Tuesday, September 23, 2014

..::Enjoying Autumn::..

Today is the first *official* day of Autumn. To replace all my flowers on the front porch and in my log planter (made for me by my wonderful husband for Mother's Day) I now have an assortment of mums. I just love them and actually hope to get more soon!

Temperatures are chilly...perfect fall weather...but we have not started our wood stove yet. I keep candles lit to help that feeling of warm and cozy in the house while we stay bundled in socks and sweaters. Knitting, reading, movies and games keep us busy each day when other work (chores, helping others, housework etc.) is finished!

Madelyn's cooking (pancakes from scratch) helps keep the house a little toastier as well!

Beautiful sun-filled days have been thoroughly enjoyed (and taken advantage of as I constantly have clothes out on the line to dry)...

Lee has been enjoying the weather as well...

There's our Pearly-girl...doing what she does best -- eating!

The children enjoy some games when outside has given to rain...

Another oh-so-wonderful thing about today; a dear, special thing to *me* ~ is celebrating my 14th wedding anniversary to my most beloved man. Such a treasure he is to my heart, truly! My heart is continually filled with such gratitude to the One Who knew (and actually created) the exact one I needed to share my life with on this earth.

Fourteen years is but a bit of nothing in the grand scheme of eternity...but for us, in our human-ness and our thoughts of the finite ~ we celebrate each and every year. I love how the picture of marriage mirrors that of Christ and His people. It's beautiful really!

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day to rejoice in our anniversary...it's sunny and perfectly fall-like out. Although Chris is hard at work and I am here at home...there is that warmth of knowing what this day represents for us. We don't have big celebration plans for this evening...honestly, we will spend it doing whatever needs done and just being together (which is a lovely thing...we don't need to do anything over-the-top).

As we prepare for the big family fall festival this coming Saturday, there may be things we need to do at the meat market. I know I have signs I need to paint...and we also are going to prepare the field (we have over 70 vendors this year!). We made cider this past Sunday after church. I helped for over two hours but then needed to come home and take a sleep....on days I wake at 4am, I just can't keep my eyes open once late afternoon hits. I will share pictures that I took while I was there one day soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in things close to my heart.
I hope you are enjoying autumn as much as I am!

Wishing you warmth and love continually on these chilly autumn days,


  1. Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary, may you have many more years of happiness together! Bea.

  2. Happy Fall and more importantly Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you... It is such a special gift when two can celebrate a special day like this with Simplicity... my hubby and I do the same... No over the top for us... we are blessed as you are...

  4. Happy Anniversary, Katy! I do hope it is a lovely time for the two of you...for a few moments even, just to let each other know you are in each other's thoughts can be such a treat! May you enjoy many many more years of happiness together.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    We haven't started our outdoor furnace yet either, I like to make something for dinner in the evenings that require baking in the oven, keeps the home warm all night. The fall festival this weekend sounds fun!


  6. You seem so sweet and genuine! I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful anniversary:)

  7. Happy Anniversary. I loved seeing all of your Fall decorating touches, especially outside. We've been slowly remodeling our home and I've missed decorating outside. Next year though! Have a wonderful week.

  8. Happy anniversary! Enjoy hearing about how your family spends time together during this wonderful fall weather. Soon, oh too soon that wood stove will be cranking!

  9. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated 20 years married in May and have been together 24 :-) I'm slowly starting to decorate as we recently moved and I have a lot to still unpack and sort through. Have a wonderful day!

  10. Happy Anniversary! (one day late!) ~Jessica

  11. Happy 14th Anniversary to you and Chris! I loved reading this post especially about your gratitude to God and your husband. I hope you are blessed with many more happy times together xx

  12. Happy (belated) anniversary to you and your hubby, Katy. What a blessing to have each other to walk through this life with. The Lord truly is Good!! Your home looks cosy. I try to wait as long as possible before turning on the heat as well....your boy with his hood on makes me smile. :) Hugs to you! Camille


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