Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Sing a song of birthdays......

.....full of fun and cheer
And may you keep on having them

For many a happy year."

-Anonymous's a good thing you, reader, and I are not face to I could break down crying at any moment. My sweet, only daughter, Madelyn will turn 8 years old on Monday. I don't know where the years went. They seem to have crept up and flew past me in the blink of an eye. I didn't have a digital camera when Madelyn was a baby....but trust me...she was a beautiful baby. You can't tell now...but she had chubby cheeks....tight ringlets in her hair....and that same beautiful smile she has now! In the picture you can't really tell...but when you look at her...she has this beautiful twinkle in her eyes that is just too sweet! She can brighten up a room when she walks in!

We are having a tea party birthday party for her Monday afternoon and we invited a few of her friends. I hope it will be a fun time! :) I am sure it will be. When young girls get together...they always have a blast! I will be sure to share pics and all about the tea party when I can! :)

Here are a few older pics of Madelyn that I have (of course, I have tons but these are a few I picked out! Here she still has a bit of her baby face (I love it!) and her super curls....

Before we started homeschooling...Madelyn attended Kindergarten at the local elementary school....this was her on her first day....

The day we got our chickens a few years back....

Of course, I could post picture after picture...hehe. I have tons and tons...but this will do for now. :) Watching your children grow is such a blessing...but so very bitter sweet. It's truly amazing how God can take two people and make sweet little people from them...know what I mean? Madelyn (as are each of our children) is a true result of complete love and I could *not* imagine my life without her!

Thanks so much for visiting! I look foward to sharing about the tea party with you! Have a wonderful day of rest! :)


  1. Aw, Happy birthday to Miss Madelyn...You know Katy our Madelyn's are just about the same age. My Madelyn turns 8 on Sept. 25th!

    I wish I would put bricks on all my kids heads to stop them from growing...Especially Trevor but I can't reach the top of his head without getting on my tippy toes..LOL..


  2. Happy Birthday Madelyn. I'm sure she will have a great birthday filled with lot's of love.


  3. She's a beautiful child and always looks so happy in all the pictures.

    Please wish her happy birthday for us!

  4. Happy Birthday, Maddy!! Where did the time go? I remember those days when you were on the board. Hope she have fun with teatime. Give her hugs for me ~ Dawn ~

  5. What a beautiful young lady,it is amazing how fast they grow! A tea party birthday sounds like so much fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELYN!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to Madelyn! She is a beautiful little girl, much like her own Mama!
    I hope the tea party turns out great for her.
    Yes, watching our kids grow up is wonderful, but very bittersweet. My daughter, (my only child) will turn 27 in two weeks! Time really does fly! So you enjoy them all you can, while you can.
    One day, they will bless you even more with beautiful grandkids. And that is another awesome chapter in our lives.
    Have a great week!

  7. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    Jesus Loves you dear Madelyn...
    Happy 8th Birthday to you!

    Your heartfelt words about your daughter were beautiful and she is a doll...I can see that twinkle in her beautiful eyes. She looks like a hugger too. Give her a big Huge Birthday hug. Have lots of birthday fun. Smiles, Angelia

  8. Hi Katy! What a sweet blog! Thanks for commenting on mine. Hope your Madelyn has a great birthday. I hope the next year will be a very good one for her. I'll be checking back to your blog!

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl-Katy!! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Madelyn!
    I hope all your Bithday wishes come true!


  10. Happy Birthday Madelyn! 8 year olds are so fun!

    What a sweet post Katy:).

  11. Happy Birthday, Madelyn!! She is gorgeous, Katy!! I am sure she was just as pretty a baby!!
    Hope y'all have fun tea-partying!!

  12. Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet Madelyn! I hope you have a grand tea party for your birthday.


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