Monday, October 6, 2014

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile..."

~ William Cullen Bryant

A peek at outside chores on our little homestead!

Working hard to fill the wood shed for winter (don't worry...I helped too! I just took a minute to snap a few pictures!)...

Hmm...? Working or playing? ;) ....

The children cleaned out our vehicle! They did a wonderful job....

I worked on getting the rock wall just about finished...

The children surprised me by spending the time to weed around and straighten the stone path we have. :) It was a lot of work for them and incredibly sweet and thoughtful for them to gift me in that way!

I have some finished knitting projects to share with you in an upcoming post! Both things are gifts...I am not sure if the family who is receiving them reads my blog or I am not sure when I will post about them but they are both something new for me! :) I *will* share soon though (I know you are just sitting on the edge of your seat ~ the anticipation is overwhelming, yes?)!

I just love the season of autumn. My only wish would be for it to last just a wee bit longer. The beautiful days, the gorgeous leaves, the fall-smell to the air, the crisp temperatures, the gentle breezes.....Mmmm...I just love it all and praise God as I soak it all in. Even days of rain are enjoyed because time can be spent in-doors making our house a home, gift-making, reading, spending time with family, and snuggling under afghans! I sing praise to God for the treasure of seasons. Each one  is unique and enjoyable in its own way...even winter (that bitterly cold, long winter ~ although it is a little bit harder for me to love....I *can* find reasons why it is special!).

It's been a long Monday....exercise early this morning followed by a long (but lovely) day at our homeschool co-op. I worked on some knitting most of the evening (stopping to make supper for the family ~ meatball sandwiches, potatoes and a veggie)...and now, I simply must go to bed. I hope to get some reading time in before drifting off to sleep....but I have been up since very early so I am willing to bet these eyes don't stay open too long once tucked under the sheets!

I'm so glad you had the time to visit here today! I hope your day is blessed....I pray you are able to glorify God through your days even (and maybe even more so) through the difficult ones. Often we think of the "blessed" days as the ones where things all go *right* and easy...where everything just seems to fall into place so perfectly. But those days (although still a beautiful gift and to be enjoyed) make it easy to glorify Christ. It's the difficult, laborious, challenging days that He uses to mold us, make us and show us how to be more like Him.

I am reading "How to Study Your Bible" by Kay is helping me learn how to get the most out of my reading of God's Word. If you have read this, I would love to hear how you liked it or how it has helped you! I have read through my Bible so many times but I am terrible at memorization and feel as though I often forget what I have read. More than anything, I desire to soak in the Word and hide it's words in my heart. I desire to not just *read* the Bible but truly *study* it (deeply). Maybe one day I will share, more in depth, how I am going about this...but right now, I am still figuring it all out myself.

Okay, okay....I know, I said I needed to go two paragraphs ago! I just may fall asleep while typing and then Chris would have to carry me to bed...which actually kinda sounds lovely... ;) Off I go....really this time. Thank-you for dropping by here!

With joy-filled smiles,


  1. I have the Kay Arthur book on my shelf but I'm drawing a bit of a blank on it. Perhaps it's time to pull it out again. :) I hope you have a restful sleep.

  2. The Autumn weather is so delightful here, too. I am drinking it in!

    We love to work together on projects around the house and outside too. We don't heat exclusively with wood but we do use a wood stove to help. It is in our basement and it helps keep our floors warm and toasty during the winter.


  3. Your rock wall look great. Good job!

  4. everything looks wonderful!
    a real "home", how blessed you are! smile!
    your children have grown so, how good of them to help!
    the wall and walk look just terrific!


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