Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Festival Festivities!

Well...the fall festival my inlaws have had for the 6th year in a row went...OK. was cold and rainy. But...for the weather..we still had a decent turn out and we stayed busy! The pics I have are from before everything actually got started...once things were going..I didn't have time to snap any pics. *My mom drew that picture board in the top pic....I helped paint it. Hehe...don't the kids look cute? ;)

Below is a pic of the meat market...before we had everything totally out. I sat on the right end *behind all the coolers* and was the cashier for people buying chicken dinners, hot dogs, hot sausage, apple dumplings, cinnamon rolls, apple cider etc.

My sister in law *I think* had the idea of setting up a *corn* box for the kids to play in (kinda like a sand box...but using corn instead!).....such a neat idea and all the kids *did* have a lot of fun playing in it! When it started raining too much...they put a small tent over it! :)

A couple pics of all the vendors. much better it would have gone if the weather had been nice. I need to just stay positive though....

There were nice items there...bake sales, homemade soaps, pottery, tupperware, country/prim items, jewelry, artwork etc.

Although the picture below doesn't look like's actually where they had all the chicken being grilled. The guys...*my bro in laws, Chris and X....(yes, Xavier went down at 4am with all the guys!)...went down and cooked the chicken...boy was it yummy! :)

A local church makes apple butter right outside their tent....

Here was my knitted items I was selling (at my mom's stand)....I only sold the baby hat and 2 dishcloths...but that is better than nothing! :) I was so excited to sell them!!! :)

Some local kids made scarecrows for a contest.....

Xavier....still chipper after getting up super early.... ;)

Everyone was sooooooo exhausted afterwards. I gave the boys a bath and after drying and dressing Jaxson..sent him out to the living room while I dried X off and helped him get dressed for bed. By the time I got out to the living is what I found:

It was a rainy day...such a bummer...but being bummed won't change anything. We are thankful for the customers who did come and were able to enjoy things in between rain showers! :)

Today...I have been up since 4:30am...I just couldn't sleep. I am sure I will be ready for a nap early this afternoon. I *did* finish up another baby hat I was knitting though, this morning, so that is good ;). Schooling is done for the day. It's another rainy day here...even had some thunder and lightning. A perfect day for staying cozy and dry in our home... reading, knitting and playing games. Of course, I will need to do some housework in there as well. I hope you all enjoy your Monday....whether it holds sunshine or rain! :)


  1. Good morning. Sorry to hear about the rain..everything looked so awesome!! Congrats on selling a few items. :) Cute pic of the kids behind the cut out. LOL Well, you enjoy your day I have to go study for an accounting test I have this afternoon.


  2. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you! That is a bummer. We had those rain showers and thunderstorms pop through last night. The good news is that it is cool and clear after they moved along. Have a great Monday!

  3. Katy--your knitting is so fabulous--we just might need to do a trade here in the near future..what do you think? :) Julie

  4. Sorry about the weather, but it looks like it would have been a fun place to be anyway. I'm knitting dishclothes now, too. They are the best!

  5. Sorry it rained! But it does look like a fun time and the kids look so cute in the pic that yall made! Its great! Did you have any cider left over? Id love to get some. Blessings,Karen

  6. Glad that you had good day despite the rain. One local market here does that with corn & it's much easier & less mess than the sandbox. LOL Cute pics of your kids. Love your boy zonk out. LOL ~ Dawn ~


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