Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Fall Festival 2014

Saturday was our family's annual fall festival. A lot of work goes into putting this together ~ it's so wonderful when it all turns out beautifully! Chris and the men-folk were up early to cook chicken at the meat market. The women and children came afterwards and we finished getting things set up.

Soon, vendors arrived and began getting their places set up....

The weather was beautiful and people started arriving right at 9am. Soon, we were full of people! I was helping my mom make homemade doughnuts so I was only able to capture a few pictures quickly (as we always had a line of people to serve)...

The doughnut/fry making station (where I was all day)....

The petting zoo and pony rides were big hits with children!

It was a beautiful day and we were given lots of compliments. I think some people may have been unhappy about some of the long lines for food...but with that many people well as making some of the food right there, fresh ~ we truly did the best we could. Each year we try to improve and I think the festival has gotten better each year. This year was the most successful, I believe, as we had over 70 vendors and a beautiful God-given day! :)

Thank-you for stopping by and sharing in our day with us virtually! If you are local and came by ~ we appreciate it!!

Also, if you have emailed me lately and not received a reply, please know I have been having a lot of internet problems with our provider. We can't seem to keep our internet hooked up. It will come on for a few seconds and then off it goes again. I am hoping to publish this post when it connects again, quickly. It is quite frustrating as we have been dealing with this for weeks (months even). We've had techs here and gotten a new modem, new wiring and basically everything is great on our end...but there has to be a box or something messed up somewhere along the lines. I *really* hope they can get it fixed soon because this is frustrating (we also use Easy Peasy online curriculum for our homeschooling...without internet, we can't do what we need to get done!). So please know I am not ignoring you ~ just having internet connection issues!



  1. Oh this looks like such a fun day (a lot of work, but fun)! :) I hope you are able to rest and recover today.

  2. Hi Katy--Thanks for the pics!!!! I wanted to come so badly on Saturday as we live in Western Pa, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm glad it was such a success after all of your hard work. By the way, I was wondering how you are liking your new washer? My front loader has died, and the clothes are piling up quickly (with seven people it doesn't take long). Anyhow, if you could take a minute to let me know what you like or don't like about it, I would so appreciate it. I really like the style and features of the one you purchased, but I've been reading horror stories about top loaders. Some of the reviewers say that the clothes don't get completely wet or come clean. I don't want another front loader (mildew smell from the get go), but I'm afraid of the top loaders. Thanks, your blog is such an encouragement and blessing to me in my Christian walk.

    1. I like my washer Maureen! :)
      I just love your name, by the way!
      The clothes seem to be clean and is strange for them not to be soaking in water...but I think you could pick a setting for that to happen if you want to. It's still so new to me...but I do like it. :)

    2. Maureen... I've had a front loader for years and we've never had an issue with the mildew smell. We always open the soap dispenser drawer a crack and leave the door of the washer open to dry/air out. Of course, we can do this because of the location of our washer/dryer - it doesn't get in the way. Just a thought! Hope you find something you like, one way or the other!! :)

  3. I'm so sorry that you are having internet problems, Katy. I understand how frustrating that can be.

    It looks as if you had a wonderful turn out for the Fall Festival! It looks, also, as if the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing about it with us.

  4. What a fun thing to do for your community!! BRAVO!!

  5. The festival looks like such a great time. Sorry about your internet, we know all too well your woes, hope it gets fixed ASAP! ~Jessica


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