Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Up Before The Rooster.....

....To explain the title of this post I just want to clarify that no, we didn't get a rooster! ;)

*However* if we did have a rooster....I would definitely always be up and awake before he was! All my life I have naturally been an early to bed, early to rise type of gal. While in high school and staying up late with friends....I always conked out early! Once...my friends and I all went to our local drive-in to see Star Wars Episode 1. They were starting the show at midnight and it was suppose to be a great movie! I fell asleep before it even started! *Soo embarrassing!*

Anyhoo.....so, I have never really needed an alarm. My body wakes me up every day usually between 5-5:30am. Lately though...I have been waking at 4 or 4:30am!!! Some people may think, "why don't you just fall back asleep?"....my answer is simple: I can't! I am awake then and just get movin' for the day!

Today was another one of those days. As I sit and type...it's 8:30am and I have gotten much accomplished in the past 4 hours today! :) I made some homemade bread (notice I had trouble when flipping the one loaf onto the rack...hehe!)......

I worked on some knitting while watching a rerun (from last night) of the O'Reilly Factor and then watched Fox and Friends. The newest project I am working on is a beautiful afghan for my sister and her husband Cory! (She already knows I am making it....so this is OK to post!).....

I also got some laundry folded and some dishes done from last night! :)
(Notice Jaxson *decorated* his laundry basket, to the far right....unbeknownst to mama!)....

So it's been a productive morning so far! :) Still more things to do....schooling as well as some more housework! May need to fit a lil snooze in at some point too, if possible, because days I wake up before 5am...I start puttering out early!

Yesterday, while doing some dusting and cleaning...I hung some things that needed to be hung. One thing was this stitchery I got for Christmas from my parents! I absolutely love it!! It says: 'One cannot think crooked and walk straight.' Isn't that sooo true? My mom knew I would love it! (And these are the walls in the temporary living room...for any newer readers who may not be aware...this room hasn't been redone yet. I have scraped all the wallpaper off the walls...but haven't finished the walls yet....thus their ugliness! ;) .......

And I hung this wreath under this wall hanging/shelf. :)

*And* although you can't tell....I put twinkling lights on my tree in the dining room! My mom had a set from my sister's wedding back in May and when I mentioned wanting to get more lights for my tree...she offered them to me! :) So, I have a twinkling tree which is soo pretty at night or in the early morning when all is dark and peaceful outside! :)

And lastly....I hung my 'new' doorknocker. It's actually *not* new...I've had it for quite some time but just hadn't hung it up. Now, I am happy to say that it resides on my front door now! :)

During my quiet times at home...as well as reading my Bible and such...I also found "Jesus: 90 Days With The One and Only" by Beth Moore at Ross the other day....it was only $10! It's worth around $25! I am enjoying my time using it for my personal Bible studies! Have any of you used this book? If so, what did you think of it? Do you use any other books during your personal bible study time, that you enjoy?

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me! :) Thank you for all your kind comments about the candy themed party I helped throw for a friend's daughter! :) And before I go...I must admit something terrible that happened to me this morning...I fell *up* the steps. Yup...UP. I scuffed up my right elbow and bruised up my right leg (OK..well, I haven't *looked* to see if it is bruised yet...but it feels bruised!). Madelyn heard me fall and came to check on me ;) ....which was so sweet of her and I thanked her immensely for. And although she is the only one that saw/heard me fall....it was still quite embarrassing! To injure myself falling *up* the stairs definitely earns me the new nickname "clutz"! ;)

Happy Groundhog's Day!!!


  1. Sounds like, for sure, you are a morning person. Me - not us much.
    And you have a busy family life - me, not so much. Come, check my blog sometime.

  2. Hi My Hubby is the morning person he will tell you he gets more done before I get up at 6 than I do all morning! I like the night life. When everyone has gone to bed I can think and get baking done and laundry. I love your laundry basket delivery system. It's a time when I can sit and read and just chill.

  3. Mornings are my favorite time of the day. Everything being fresh and new. I must admit I am not quite the early riser I once was. My health has been crazy lately so I do not sleep as well as before.

    I love the rooster door knocker. I would love to have a few roosters and hens but where I live, my neighbors are smack dab next to me...like 50 ft away and I don't think they would appreciate my feathered friends, lol.

    Have a great day!


  4. Katy~ I have fallen "UP" steps before too so don't feel too bad;) Love that doorknocker and your prim tree, I've been thinking about getting one for year round to decorate for the seasons! Enjoy your day and that yummy looking bread!!!

  5. I am so impressed~I need to be getting up much earlier than I do! The bread looks so yummy.
    I haven't used that study by Beth Moore~keep us posted on how you like it, you can't beat the price!

    I could only laugh at the image of you falling up the stairs, only because I can totally see myself doing it too:)

  6. like that door knocker!

    i was not so pleasant with my words when i fell on the kitchen floor last night... ugh. hope your bumps and bruises heal fast!

    thanks for letting J come over tonight!

    I love your peaceful mornings:)

  8. They say the early bird gets the worm! Good for you. Also, bread looks awesome. I'm on a low carb diet and I could put a serious hurtin' on that bread right now... yum, carbs!

  9. Boy, have you been a smart one. I sure wish I was there for the bread. I love it and I can just imagine how your house smells. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I haven't gotten to it much lately because I have been helping a cousin compile old family pictures from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. We are wanting to make a family book.
    Take care and give those beautiful kids a hug from me.
    Love ya!

  10. I want to be an early riser too! I need to get in the kitchen and bake some bread. I just feel sooo tired though. Your bread looks wonderful. :)

    I have tripped up our deck steps... and the last time wasn't too long ago!

  11. Oh I wish I was a morning person, but alas I am not! I am up till about 1am and wake up at 8:30. My husband is a second shifter though and I wait for him to get home from work... worry wart!

    Great job on the bread...
    Now I want to go make some!

  12. Awww - I do that a lot - fall *up* the stairs. I hope you feel better =/

    I woke up at 4:30 today, too - though with an alarm clock. There are times when I need it and times when I don't. But I'm a morning person, too =)

    Mornings are so blessed - peaceful and quiet. And for some reason that tranquil nature of the morning gives a boost for the rest of the day. Be glad you're a morning person =)- you've got a lot of stuff done!

    Hope the rest of your week is blessed!

  13. I love the door knocker. It is antique looking. I'd love one just like it.

    The candy party is "So Sweet".

    Love your prim tree and really enjoy reading your blog.

  14. oH Your bread looks great. Its bout time for me to make some more. Do you use a bread machine? I dont, I do it the old fashion way. Of course if I had a bread machine, I'm sure I would put it to good use..Lol. Happy groundhog day to you too.

  15. Katy, I am that kind of riser as well. I am awake from 4-4:30.

    Saturday I took my 82 year-old dad to see the Bold and Fresh tour with Beck and O'Reilly. We, especially dad, thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my Christmas present to him.

  16. Man!!!! I can smell that bread from here!

  17. I love early mornings, too! Sometimes it's good to get the work done early to have the rest of the day for the fun stuff.

  18. I'm so sorry you fell down Katie!
    Bet that really smarted!
    Love your new stitchery ... and love the saying!
    YOur bread looks marvelous as usual.
    Wanted to tell you, I'm using your dishrags and they work like a DREAM!
    I'm in dish washin heaven!

  19. I love waking up early but I have not always been an early bird until I got a little older and even more so since I have grown to want to be alone with the Lord. I treasure my early mornings moments with God and in His word, the peace and quite of the morning before sunrise. Your bread look yummy! I made the pretzels last week but for some reason they did not rise. : (
    I did the Jesus one and only bible study last yr and really enjoyed the love and wisdom I soaked in from it. My hubby got me the David and John ones for my Anniversary in Nov b/c he saw how much I enjoyed that one. Hope you do too. Hugs, Angelia

  20. Cute decorations you got there.

    Poor thing! I once fell down the last 5 stairs while holding a full basket of laundry. I missed a step I guess and slid down the rest. Talk about OUCH. My booty hurt for days! Kate was sitting on the couch and heard the whole thing. Funny thing was..I had instant tears! It hurt so bad my body naturally put some tears out there.

    Lovely knit stuff.

  21. My hubby fell down the steps the other day and he has a bruise the size of Texas. Be careful, girlie! Keep busy so you don't get stiff.
    LOVE that door knocker!
    We are night owls here; habit from years of 3rd shift work, I guess but I get my best work done later in the day and love to sleep in! Course, it's not sleeping in when you don't go to sleep before 3 AM!
    And I love the smell of fresh baked bread! Your kids are so lucky to have you!

  22. Love the ghan for your sister, its lovely..
    I love mornings,i wake up early also..
    I always feel so much better when i come to visit..
    Have a great weekend..

  23. That's a beautiful wave design on your knitting project. The bread looks delicious. I hurried through my last bread project, and the results were turned into bread crumbs. Have a wonderful week!


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