Monday, September 1, 2014

Homemaking: Gratitude

It's so easy to take our luxuries for granted, isn't it? The day after my birthday, our washing machine died (after 14 years of good service to us). I am a homemaker that does at least one (or two) loads of laundry a day. To be without a washing machine was awful! I would be willing to give it a try "the old fashioned way"...I'm not opposed to hard work, however, I don't have a wringer and squeeze the wet clothes out as much as I like and they were still dripping and absolutely soaked. It would take them *forever* to dry out on the line. 

Chris is amazing and can fix almost anything. He was going to take a look at it...but we found it to be a motor issue. Rather than spend the money to fix a 14 year old washing machine, we decided to put our money toward a newer, more efficient one. We went to Lowe's together and found one that we liked and could afford (as we praise God that we had some money in savings for such a time as this!). It took a few days before they could deliver in the meantime I did a couple loads of laundry at my mom's house and also did a couple of loads at one of the local laundromats (which cost $2.00 a load! Can you believe that? I think that is super expensive!).

Above, you can see our new washer...look at the difference of white next to our 14 year old dryer! ha! You will also notice the walls behind it are terrible-looking. While we had the old washer out of there, I took that opportunity to finish peeling old wallpaper behind there and up on the walls all over. All I have left to get is some wallpaper up close to the ceiling that is difficult for me to reach even standing on a chair (we have 9 ft. ceilings). Then I will be able to get the walls painted. They are ugly plaster walls and need some repairing done as well...any holes that were made in it chip away and make bigger holes. It's not fun! ;)

Enough complaining this post is devoted to an attitude of gratitude! I am so, so thankful that the Lord, in His provision, allowed the old washer to die while we had enough money in savings to afford a new one! I have been putting this new washer to good use! One great thing about it is that we have a gas hot water tank and it is said to only cost us $10 a YEAR for that...and the kWh use with our electric was drastically lower than other washers we looked we will save money on electric as well. It is *much* better on its usage of water as well! Although we didn't purchase the cheapest washer...we should save in the long run on all the other costs a washer entails. For the homemaker trying to use her husband's hard-earned money wisely, this is *such* a blessing!

We are still getting use to the different settings, noises and ways to use this washer! One thing I absolutely love about this washing machine is that there is *no* agitator in the middle! In the winter, my hands get so dry and cracked from doing dishes, laundry, washing my hands etc. It can be quite painful. Doing laundry, I often bashed my poor knuckles upon that horrid agitator while taking clothes out of the washing machine! I am so terribly excited to not have that with this one! It also leaves more space to wash clothes...

Laundry is probably not most people's favorite chore...but oh how good we have it! These washing machines are just wonderful and helpful inventions. Although, now that women aren't scrubbing clothes by hand anymore, we need to make sure we exercise our arms other ways! :)

As I sit right now, listening to a load of laundry being washed, I am filled with gratitude to a husband who works hard to provide and a God Who gives him that strength and ability!

With a heart of thankfulness,


  1. Here in the UK you just don't get top loaders like that, it looks really weird to me! Being without a washing machine is horrible, though! Although maybe it's my cloth nappies that make me feel that way ;-)

    1. Jay! You make me laugh! :)
      We have front loading washers here...but they are much more expensive and way out of our price range! ;)

  2. Top loaders just do not exist here! Oh well, everything ends up clean!

  3. I am so happy for you Katy. My dryer died a few years ago and God provided. It was a miracle!

  4. How nice! We had to do without for a while. We had to visit the local laundry mat. Which had its pros and cons. I liked being able to do all the laundry in one day. Cons I didn't like my laundry in where others stuff had been. I'm funny that way. Haha.

    I found your blog the other day. I just love it. I did mention you on my blog this morning. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Yeah! It really is the simple things that excite us homemakers! :) I am giddy when I get a new appliance. I would love for you let us know what you think after you use it for a while. My sister had one close to this and she was very annoyed by how loud it was. I wonder if they are quieter now?

    1. It's not super quiet....but our last one wasn't either. The noise doesn't bother me...let's me know some hard work is being done! ;) I will let you all know what I think of it after a while of usage!!

  6. Just a quick note, Lowes has 10-30% off of appliances for Labor Day. If yours is on sale you might be able to get a price adjustment and credit back:) Just a thought:)))) Always encouraged by you Katy.

  7. Yippee for a washing machine and the savings to buy a new one when needed! How dependent we are on these servants of ours!! :) Happy laundering my friend...enjoy. I actually like doing laundry...but, ironing...not so much. Hugs to you, Camille


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