Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Fond Farewell to September

 I can hardly believe we say good-bye to September today! The months are flying by much too quickly! Each one of my *littles* aren't so little anymore! There is such joy...and yet sadness in that! What a blessing and treasure it truly is to watch them grow and change over the years...and yet, I look back at photos of them when they are small and can't fathom where my *babies* have gone!

My reluctant reader grabbed his book and started reading of his own choice! That was definitely a photo-worthy moment!

We continue our educating day-by-day...reading, writing, math, science, history, Bible and more. Because we use Easy Peasy for most subjects, our projects, worksheets and papers are often printed. This is how I file their papers (the children also have binders with dividers for each subject where they write things for each one)...

A couple of dish cloths I knit up recently for a birthday gift...

Washing eggs from the chickens...

Jaxson's creation...

The leaves are changing! One of my favorite things about autumn!

Doing some schoolwork outside (with the help of a lil' buddy)...

Cast iron beauties...

My creative fella...always thinking up something new!

I am thankful for the days the Lord gives and strive to please Him in all I think and do (each and every day). I fail...but His forgiveness and strength is beautiful to this undeserving heart.

Rain is due to set in here soon...so I need to go out and take the clothes off the line that I have had out there drying since this morning. We have been blessed with many gorgeous sun-filled days...so a bit of rain is welcome here today! Our schooling is finished and we took a walk before lunch. We will tidy the house and I, for one, hope to spend some time reading (and maybe knitting too?) this afternoon. The children have music lessons later and I am not sure what the evening holds....whatever the Lord wills, I suppose! :)

Thanks for dropping by! It's always great to hear from you! I pray your September has been a joy-filled, God-exalting one and that October proves to be the same!



  1. As the years of your children quickly pass you by doesn't it give you an even more grateful heart that you have the privilege to homeschool them? You have hours more a day with them to nurture them and guide them and capture those moments of when "the light goes on" for t hem...when they really "get it" in math and science!

    Our two granddaughters are homeschooled by their dad and I am so thankful that he has that privilege.

    Enjoy your autumn day, my friend.

    Oh...and your knitted dishcloths are so pretty. I love the shade of blue that the second one is made from.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! My reluctant reader has been reading on his own lately too. Love that! Enjoy the rain. God bless you

  3. What do you guys use to wash your eggs and what techniques (if any) do you use? Oh, and by the way, welcome October!

    1. We just use a scrubbie/sponge and water to wash our eggs! No soap or anything! :)


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