Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Cold Out There!

Well....snow is a usual occurence here in PA during the winter season. Today...we have *lots* of snow! We are basically snowed in. Public schools are closed...but our *home* school will still be functioning! I love that to get to school...the kids and I only need to walk into our schoolroom! :)

It's super cold out and I am thankful to be able to be home, warm & cozy with my children. One thing that happens as it gets colder out is that I add another blanket or quilt to our bed! Right now...we have fleece sheets, a large fleece blanket, 1 comforter and 2 quilts on our bed! That may sound like an awful lot....but at the moment, in our bedroom, we have no heat. It is part of the addition we added to our house. We haven't put the heat in yet. Plus...the downstairs part of the addition isn't finished it doesn't have heat or insulation or anything there isn't even any heat rising from below! One morning, I actually could see my breath in my bedroom! Brrrrrrr!

But...before you think I am crazy and wonder "how can she sleep in there?"....I must say...with all the blankets on the Chris's body warmth in the bed....I stay quite cozy! It's a great time to cuddle! (I must say I look at the pic of my bed...the A on the wall is a bit crooked! Guess I need to fix that! ACK...and I am also just realizing that my bed isn't centered between the windows! Oh my goodness! I never noticed that before! Good grief!)

Even though it's snowing....we're still keeping busy here at home! After the normal schooling and housework....I work on some knitting for my sister's afghan I'm making..... the new tax collector of my area...I have started stuffing envelopes to be ready to send out in the beginning of March. Difficult...? long as I stay organized. Time Consuming? YES! :) But I am thankful for the work to be able to do at home and still add a little to our family's income!

Despite the fact that my entire dining room table is monopolized...I need to think of the positives....look at the beautiful view out the dining room windows!

(The snow is blowing around and blustery....thus some of the snow has stuck to the window screens!)

How's your weather? I hope you are staying warm and I know sometimes it can feel a bit *crazy* to be snowed in...but instead of feeling anxious about it....enjoy it! Pop some popcorn, have some hot chocolate, read a great book, work on some crafts, play a game with the kids, watch a movie...there's lots that can be enjoyed indoors!

Thanks for dropping by for a visit! Stay warm and have a great day!!! :)


  1. Your yard and window screens look ALOT like mine! Stay safe and warm and enjoy, spring will be here soon:)

  2. I am living in a winter wonderland also. We are experiencing the blowing and drifing today. The schools in my district had a two hour delay today, but from what I am hearing I think they should have closed.

    I will continue with my normal routine and stay cozy and warm inside!

  3. We've had a lot of snow too - nothing comapared to what you have but for Tennessee, this is very unusual! This is the first snow we've had in 2 years and we're actually expecting more this weekend!

    I can say I'm making the most of it. My house is getting very organized this week!

    Your afghan is beautiful!

  4. Good morning Katy! We have been having a good winter this year...remember last year...something like 14 storms we had! LOL
    I love looking at how warm and cozy your house is inside!
    Take care

  5. I love seeing pictures of your home. Each corner has something new to discover. LOL
    Do you have a space heater? Those work wonders. We use to use those when Kate was old enough to know not to touch them. We'd use them now if Jos knew bettr not to touch them.

  6. Mind sending some of that snow over here? =)

    We have around 5 inches so far...which is okay, I guess. But - I would love to see some more of that prettiness fluttering down outside of my window, lol.

    Have a great day at home =) Stay warm and cozy! God bless you!

  7. Katy~ we're snowed in here too! I love seeing the pictures of your house. I can tell that you enjoy decorating! Your house looks so homey and inviting!

    You should get an Eden Pure heater for your addition. They are very cheap to run and work wonders!

  8. What happened to all the global warming everyone was talking about? LOL.. I USE to say that we got snow but it was gone the next day but this year I feel like I'm in Alaska.


  9. I can totally sympathize with you! Here in the lower Susquehanna valley we have been SLAMMED with snow! It's officially blizzard proportions now. It's so bad today- that even the kids are not into going out in the snow (that is pretty bad!) :)

    Stay cozy and enjoy some rich hot cocoa.... Blessings!

  10. The schools are closed today too and we are staying warm inside with games and I painted the girl's fingernails with glitter polish for fun!

  11. Hubby and I play dice games every day during this cold weather---and some video games....Your kids are so lucky to have you there all day.....

  12. What a beautiful Winter Wonderland!! I know it's cold and winter does get long in the north, but I miss it. Looks like you are snug with lots to keep you busy ~ and isn't it nice to be homeschooling and not worrying about your kids on the bus on a cold wintery day?
    Your unheated bedroom reminded me of visits to my aunt and uncle's home in northern Wisconsin when I was a kid. My brother and I would get to sleep upstairs under thick quilts that my aunt made. We could see our breathe,it was that cold! We thought it was a great adventure :)
    Stay warm!
    Cathy ♥♥

  13. Hi Katy,

    So glad you guys are keeping warm and staying busy. Im down here in washington co and we havent had electric since fri night. BRRRRR, Im cold! we do have one of our fireplaces going and my hubby has a generator to keep our fridge on. I think hot chocolate sounds real good right off to boil some water!!

    Kathy, southern pa

  14. You are doing a great job on your sister's afghan. I know she is going to be pleased to receive it. When I was growing up, our upstairs bedrooms did not have heat and we slept with so many quilts piled on top, that we could hardly turn over. I always dreaded having to hit that cold floor.

  15. Katy,

    Lovely pics! We have lots of snow here in WI too!!

    I was just wondering (since you are in PA) if you had ever been to Punxsutawney, the home of that infamous weather forecaster?? :-)


  16. Every time I visit you at the Country Blossom, I just smile inside n out. You make everyone's day. Your such a good Mom, wife... and friend! AND you inspire me so much.... TRUE STORY. Your house IS HOME SWEET HOME. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT MAKES ME HAPPY.
    When we use our woodstove it's always toasty warm in our living area and kitchen but our bedroom is super cold. AND WE LOVE tons OF BLANKIES on our bed. Love the weight of them!!! SUPER CUDDLY!
    THANKS FOR ALWAYS warmin my heart.

  17. wow, look at all the snow..
    Youre bedroom is pretty..
    Its sunny and nice here with blue skies..
    The ghan for your sister is coming along nicely and its beautiful..
    take care..

  18. You asked about the weather at "my" house, It is not snowing. We have not seen one white flake all this year. We are on the coast of NC (right where NC & SC meet). It is cold at night though, about 28 degrees with daytime highs in the 40's. Nice when the sun is shining right on you.

    Love your blog, Blessings to you, Donna

  19. Brrr, yes, it snowed some here as well!


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