Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baking Cake Mix Cookies

Yesterday, Madelyn asked if we could make some cake mix cookies. I agreed and pretty much let her do everything! She loved it! :) After washing her hands...she quickly put on an apron (made by Fine Linen). She did a great job cracking the eggs......

Mix, mix, mix..... (doesn't she look sooooo *cute*?).........

Rollin' em up!......(notice the crock pot....I had ham cooking for supper~YUM!)......

Yummy cake mix cookies (from a funfetti cake mix)......

I completely enjoyed watching her make them. Sometimes, I forget that as she gets older, she can *do* more. :) It's truly such a bittersweet thing...watching our children grow from fully needing needing us less and less with each passing year. Isn't it?


  1. Katy~ as the mother of an 18 yr. old who will leave in June for Army basic training, I couldn't agree more with the bittersweet of it all:) Those cookies look so yummy and PERFECTLY baked :)

  2. Maddy looks so sweet.
    They turned out really cute.

    It IS bittersweet having less and less "let me do that for you" motherly moments.

  3. I *love* cake mix cookies! Those look soo yummy!

    Awesome Job, Maddy! =D

  4. What a cutie! :) Those cookies look quite yummy!

    I love your quotes on your blog, especially the first one from C.S. Lewis! I've recently quoted that to someone.

    God bless,
    Heather from Bizy Janes

  5. Cake mix cookies are my favorites!

    Oh, indeed it is bittersweet to see them growing up. I've learned that my kids still definitely need me, just in different ways than when they were small. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it which is why I'm so glad I answered God's call to homescool.

  6. I've always enjoyed when they are ready for the new challenges in life: like making cookies and as for my eldest little- learning to sew by hand.

    Ps- cute apron- my girls would love one of those! :)

  7. How sweet to see your young one making cookies. :)

  8. Girl, you're gonna post those yummy looking cookies with no recipe??? What gives? Lol! I *would* like to have it though!

  9. The cookies sound delicious. I am glad you enjoyed time with your daughter. They grow-up fast. My "Gigi" is 14 years. She is into cooking.

  10. awwww...what a cutie pie she is the apron and the bandana she's wearing..too too cute!

  11. What a beautiful little girl...too precious. Your right, I too forget my daughter can be doing more and she is no longer this 'little girl' anymore..SIGH


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