Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Walk in October

Madelyn was spending time with my the boys and I decided to take a walk! It was a beautiful day for it.

We're making a left turn!

Through the woods...

Everyone always needs their own walking stick, right?

Jaxson said this looked like a starfish...

I love, love, love seeing the leaves change! The bright red leaves are just vibrant and beautiful!

Almost home...

 At home, we had some men drop off a few loads of hard wood for us to split and stack. They gave it to us for FREE! Isn't that absolutely amazing!? What a blessing!

Although it is difficult to truly see in this photo, the leaves *are* turning...


I hope the start to your October is equally as lovely as ours!


  1. Looks like a wonderful afternoon for a walk. The leaves are changing so quickly here in MN too.

  2. Our start to October is a delight! Changing leaves are wonderful!


  3. As I was walking our dog this morning I noticed that they yellows are really starting to POP out! I love fall with the colors and fresh air. Looks like you had a lovely time with your young men! Thanks for sharing your walk today.

  4. I enjoyed my walk with you and the boys! The wood really did look like a Starfish and praise the Lord for the FREE wood He provided to keep your family warm this winter!

  5. Looks like your fall is off to a lovely start! Also, I love the quilt you have out on the line, beautiful!

    <3 Mary


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