Monday, October 13, 2014

Her First Pie

Madelyn made her first pie (totally on her own) this past weekend. She made it to take to our pastor appreciation lunch at church. It was *for* our pastor...but others got to partake of its goodness as well! She was thrilled to hear that people enjoyed it! :)

She used peaches from the cellar that I canned a couple years ago. I love peach pie but didn't have a taste. I trust the opinions of others though because it got rave reviews! :) It does a mama's heart good to see her daughter learning, growing, maturing and gently walking into womanhood.

She was disappointed it didn't *look* prettier...but for her first pie, I think it looked wonderful and she will only improve with practice (oh, how I *love* pie....does anyone have a healthy pie recipe? We sure could use one so I could enjoy a slice!).

Peach pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie.....oh, the goodness of pie! I am trying not to drool as I sit and think of it all! ;) If I remember correctly, the first pie I made was apple! Do you remember the first pie you made on your own?



  1. I have a blueberry pie recipe that uses maple syrup instead of sugar. We also use wheat flour instead of white for the crust (not sure what Mad used?).... if you'd be interested in that! Of course it's more expensive since the syrup is pricier - but that's the price you pay to not use the refined white sugar! ;) Tell Mad her pie looks yummy and she should've saved me a piece! ;)

  2. She did an outstanding job! I love these words, "It does a mama's heart good to see her daughter learning, growing, maturing and gently walking into womanhood." gently walking into womanhood...LOVE that! I do remember the first pie I made entirely by was pumpkin...made it for our family when my mom had gone shopping. I was probably about 12 or so. I felt so much accomplishment with that pie!

  3. Pecan was the first pie I made on my own. I was worried that it wouldn't be set in the center so I cooked it a tad bit to long. It wasn't the easiest thing to slice. :) It warms my heart to see young ladies working in the kitchen. Great job on your first pie, Madelyn!

  4. Hello. I do not remember my first pie that I made myself. But it did my heart good to her peach pie she made for her Pastor.
    Blessings Roxy

  5. Madelyn, I think your peach pie looks great; especially for a first time!! Great job! I regularly make apple pies (my favorite), but the very first pie I made was a Derby pie. It has walnuts and chocolate in it (very rich) and originated here in Kentucky. (: I was a few years older than you when I first made it - - 18. Keep practicing and keep up the good work. What's even better is that you made it for your pastor and to share with your church family.
    Good job Momma Katy!! (: You guys are raising such a beautiful young lady.

    Have a good week!



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