thankful that I have a hubby who cares enough to support us while I stay at home with my kids. The Lord has blessed me greatly! Oh I love the kids attire for church they look so cute! Im sure God doesnt care what they wear as long as they are there! Blessings,Karen

  9. Wow Katy...the kids are getting so grown up!

    It's been awhile since I checked in and it was good to catch up on your blog.


  10. I miss homeschooling the kids, but I don't miss the days of feeling like a failure because I could not get all done that needed to be.


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