Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pizza, Rootbeer Floats & Pilgrim's Progress

Sunday night, we had a fun family night! The kids and I made some homemade pizza together....

It took a little longer than it usually would to make a pizza...but they had fun and enjoyed helping...so that is what is important! :)

Spreading the dough on the baking sheets was a bit of an adventure...hehe!

I think putting on the toppings was their favorite part! It sure seems that Xavier likes pepperoni...doesn't it? :)

While the pizzas baked...we made some rootbeer floats.

While at the store...I didn't remember that we needed straws...because it is my opinion that rootbeer floats are best drank with straws! But we just made do without them. :)

When the pizza was done...we served it up to eat! :) Chris and I both agreed that they did a great job making them! It was deeee-licious! :)

After supper, we decided to play a new game we had received in the mail from a TOS Crew Giveaway I had won. It's a game called Pilgrim's Progress! Jaxson and I were on a team and Chris and X were on a team (you don't have to have teams to play...but sometimes it is easier for us to play a game with the boys and us on teams so everyone can be involved.). Madelyn played individually. :)

We had a lot of fun! Chris and X won the game by getting to the Celestial City first! :)

Spending time together as a family is such a blessing. I truly enjoy that time...as I know Chris and the kids do, as well! Doing family devotions together, reading together, watching a movie together, playing outside together....all things we really enjoy. Sometimes days get busy and I believe it is important to set aside quality time together. How are some ways you spend time as a family?? :)

***Our church's Easter Passion Play is coming up this weekend and next. There are 4 nights of shows...this Saturday and Sunday...then next Friday and Saturday before Easter. We usually have 300+ watching the play per show! :) It is a major ministry outreach for our church! :) I am in charge of the nursery for those 4 nights! :) So, we will be super busy these next two weekends! Please pray for the performances to go well and for lives to be touched. If even *one* person decides to accept Christ from these shows...then every practice and all the work is worth it!***

Thanks for visiting! Hope you are having a great week! :)


  1. We love family night too!! Many blessings to all those involved with the up coming play. I love Easter and all it represnts. <><


  2. I love family nights! We have family around on friday or saturday night every now and then and either cook up a good meal and grab some take out. Sometimes we watch a DVD after or play some card games. Sometimes we just chat the evening away : )

    I'm new to blogging and would love it if you took a look at my blog http://musings-of-a-gem.blogspot.com/

    Love Gemma


  3. Pizza and float night is one we do at our house as well and it is one of my favs!! Making homemade pizza is just such fun!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your family night! Sounds like it was a really enjoyable night =D.

    My fav pic is of the boys trying to spread the dough =) So cute!

    I was talking with my best friend awhile back - and we both agreed that when we get married to whoever God has in mind for us, one of the first things that we'd like to do is have at least one family night a week.

    Currently, my family spends 45 minutes each weekday between 8:30 and 9:30 - to sing, to read some scripture, and to pray together. While I do wish we could do some other things together, I'm grateful for that time we spend in family devotions.

    Oh - and... after I saw the pics of the squares that you knit for the afghan, I felt inspired and found both of my knitting needles and my brother (14) gave me two whole rolls of yarn! They were his, but he doesn't knit anymore.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration - for sharing links and being a blessing! May God continue to bless you and your family! =)

  5. It looks like you had a great time at your family night. Those are the times your kids will remember the most as they grow older. I hope you have a great week! ~Dan~

  6. What a fun night! We havent made rootbeer floats in some time..I personally like a coke float, but rootbeer is good too ; )

  7. What a fun and great time. Thanks for reminding me that we don't do it often enough around here. :)

  8. Cute kids!!! I make homemade pizza, it is my DH's favorite meal!!! Thanks for stopping by, i'm now following you back :)

  9. I know your kids had super fun-u-mine sure LOVE to help me make anything! Fun post--love the new look!

  10. they look so happy! I love floats!

  11. What fun! My kids are getting older (my youngest is 17) but we would have nights my husband would make hamburgers and homemade fries, his truely were the best, and play games. We still do it, but less often and the games are usually trivia. I am sure you know to enjoy the kids while their small. They really grow up fast.

  12. :) I love when kids are having fun cooking. :)

    I have seen Pilgrim's Promise on CBD before- is it fun?

    We also had a family fun day on Sunday- Great Minds!!! :)

  13. When our kids were still at home we always planned evening fishing trips, sometimes we took turns reading a book or just sat outside and talked about their day or act like kids with them and catch fireflies.. and we ALWAYS turned the TV off and at in the dinning room together so we could chat and share.
    Now we grab our grand kids and take them to the park to play ball and have a picnic dinner.. last night we picked up the grand boys and took them out to eat at a buffet then went back to their house and watched cartoons with them..
    It was such a wonderful relaxing evening and the boys really enjoyed it..
    You're right, family is where its at.. if more parents realized that, we wouldn't have so many kids getting into mischief.


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