Monday, February 8, 2010

"One kind word......."

...can warm three winter months." ~Japanese Proverb

I like the above quote. Isn't it true? We could also change it slightly to say that "Good friends and family can warm three winter months." :) This past weekend....we have had lots of snow and cold here in PA! But we have been blessed with enjoyable evenings with family and friends!

Saturday evening, our good friends invited us over for supper and to visit. We had a yummy supper and good conversation (lots of laughter)! The kids enjoyed playing the Wii for a bit after supper while Chris and I got to hold our friends' month-old baby boy!

Holding a baby is so wonderful. It's one of my favorite things to do! They smell so sweet and are so small and cuddly! I am so thankful that we have friends with a little one. I feel that mine grew so quickly and I am so happy to be able to enjoy holding other little ones when I can!

Then yesterday....after church, we rested at home during the afternoon then went to a Super Bowl party at Chris's brother's house. I don't dislike football...but I don't get really *into* it either. But it's fun to get together with we went and had a nice time. I took my knitting basket and worked on the afghan I am knitting for my sister and her husband.

Dan (Chris's brother) had a small TV set up for the kids in their front room and had his Wii set up to it and the kids had fun playing legos with their cousins and playing the Wii for a bit.

Everyone got to take turns holding my new little nephew, Isaiah. He is such a sweetie. I was overly blessed this weekend with getting to hold a wee one on both Saturday and Sunday! Madelyn enjoyed holding the babies each day, as well!

I have also been busy...after schooling is done for each day...I come upstairs and work on organizing my room. I have a pretty large room and with no closets in our home....our bedroom has kind of turned into a storage room over the years. I decided to hunker down and if it's going to be half bedroom/half storage area....then by golly it is going to be an organized one! :)

I got all my yarn together from various places. I have a lot of yarn. I love having different choices to knit with! :)

I have taken bins (which have been filled with things...not organized)....cleaned them out...thrown things things ready to take to Goodwill...and then refilled the bins with things we want to keep and I labeled each bin!

The bins in my room aren't particularly *pretty* but at least they are organized! :)

I have also hung some things up in my room....this grouping below isn't finished. I want to hang something else above the berry/twig wreath and maybe do some other things with it...but I don't have the *right* things at the moment for those I will add them when I can find what I am looking for! :)

And finally....although it doesn't really *match* our room decor...I hung a picture that my husband drew back in high school. I love it. He doesn't think it is very good...but I think it's great! Drawing/painting is where my talent lies and I think Chris has that talent too (although he would deny it). I am hoping our kids will inherit those genes from us! :)

So...although it has been cold here in Western PA....we are keeping warm by spending time with good friends and family, as well as keeping busy with schooling, housework, beginning my duties as tax collector and also starting practices for our church's annual big Easter play.

Life is not perfect....but I truly feel I live a blessed life. I am thankful for how God takes care of us....through times of struggle and times of joy. :) I hope you are having a great start to your week! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the feeling of having things organized. I really need to do that, but am lacking the motivation. Stay warm!

  2. I am glad that you had a good weekend with your family and friends. You pictures look great on the wall. I think your husband is a great artist! I hope you have a good week! ~Dan~

  3. Family time is the best! Your hubby's picture is awesome.

  4. 8, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    I think your husband has a wonderful talent! Does he encourage "teach " the kids to doodle? I enjoy your site and seeing you love on your family and Lord :)
    blessings to you and yours
    Deb, daveswife

  5. Madelyn is so beautiful. You are going to have to chase boys away from your door.
    Always love to hear of your family gatherings....★Linda

  6. lovely post...I dont like football, so i worked on a preemie blankie..
    how precious the baby is..Your daughter looks so much like you...
    lovely pic your hubby painted..
    I'm hoping to go yarn shoping soon..
    have a lovely week..

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! I think the snow is headed in our direction!!

    Thank you for my birthday wishes!!

    Love and hugs,

  8. Yes, I agree about holding babies! One of my SIL's just had one and I'm longing to go visit her and 'give her a break.' :-)

  9. Chris made a great drawing.

    Love your yarn basket! Lots of pretty yarns.

    Sweet newborn pics too. Jos has that same blue blanket your nephew has. It's SO soft!

    Glad you had a nice weekend. :)


  10. So glad to see your post! Was wondering where you'd gone!!

  11. I love organization! (Although I'm constantly working on it!) Your husband is a wonderful srtist!

  12. I love following your blog. Things look cozy at your house.


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