Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jaxson got a haircut!

My little guy has gotten a haircut. His hair has actually been shorter than this...but we let it grow out and curl a was just so cute! I was getting it trimmed by my aunt who is a hairdresser. But finally...his hair needed cut and we just decided to trim it ourselves with the clippers. He looks so handsome..and the curls will grow back! :) HERE is a link of pics of it longer! He is my lil monkey! ;) **Actually...the first words out of my mouth after giving birth to him were to Chris: "Honey...we had a gorilla!" AHAHAHAHA! (He was over 9lbs big and his nose was slightly smooshed from being in the birth canal as being born!)*

Last night, my mom took my three kiddos to Kids Night at Pizza Hut. (She does that occasionally...the kids love it!) So, for Chris and I, I made one of my favorite frugal recipes, Chicken a la King! (I leave out the bell pepper, pimento and buillion powder.) It was delicious!

Once the kids got home...Jaxson got to go with grammie (my mom) to have a sleepover. While Chris worked outside getting the wood (for the woodstove) out of the back of his truck, Madelyn and I played Go Tell It On The Mountain card game. It is a Christian version of Go Fish. Madelyn got it for Valentine's Day from my sister and Cory. Then X and Madelyn played while I finished knitting another square for the afghan I am making my sister and her husband. (pic below) I also spent some time, before bed, reading a new book I got by Sheila Walsh. It's called "A Gift of Life" and it is a compilation of 2 books in 1! I am enjoying it! :)

Schooling is done for today. I have my grocery list and meat market list all written out. After lunch...the kids and I will be off to get groceries and then pick up Jaxson and come home. :) I started another square for the afghan. I will be sure to share it when it is finished! Hope you are each having an enjoyable week!!! So glad you stopped by! :)

***And...if you don't already...I completely recommend watching The Glenn Beck program on Fox News @ 5pm EST. It's learn the accurate history of our country and what is going on with our gov't! If you can't watch can go HERE to watch shows/clips you missed! You will be glad you did. Truly....educate yourself. If not for yourself...for your kids and your grandkids! :)


  1. The hair cut is nice- good job!
    It's nice when the kids get to spend time with their grandparents... great memories are bound to be made!Love that!
    Ps- I'll pass on the Glenn Beck, thank you very much! :)

  2. great hair cut, he looks adorable..
    I love the square, its going to be a lovely ghan..
    I just made a shamrock square..i really enjoyed it..
    have a lovely day..

  3. Don't we hate to see those sweet curls go. But they have to. Time marches on.

    Glad you are keeping warm and busy.

  4. Curls are cute but that buzz cut is adorable too!

    If I'm not to nosey could I ask you to occassionaly post your 2 week menu's for all to see? :)

    You may not remember but awhile back I asked you how you planned your 2 week shopping trip, because I was interested in doing that (to save time).

    I actually got around to shopping for 2 weeks (a week and a half ago), I guess I still need to work on it because I have went back twice since then. ha.

    I love your blog and enjoy reading! :)

  5. I thought I had posted about my menu....maybe not though! I'm sorry! I will be happy to do a post on it soon! :)

    (Sometimes I have to make a trip to the store too between weeks...for things like bread or milk!) :)

  6. I prefer listening to Brannon Howse than Glen Beck. Have you heard him?

  7. "Honey, we had a gorilla.." Hahahahahaha! That's hysterical! (I have always cut Jack and Amelia's hair, so nobody better look too closely..........)


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