Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcoming Fall

It's a beautiful day....and so after watering the chickens and our one dog, Mollie, I thought I would do a lil fall decorating. I don't do a ton...just a touch for simple beauty. :) I think God does a much better job at decorating things in the Autumn there isn't much I need to do to improve it....just adding a few things for that extra *hurrah*! :)

As the Nester would put imperfectly beautiful walkway....

My front autumn wreath. I love wreaths. :) (I know..the railing there is dreadfully ugly...however, our homeowners insurance made us having something Chris did what he had to to comply. We are hoping to made a small wooden staircase there sometime soon....although ultimately...I want to turn that whole outer room into an open front porch...when time and money permit!;)

My truly rustic garage front....(also shown in the pic at the top from a different angle)....

Although slight....I have some fall leaves on the grapevine on the swing. Of course, the kiddos *on* the swing are perfect for lovely photo decoration any time of the year! ;)

Chris has been working most evenings to chop wood on his dad's land. He is getting it all prepared for when the colder days set in and we will need the warmth that our wood stove provides. He has worked so hard. I attempted to try and help by splitting some....*um* well....not such a great idea. I only made ax dents in the wood. I have always thought of myself as, *notsomuch*.

So...since I couldn't be useful in the log-splitting department...I tried my hand at stacking. This is my lovely stacking job so far. *hehe* I did most of it...but a few of the bigger logs in the back, Chris did, I think. It doesn't look like much...but stacking all this took me quite a bit of time and sweat! ;) There is still lots more to go! I am glad it is a resourceful way for burning calories though! :)

My very humble and *in need of work* living room. It needs some super wall repairs... ;) but until we can get that is still a comfortable place to put up your feet and rest after a long day. It's clean and peaceful!

Moved a couple things around in the dining room. Nothing majorly exciting...but it's sometimes nice to have a different way to look at things! :)

Madelyn and Jaxson enjoyed playing outside today. :) Xavier, after schooling, got to go spend time *working* at the garage with my dad. (He loves to do that!) With the beautiful scenery outside...I just don't understand how some children can love to play video games all day? There is just so much to explore and do outside!

And friend, Mya, asked to see a pic of the dishcloths I have made to sell at my inlaw's fall festival this year (which is coming up again in a couple weeks). I have a red one almost finished up on my needles as well that is not pictured. It may not look like a lot...but when weather is is hard to sit too much and knit. Winter will bring me in more to focus on knitting and reading in the cozy warmth of *home*. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I truly love reading each one of your thoughts and comments! Soon, I will be starting supper...and watching Glenn Beck. If you want to know what is going on with our is a great program! :) (Fox News Channel...5pm EST)
Following that...the kids and I are going to go watch my cousin, Molly, play volleyball for the local high school. She homeschools, like us, but still participates in the sports of the high school! :) I would love for Chris to come with us...but he will probably keep working on chopping wood. He is such a good man. I am blessed. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. How simple but yet beautiful all the decorations are. I love seeing pics of your beautiful home and how cozy it looks.

    Have fun at the volleyball game.

  2. Love all the Fall decor. I know all of those dish cloths will sell!


  3. Katy~ Oh if only I lived a little closer I may come and snatch that cute little flag :)
    Your home always looks so warm and iviting even with it's still to do projects...don't we all have them, I think my list is well over 50 things I want to do to my home :) I really like your dishcloths, I have made some in the past but with crocheting not knitting. I do like all the colors you can find in yarn for them..

  4. Your decorating looks lovely. I am not bloging until October and then I'll show you some of my fall decorating.

  5. You are so right! Stacking wood is HARD work!! It's one of those things that look easier than it is!
    Lovely home, as always. I just love your blog. I was born in PA, and have visited 3 times since we moved out west when I was 3. I just love the "feel" of PA and the good memories I have of there.

  6. Everything looks so wonderful! Isn't fall Great! I love watching Glenn Beck too! We're still fasting TV so I haven't had my Fox News Fix lately.

    I'm Celebrating my 1 Year Anniversay on Etsy with a GIVEAWAY on my Blog. I would L♥VE it if you stopped in to check it out!

  7. Ahh fall is my favorite..I love every fall decoration no matter what it is. LOL
    The dishcloths look great! Your hard work will pay off.
    High 5 to Chris for being such a good provider..and to yourself as well Katy.
    Oh yeah I made a dishcloth myself last weekend then I forgot how to cast off..I watched a youtube video on how to do it..well it was wrong! I went to pull the string to tighten 'what I thought was a knot' then awwwwwww started to unravel!! Talk about frustration!

  8. Hi Katy,

    Your touches of fall look great...I love's just you said, simple touches are best! I love that door on your garage and the star on it is perfect!

    Great job on the log stacking! You are a country girl! :)

    Thank God for Glen Beck! He tells it like it is!

    Have a great upcoming weekend!

  9. Fall is my favorite season and I love the way you're helping brighten it up... makes me want to get off my dead butt and hang something cute like that out in front of my house..
    Your children sure are growing and so cute too.

  10. Love the fall decor, and the wood workin is a tough job I remember helping my dad when I was a teen. We arent able to have a wood stove yet but I hope one day we can. Hope your weekend will be great also! Blessings,Karen

  11. Looks like you're ready for Fall! Your home looks warm and inviting. You and I decorate much the same way.

    Have a great weekend.


  12. I love your Fall decorations. I can only imagine all the extra "spice" you will have around there once the leaves change. What a beautiful view!!

  13. Just a new visitor here. Wanted to share that your music choices have been such a blessing. Every time I listen, it brings me back to where I need to be in my mind, heart, and soul. A heart of worship. Calmness and rest in Him. Many times tears have flown. Thank you for sharing such a sweet blog.

  14. I love your decor for fall!!! I also love your home!! It seems very cozy and organized!! God is definatly helping me with thoes things and it truly brings so much peace when everything is in it`s place!! Blessings!!!

  15. you're truly an awesome knitter!!! I really wanna learn how to knit those dish cloths...I love htme and sometimes find them in thrift stores so I know how fun it is to use them not to mention how pretty they look draped on a clean sink:) MUCH nicer than regular cloths!


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