Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating 8 years of life ~ Madelyn!

Truly....what a wonderful day! You know it has been wonderful when you are about to pass out from sheer exhaustion! Madelyn's party was from 2-4pm today. It was absolutely gorgeous weather! We set up in the front yard under the shade of a few beautiful trees as a nice breeze blew through!
My mom and my sister helped with decor, food and all the prep! I am so so thankful for them...I couldn't have put it all together myself! My mom made the favors for each girl. They are tea cups with a bag of tea in them, rock candy on sticks and a teapot cookie cutter...all wrapped in tule (?toole?)....they were so sweet!

Madelyn was so blessed to have such a great group of her little friends be able to come!

Madelyn and her friends enjoyed sipping tea (koolaid) from tea cups, eating daisy cookies...made by my mom, butterfly shaped chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and dip, sesame sticks, and candy with cupcakes later! :)

We think (and hope) that all the girls had a nice time! I know Madelyn did :). I think it was quite a memorable 8th birthday!

After "tea"....Madelyn opened some gifts from the girls....

She received many great gifts! A Barbie, books, and lots of craft stuff! She is a blessed gal!
After cupcakes...the girls went off to play...they swang on the swings, ran around like little girls do, and played school in our homeschool room. :) Such a fun day!

This evening...we had a "small" family party back at my inlaws' pavillion/picnic area. My mom and mother in law made lasagna and I took cake. We had a fun time with the family...visiting and celebrating Madelyn's birthday! She got some more great gifts and just had a great time! :)

Now it's nearing 9pm and I know that I am completely exhausted. My legs hurt so much...I could cry...I look forward to hitting the hay soon! I think the kids are drifting off to sleep as well....all except Madelyn. I think she is tired...but still hyped up from a fun day....she will drift off soon though, I think :).
Thank you for coming by and sharing in Madelyn's birthday with us!

**The only bad part to the we discovered that Madelyn has an extra tooth growing in the roof of her mouth. My mom noticed it this evening at the family party. I will have to call the pediatric dentist tomorrow! :( Madelyn is nervous....but hopefully she has forgotten all about it!**

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for visiting! :) For more can check out my sister's BLOG. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Madelyn you look just like your Mom. I love the tea party! It looks like so much fun.


  2. What a beautiful party! I'm so glad Madelyn had a fun day!

  3. link to my post for more tea party stuff... FUN FUN FUN!!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful party! Glad Maddie had a great day :) Rest up Mom, tomorrow is another day! xoxo Trishia

  5. Beautiful table, beautiful girls and looks like a beautiful day.. what more could anyone ask for on their birthday?
    Happy Birthday Madelyn

  6. What a precious day! Happy birthday Madelyn!!

  7. Happy Birthday Madelyn!

    The party table looks great. What a great idea to have a tea party :D

  8. What a sweet day! I'm so glad the weather was nice too. Again, Happy Birthday Madelyn!
    Great job, Katy! I hope you got some much needed rest last night. :)

  9. She's beautiful girl. She's lucky to have you arrange something special for her. Looks like fun to do. The food look beautiful & perfect. Glad you all had wonderful day.

    Hope the tooth isn't serious. Hope you could get her in to see the dentist. **hugs** ~ Dawn ~

  10. Oh my gosh. That looks like so much fun! I'm looking forward to tea parties when Lily gets a little older.

    What wonderful memories you just made for Madelyn!

  11. What a pretty party. I love that is was outside.:)

  12. what asweet, special party! I am a new reader and I just adore your blog!


  13. Katy, Alaina just loved it, she has talked and talked about it all morning down to every little detail. She raved about the food and has already had her morning coffee from her tea cup. Thanks so much for including her, she had a wonderful time and I'm so glad she was able to share in Madelyn's birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Madelyn. By the way the table is set beautifully!!! Thanks Again.

  14. What a sweet, sweet party!! Love it!!
    And you, Katy, have the prettiest hair-love it!!

  15. Hi there! Im so glad I have found your blog... this is Stephanie from heartsofhartmann. I had to get a new blog and here i am(too many coworkers new about it).
    Your daughters party was SO CUTE! I want to do that for my daughters parties...... I need to catch back up with you so I better get reading your blog!
    Take Care and Happy Summer !

  16. Happy Birthday! Looks like a great party.

  17. Oh, what a special birthday! The little girls looked so sweet in their sun dresses. The cake, cookies, and everything looked so good. I know Madelyn will have great memories from this day. She is so fortunate to have such a close, loving family.
    I also wish her the best with the tooth deal.

  18. Happy Birthday, Miss Madelyn!! What a fun party she had!

  19. Oh I remember having these kind of parties when my girls were small. Thank you for sharing~it made me smile!

  20. Happy 8th Birthday to dear Madelyn. I find it amazing, that you and I have almost the same name of blogs (mine is We are both Christians, and you have a daughter named Madelyn, and I have a 4 year old granddaughter with the same name, AND the exact same SPELLING! How amazing is that?? My daughter & her husband chose the spelling of course, instead of the traditional Madeline etc. What a coincidence!!
    Hugs n Blessings from Sue in Oz xx


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