Monday, February 15, 2010


In the My Father's World curriculum that I am using for Xavier's Kgarten schooling...we started on the letter J...and Jewels! We have talked about some different jewels like diamonds and other gemstones. We looked some up in a book that we have as well as looking at mama's engagement ring that has a small diamond in it. :) start our day...we made our own jewels out of construction paper and straws. (We were going to use some macaroni noodles too....but the ones I had were too small and difficult to string on the yarn.)......

This was a fun art project for Madelyn to do as she joined us! :)

Jaxson wearing the necklace that he made with his jewels.....

Xavier and his necklace of jewels....

And Madelyn, who decided to make a crown instead, wearing her jewels!.....

After we finished making our jewelry....Madelyn started her workbook work and I worked with Xavier and Jaxson on their learning! :)

Anddd....I must share my excitement with you. I got a new printer. I got it at Staples. They were having a great I could take in my old printer (that I never used again after it ran out of ink) and have it recycled with them and that gave me a $50 credit onto my bill as well!!! So I got this printer/scanner/copier for a great deal and I am soooo glad! Now I can print out knitting patterns and recipes without having to sit and write them all out by hand!!! :)

And...I am happy to report that I finished stuffing all the envelopes for the taxes that will be sent out in our area! Remember the pic I posted on THIS post? Yep....finished all of those! I was thrilled to seal the last envelope!

We had an enjoyable Valentine's Day yesterday! After an enjoyable sunday school and church (and receiving some flowers from my secret sister)...we went to Chris's parents' house for lunch where we had homemade beef and noodles (yum!) and I got some snuggle time with my sweet nephew, Isaiah! :) Then in the afternoon...the kids went riding on the sleigh, that's hooked up to the horses, with some of Chris's family. I should go...I know I would enjoy it...but on Sunday afternoons...I love to just rest. Know what I mean? But we are so blessed to have close family with all the horses, sleigh and buggies!

So...the kids had a ton of fun with that. Then...when they got home and warmed up, my mom came and got them to take them out for supper and to visit my grandma while Chris and I went to a Vday dinner at our church, a benefit for our youth group! We had salad, prime rib, twice baked potatoes and green beans with sherbet for dessert! It was fantastic!!! We had such a wonderful day!!! :) I hope you had a fantastic day as well with those that you love!

Well.....I suppose this post has gone on long enough. Sometimes I am afraid that people may not want to read as much as I post...but that's OK. ;) I will leave you with some cutie patootie pics of my kiddos getting ready for bed the other night! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have an enjoyable week! :)


  1. What a cute idea! It looks like they really enjoyed make their jewels. I am glad that you got a new printer. I am sure it will make life so much easier! I hope you have a great week! ~Dan~

  2. Your children have such an exciting life. They are so fortunate to have a loving family and all the extras like getting to ride in a sleigh. I know you will enjoy your new printer.
    Love ya!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice Valentine's Day!

    Oh and by the way, your posts are great - I enjoy every one of them!

  4. When shopping for curriculum we looked into MFW but went with Sonlight instead...
    I like both of them though- it's nice to stretch activities between the age groups-
    and tell the kiddos that thier jewels look awesome.

  5. Glad you got the clipboard alright, they are fun to make and give! lol Your life is full, blessed!

  6. The kids necklaces turned out great! You know* from now on everytime I open a box of kraft mac n cheese I'm gonna see JEWELS dontchya? lol
    I LOVE your posts Katy...
    AND I'M SO HAPPY you got a new printer! whooHooOo!
    Hug those beautiful kidlets...!

  7. What adorable kids you have and how creative too!

  8. Hi, I´m Meire from Brazil, I love your blog. You have a beutifull family. I have a litlle girl ( 2 years old)My gift for 40 years Sorry my english is not very good. I love cross stitch and patchwork too.I hope we can be a friend. A big hug.My e-mail is or .

  9. the kids are so adorable..They seem so happy..
    glad you got a new printer..
    take care,

  10. Katy,

    I really enjoy reading your blog your family and home are so sweet. I happened to notice the wallpaper behind your printer tonight and I was wondering if you remember the name of it. If you do please email me the name at Thanks so much...Blessings Lisa


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