Monday, September 7, 2009

"May you always have...."

....walls for the winds, a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire."
~Irish Proverb

It's a drizzly day here in PA on this Labor Day. Chris is *and has been* working hard today getting wood cut and brought back to the house for our wood stove. It's a lot of hard work...but come this winter...we will all be so thankful for it!

Everyone has been keeping busy this rainy Chris has worked outside...After a yummy breakfast of homemade buttermilk pancakes...I have been, doing dishes, making lunch, doing laundry and of course, schooling.

*I know, technically, it's a holiday for other kids in school...but it's kind of like a normal day around here and why not take time for learnin'?* And...nothing better than candlelight during a dreary sorta day!
*Notice below how mucked up my little island looks to be? It truly is cleaned seems to stain quite easily. I am hoping...after time...the staining of all the uses will make it look worn and hold lots of memories of cooking together and such! :)

Some of us around here...mostly of the furry type...are enjoying the day by snoozing in comfy spots....*Jack the cat is relaxing under a lil make shift roof outside!*

And Ruthie...just plops down wherever she sees fit. As long as she is within a few feet of me..she is quite happy! ;) *And I don't's so nice to be loved! :)

The kids think staying inside is right next to torturing they have been playing outside despite the rain and will all need thorough baths this evening *as usual*! They also seem to be playing in the shed...and I'm not so sure that is a wise thing...since Chris has deemed our shed his work shop area. Hmmm...I may need to check in on this a bit....

Rainy days are perfect for reading and knitting as well. I have been pretty busy today and haven't had a chance to pick up my needles...but hopefully I will be able to at some point today!

And...I am sure many of you do this already...but alas, I have just discovered the thrills of storing things in jars. Of course I can food etc....but my mom gave me some jars of hers and suggested I put my sea salt and baking soda etc. in did..and I love it! They are sealed and protected and also look great too!

In my previous post....some people asked for the recipe for the pretzels. It is located in a link in the first sentence of the post. I think people don't notice when I do that sometimes! :) Also...a few questions were asked about what a mountain pie is. HERE is a link that describes them. I like pizza ones best...but people make all kinds...apples ones, cherry ones etc... :)

Last night, we had a fire out back and had some friends and family over and had such a nice time. Good food, laughter and conversation filled the night! We actually had mountain pies and hotdogs for supper last night over the fire! :)

Thanks for stopping by to visit! I need to run...gotta get dinner in the oven. We'll be having stuffed chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, a veggie and homemade buttermilk biscuits! YUM!!! :)
AND...soon I will be trying a really NEAT and EASY sounding bread recipe from Mother Earth News. I will be sure to post about it once I have done it!! :)

Hope you are having an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend! :o) Best Wishes!!!


  1. Your counter is not mucked up it has character! We have been busy getting the yard stuff done for winter too.
    A Heartfelt Living is having a rooster give away ... nothing like feathered friends to brighten up a dreary day!

  2. Love the Irish Proverb. What wonderful things to wish for someone! :)
    My husband has been getting wood ready for the winter too. That's all we use for heating our home.
    And now I have to ask...what are mountain pies???

  3. I think that your island looks well used and loved! I am a huge fan of jars. I use them for everything.

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love how you describe all the things goin' on in your home. I feel like I just stopped in for a visit. Although now I'm left hungry ;) jk
    I'd love to see a pic of the dishcloths you're workin' on so far for the Fall Fest.

  5. I had to see what a "mountain pie" was lol

    Now I know its the same as a jaffle I can say, yep we love them here too :D

    Love the photos. I never knew you had a cat :o


  6. Your blog always gives me such a warm cozy feeling! I love reading, altho I dont always have time to comment it, its in my favs so I see your updates atleast!
    I love drizzly kind of days, especially with a candle going and your counter top looks nice not mucked up! I like the pic with the kids in it, it looks very vintage for some reason!!!
    Anyways, hope your week goes well and thanks again for the warm- homey- fall feeling!!!

  7. I love your red counter top...It looks so homey!!
    Enjoy those kids while they want to get wet and play...our teens are so over that and i miss it so much.
    We too have an outdoor it. Dianntha

  8. Good Morning Katy,
    I have just had the most pleasant visit reading of your day with your family, I sense such peace and a very joyful spirit. I love what you said about the counter top, yes every time there is a mark put on it, there is a memory, and memories are the things that help carry us through life.
    When ever something is dropped and dented around here I just say, there is a memory, and it is just adding character to our home.
    Thank you for coming by to congratulate Charlotte, it was so gracious and thoughtful of you.

  9. I think everything looks great! I thought when I first looked at it that it looked very cozy, homey and that a family lived there! That's a huge compliment! :)

    We had school on Monday too....these poor homeschoolers never get a day off, do they? :)

    Have a great evening, Katy!


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