Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knitted Finishes....

So, last evening...I finished up my first baby hat with this pattern! I absolutely love it and have already started another one! (I have friends and family who are pregnant!) I just wish I had known how to knit when my kiddos were wee....then I could have made them hats like this too!!! :)

And below...another baby hat I made....either for a newborn or a doll. I will take this to the fall festival on Saturday to sell. I also have a stack of dishcloths to take with me and sell too! :)

My most recent dishcloth that I finished.....

Thank you all for the wonderful anniversary wishes yesterday! :) Chris and I didn't do anything *special* really....but he stayed home for the evening (many evenings he is off getting wood for the wood stove or helping at his parents' meat market etc.) and I made one of his favorite meals for supper....hamburger stroganoff over homemade noodles, corn, and homemade buttermilk biscuits! There was even enough left over for him to take with him for his lunch today!! :) So although it wasn't an overly exciting was still a sweet day of remembrance for us both! :)

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you are enjoying your week! I am looking forward to Saturday! The fall festival should be fun (lots of work for us family though...hehe)! The forecast is saying rain as of right now for Saturday....I am sooo praying that changes!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! :)


  1. Wishin you good weather. Glad you had a nice evening with Chris. I made homemade stroganoff Tuesday night. hahaha and a loaf of bread

    Cute cute hats! Lovin' the pom-pom on top. I KNOW your customers will be satisfied w/ those dishcloths..
    Good luck!

  2. So cute!! I love the variegated one.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Such cute hats! I'll be knitting again when the weather gets cooler. It's still in the 80's here and I'm a cold weather knitter :)

    Happy belated anniversary! You haven't changed a bit!

  4. Those hats are adorable! You celebrated your anniversary about like we do. Simple... we just are happy to be together.

    Hope you have some good weather for Saturday!

  5. What cute little hats! I sure hope youll have good weather and you sell every single thing! Happy Anniversary late too! Blessings,Karen

  6. The hats are so cute!

    Good luck at the festival. Here is wishing you great weather!

  7. love your knitting:)..the baby hats are soo cute.

    Happy belated anniversary:).

  8. beautiful baby hats..I cant knit, except for scarves..But i love baby knitted hats...
    have a great weekend..

  9. Adorable hats!!! I`m praying for good weather for you guys tomorrow.Tomorrow we`re going to the renasance(i know that`s not the correct spelling!)fair with relatives so I`m praying for good weather for us as well:)
    Happy belated anniversary!!!

  10. My Hubby's Grandma started teaching me crochet before she passed away a few years ago... I really long to learn a handy craft and would love to sit with you and you teach me. Your dish cloths are so nice I know you'll sell them all. CUTE baby doll hat. Have a hall Fall Fun time!

    I always plan a fall fun for our family time... what are some ideas you get from the fair? games or other fun?

  11. Hello...... Got back last week from our time in Colorado. Oh my was it fun up there. Sewing machine, fabric...... what more could you need?

    Love your little hats. They are so cute!! I made mittens last year. I had never knit them before and I used them as a garland tucked in greenery for everyone of my grandchildren. I love to knit. You did a cute job.

    Wow 9 years. How wonderful!

    I am just now feeling like I have landed back in Kansas. It takes awhile to get yourself going again after being gone.
    Blessings, Linda

  12. The baby hat is so sweet. Love the colors.


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