Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"The summer night is like.....

....a perfection of thought." ~Wallace Stevens

Isn't that so true? I love the summer bed calls me to it! After a summer day...I am usually so exhausted that my eyes close before I even hit the pillow!

We have been so busy so far this summer. The fourth of July was busy (of course), along with tending the chickens, washing the eggs, *cookouts*, hanging out laundry, bike riding, long walks, gardens to weed, lawns to mow, normal housework inside, VBS coming up at our church which I help with (It's a sports camp VBS!), knitting for my inlaws fall festival coming up in a few months, bathing the littles (sometimes twice in one day!), preparing for Madelyn's Tea Party birthday party coming up......and on and on and on!

Now, don't get me wrong...this all doesn't happen on just one day....but it does keep me nice and busy each day. I think being exhausted at the end of the day is a good thing! :)

I made some homemade cloverleaf rolls for a cookout we went to the other day....

Yum!!! ( they aren't as nice and raised and perfect as I wanted them....but they were still good..hehe!).....

When I sit....I usually keeps me busy and accomplishing something even if I am sitting down. I am making them, as I said before, to sell at my inlaw's annual fall festival!

And Madelyn, who I taught to knit previously, has been knitting as well. It's not perfect...but she is still practicing...and I think she is doing an amazing job :). She made this "play" dishcloth to use when she plays house. :)

And...if you don't...or just have slacked...I want to encourage you to be in your Bible reading! God has such great things to share with us! I have been reading some in the New Testament...but lately I have focused on the Psalms. I can relate to so many of them! I have to admit...for years....I was totally slack in my Bible reading. Half the time, I couldn't remember where I had set my Bible last. Now...I read it daily. I need it. He is the purpose that we live. I want to know what He has to say to me. There are things I don't understand totally and questions that come up...but He knows it and will make sure you get the answers you need. Seek Him! I also love listening to Chip Ingram from Living On The Edge. He is fantastic and totally down to Earth and explains it like it is! :) I go....I am exhausted! I hope you are all having a nice week. Thank you for visiting!!! more sister finally got glasses! I have had to wear them since 8th grade..and she is just now (at age 25 almost 26) getting them! She has probably needed them a while! Haha! Anyway....she looks adorable in them! You can see HERE if you want!

May God bless you and may you seek Him constantly! :o)


  1. I adore summer nights too! And yes, I find my bed calling me much earlier then normal...I think it has to do with all the swimming and extra yard, house work going on too!


  2. Nice pictures. The rolls look yummy, and Madelyn is doing a great job. When I was about her age I learned to crochet and loved to make bedspreads.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my little blog.

  3. Katy, as a person who has had insomnia since I was a child, I can tell you that I would LOVE to fall asleep so easily! There are a few times within a year or two that I actually do that, but it's not often.
    I make myself get up at 4:30am every morning (except weekends) just so I will be tired enough to go to sleep. And sometimes that still doesn't work.
    I am so envious of your knitting and think it's great that your daughter has also learned!
    Have a great week, or what's left of it.

  4. The summer is sweet for so many reasons...

  5. I completely understand how busy the summer season is. We spend a lot of our time outdoors, so my home gets slightly neglected this time of year. The garden keeps me really busy - preserving veggies and berries is an ongoing thing here in our home.

    I totally love that you've taught your daughter to knit. That is such a treasure to be able to pass down a domestic skill to her.

  6. We've been busy too, but it's very rewarding to look back and see what you've accomplished!

    Keep enjoying the summer!

  7. Love seeing Madelyn's progress. You know, she is trying to emulate her mommy and that's so cool! Doesn't your heart just swell with joy? So, maybe I'm biased a bit but you've got amazing kiddles and you and Chris are such good parents! I'm so proud of you all... :-)

  8. I enjoyed your post very much. Glad I found your blog.

  9. That's great that you are teaching your daughter to knit. Tell her I said she did a great job. I just love summer nights. :)


  10. We love summer nights here too. The kids and I plan to set up our tent in the backyard tomorrow during the air out for a future campout. We will likely spend the night out back just for fun..while it is up!! We plan to roast hot dogs over the fire ring and stay up outside as late as we want...I love nights like that. I am so thankful it cools off here in the summer at night.
    I love your daughter's dishcloth..and yours are the kids I knit the most. I always have one going.
    I loved visiting your blog!

  11. Your cloverleaf rolls look delicious. Have you ever tried Tasha Tudor's receipt for them? Very good!

  12. Wow, Madelyn is awesome with knitting. Thats super great that you know how to do it to teach her. I couldn't do it if my life depended on it, its sad really!! Your posts are always such an inspiration to me, Thanks

  13. Glad things are going well for you!! Mad. is doing great with her knitting. I think it is great that young children learn useful crafts.


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