Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Fun!

This year celebrates the 50th year my inlaws' family have been part of a local parade! My mom and I made signs (mom designed them...I just helped cut stuff out...haha!) and then Chris and the kids and others in his family got to ride through the parade on their horse and buggies! :)

Above and below are pics of my three kiddos with their cousins! :)

Isn't that toooo cute?......

All loaded up and ready to ride through the parade!......

Chris's grammie and her boys....Rich, Rodger, Russ, Randy and Ron!...(Grammie's sister had 5 boys too! Can you imagine!?! 10 boys in that family and no girls!).....

Riding through the parade....Chris is in the back of the wagon in the overalls <3......

Chris's brother, Dan, and Chris.......

My aunt and uncle in their jeep with their son Jesse in the back...and my dad sitting in the passenger seat ~ waving! :) ......

After a busy morning at the parade...we headed home for a few minutes...then went off to Chris's great aunt's place (grammie's sis) for a surprise 80th birthday for her! It was a really nice time! We stayed a few hours and then from there...went out to our good friends, Chris and Heather's place for a cookout and then watched fireworks! :)

The kids playing catch with our friend, Chris......(Jaxson is posing...silly boy!)......

Chris and X getting ready to watch the fireworks....

We had a very busy, exhausting and fun day celebrating our nation's independence day! :) I hope you all had a fantastic day too!!!! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love the picture of the children on the curb. That would make such a great black and white picture! Glad you all had a great 4th.


  2. Looks like fun fulfil day ~ I would be exhausted by the end of day. But at least you & your family had great time. Rest up today!! Great pics!! ~ Dawn ~

  3. Katy your kids are so cute!! I am so glad you all had a great 4th!! Take care!~Wendy

  4. Wow. I am tired just from reading about your day. Sounds like you all had a fun day with the family.

  5. That looks like such small town fun...just my style! I do love the pictures of the cousins sitting together on the curb! So does that make your daughter the only girl? :)

    Glad ya'll had a great Independence Day!


  6. What a great day! Love the pictures!


  7. Sweet pictures. Glad you had a nice weekend. :)

  8. What a wonderful family time!

    P.S. My blog name has changed, but if you pay me a visit, I hope you will remember me and add me to your blog list again.

  9. What wonderful family time. Cute, Cute, Cute kids, love the pictures. Brings back wonderful memories when I was younger.
    Kim in OK

  10. the first picture is awesome...your kids are so adorable! i absolutely love your family and the great togetherness yoiu share!!!!!

  11. It looks like so much fun! I love it and just all the old time All American charm!

  12. The perfect way to spend the 4th!

  13. Katy,
    It looks like you ahd soooo much fun over the fourth! Great pictures and I positively LOVE your new screen door!

    Have a great night,

  14. Lovely photos, Katy!!
    I enjoy looking at your blog each day!!

  15. Hey katy!
    Glad you had a great 4th of July!!Thanks for sharing all the cute pics!!
    Love and blessings,

  16. Katy! I didn't know you were quite the blogger. I used to vlog all the time until I my video camera and I went through some issues. I'll have to try this sometime and see if I like it better.


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