Friday, February 26, 2010

Schoolroom Reorganization & Menu Ideas

Every once in a while, I have a desire to reorganize the schoolroom and attempt to make it better functioning for our daily homeschooling. Maybe I am crazy....I won't deny it! ;)

A family friend gave us a new desk for our schooling. We had school desks already...but the one had a leg that was at church, when a friend offered me a school desk she had, I was thrilled! :) Madelyn is sitting in the *new* desk and chair in the picture above!

THIS is how it used to look when I reorganized it back in November. And below is a pic of my side....not really changed much at all. :)

If you are homeschooling....if you have a schoolroom....if you could leave the link in your comment...I would love to see it! I love to see where others do their schooling and such! :)

*** is the general list of Meal Planning Ideas that I have in my Home Binder (that I mentioned in THIS post). Places where I just have something simple written down like, for example, "baked chicken".....I will add mashed potatoes and a veggie with that....or au gratin potatoes and a veggie. And I may bake the chicken in BBQ sauce or cream of mush. soup or something like that. So when "baked chicken" is written on my has many different variations that I can use as well. So although my list looks small....I have in my mind all the different variations I could use with each one! :)

***And.....I just wanted to add from the 2 week menu post I had made previously that I *do* use coupons some...although most of the time, I buy generic which is usually cheaper than the more expensive items even with a coupon! But I do try my best to get the best deals!

Also on that post...when I said I make homemade noodles...some people thought I make my own pasta...I don't do that. I usually buy cheap boxes of it when it is on sale. I make my own *egg noodles* to have with dishes such as *beef and noodles* etc. :) ~They are so yummy!~ I just didn't want to mislead anyone! :)

For recipes and greate meal ideas...I also go to! I love that place! :) I should go. Things to do today! :) We have lots of snow outside....public schools are cancelled...but alas, our homeschooling will continue! ;) **AND*** if you want to see a pic of me when I was little....go see my sister's post HERE! hehe....I am the little one on the right with the chubby cheeks! ;)

Hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying your days! Thanks for visiting!!!! :)


  1. I have a lunchbox idea list I keep on the fridge for Kate's lunches. :) VERRRRY similiar to your list of dinner ideas.

    We are some list lovin' gals, aren't we? LOL

  2. Katy,
    I enjoy visiting your blog. Your positive outlook on life shines throughout each post.
    I enjoy reading all of your posts but especially like those of homeschooling, crafting and cooking. We are also a homeschooling family so after reading your post today I decided to post a bit about our schoolroom. Stop on over if you'd like to see our room.

  3. We use to have a homeschool room but it felt too much like I was replicating a regular school. It bothered me so we moved to our kitchen table and have our supplies in a nook in our kitchen... I like it much better this way- I don't feel boxed in and I can start on dinner while the littles finish up their work or reading.
    I also have the antique desks which I LOVE but need to put them in the girls rooms for their own quite time areas.

    Love, the curtains in your school room though! :)

  4. By the way- I can email you a pic of our nook if you'd like- but it's nowhere near the magnitude of your super cute school room :)

  5. Your pic at your sister's blog is super cute! :)

    Very organized school room!

    Since you gave more pointers on your menu...can I ask one more question? ha. How about snacks, do you plan those out or does your family snack much?


  6. Katy, you have a lovely blog here! Thanks so much for visiting Homestead Revival and for joining as a follower. I look forward to getting to know you!

    We are also a homeschooling family. Sorry I don't have a photo right now. But I do highly recommend a dedicated space. It makes such a difference in how the children focus.

  7. I love your classroom .... I looks like you have things very well thought out!! Super Cute Decorating! Blessings Lisa

  8. Darling schoolroom....I love the chalkboard and map and desks....I bet there are many memories made in that room! :-) Very cozy.

  9. I love your schoolroom. I've been homeschooling for almost 15 years now, but I've never had a schoolroom. Our dining table is where we do our work. My older ones work at the computer, the couch, or in their room. I always wanted one though :-)

  10. I went to check out your picture. What a cutie! Love your smile there and your smile now. Love your curtains--I have some kinda like that in the bedroom. Always enjoy reading about your schooling and the children.

  11. Here is a link to my daycare...I like to change things around also. So when you see the pictures, well it's changed

    Beautiful set up you have..

    I think you will have to copy and paste the link..blessings

  12. I have a "go to" list of tried and true recipes on the side of my fridge for when I've had one of "those" days. Most of the recipes can be made very quickly and I usually have the ingredients on hand...yay for a well stocked pantry!


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