Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Newest Love

This little fella has joined our family! He was a stray that friends found. They were looking for a home for him. After asking Chris, he agreed we could take him. He is as sweet as sweet could be.

Although he appears black, he is actually a brown/black stripe. He has a darling face that reminds me of my Jack-Jack (who passed after having him for 16 years). He is still a kitten and tiny. The children and I love him immensely! Chris seems to like him too...he just has that personality. Some cats are distant and almost arrogant-seeming....does that make sense? He is not that way at all! He is easy going and *quite* lovable!

He is named after a beloved family friend but online, I'll just refer to him as Lee. :) He comes a-runnin' when we call and loves the bed area we made for him in the garage. He sleeps there at night and we have found him napping there some in the day as well! It's lovely to just sit out on the front porch and pet him. Madelyn had her knitting basket outside and when I looked out, Lee had crawled in there to take a rest! I hurried off to get my camera and was so glad he didn't try to run off before I could take a photo!

We are certainly enjoying this new addition!


  1. Eloise can't wait to meet him! It's cute that he's in that basket... but you know how I feel about outside cats..... so I cringe at the thought of her poor knitting project! LOL!

  2. Aaww! He is too cute Katy. (: What a little love bug.
    We have an Aussie blue merle and a light calico short haired cat; both girls, ages 13 and 12 -- they're our fur-babies, soooo friendly and sweet! I know you guys will enjoy the new boy. (;
    Have a good evening girlie ~


  3. What a cute kitten!


  4. I *do* know what you mean about the arrogance cats can display...too funny! How fun for you all to have such a sweet little thing to love. Hugs, Camille


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